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"Accept the Next Proposition You Hear" is the eighth episode of the third season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-twelfth overall episode of the series.


Robin refuses to give the Titans any more orders so that they'll learn to think for themselves. Instead, the Titans start taking cues from fortune cookies.


The Titans surround Brother Blood on top of a balcony, but Brother Blood complains that his stomach has been hurting. Raven figures he's weak and should be easy to beat, and Robin orders an attack. Brother Blood starts using one of his mind control gadgets, but Beast Boy turns into a rhinoceros and knocks him off the platform, followed by a missed dark magic fist from Raven. Afterwards, Brother Blood pulls on an even bigger mind control device onto his head, but Cyborg fires a shell and easily puts a hole through the equipment. Brother Blood goes to a larger mind control helmet, but Robin manages to spray a hose nozzle at it, shorting it out. Robin prepares to confront him when a bad smell coming from Brother Blood's stomach renders him unconscious. The other Titans notice they are leaderless and start to freak out since Robin always commands them in a battle. Brother Blood takes advantage of this and hypnotizes the four with his eyes. As he starts recruiting them for his new world domination task, he is interrupted by his stomach problems and goes into a bathroom.

Robin comes to and snaps the other Titans out of their trance. He's mad about their failure to take on Brother Blood without his leadership, comparing them to sheep (to which Beast Boy transforms into one as a joke). Robin criticizes them and states they need to start making their own decisions, like dinner. Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven trail into thought trying to decide, and Beast Boy says he doesn't care. As they are unable to decide, they follow Robin as he walks away. Brother Blood comes out to finish brainwashing them, but notes that they have gone.

Back at Titans Tower, the Titans sit around the kitchen, eating Chinese food, supplied by following Robin to the restaurant. Starfire finds a few boomerang-shaped cookies, which gets Beast Boy and Cyborg's attention. They dig in and start choking on some garbage in the cookies. Robin explains that they're fortunes, little pieces of paper that help people make tiny decisions. The Titans gasp in awe, realizing that they could use the cookies to make their own decisions.

Cyborg asks himself if he should eat the cookie, and the "Follow Your Passion" fortune delights him. Beast Boy cracks open his, which says he should walk through a door to find a reward: cottage cheese. Raven's fortune compliments her plentiful talents which she agrees with, and Starfire's reads "Laugh Long, Hard, and Often". She starts laughing loudly, and only stops the next evening. Robin scolds them that fortune cookies and stuff like palm readers, horoscopes, and silly novelties are all just made up junk. However, Beast Boy's fortune counters this as it warns him not to listen to bad advice from a trusted friend. The Titans follow the fortune and ignore Robin, resuming the fortune cookie opening. Starfire licks Silkie because a fortune says she has a caring heart. Cyborg's foretells opportunity coming and he goes to the mall where he winks at Jinx as she and Terra pass him on the ascending escalator. Raven's fortune tells her to stay positive and she dances with Butterbean and Sparkleface in an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus. Beast Boy pulls himself in rabbit form out of a hat, and Cyborg tries to live up to his wisdom fortune by deciphering a sorting box. A little fortune note character joins and the four and they sing a song on crackin' cookies.

In their backyard, Robin is excited to get the new issue of Clowns and Pizza. He notices that the Titans are building a huge metal cage. Demanding to know the reason of this random act, they say it was from a fortune cookie. Robin points out that fortune cookies don't get that specific, but Cyborg's shows him the fortune to prove it. Beast Boy snaps open a new one, and it instructs him to punch Robin in the face. Starfire's cookie says to eye beam him, and Cyborg's new cookie says to "shablamo" him with a giant metallic fist which they all do. Raven begins reading her fortune which instructs that the Titans lock themselves in the metal cage and punch Robin for any resistance.

Robin claims that the fortune cookies have seized control of the Titans' minds and realizes that Brother Blood is behind the fortunes. A few feet away, Brother Blood is sitting a few feet away eating a salad, and he confirms his involvement. He claims that he didn't need to use mind control as people are desperate enough to follow instructions from things such as fortune cookies. He also rants about how his evil plan won't fail this time, because he was wary about not eating junk food, even though it tempted him.

The Titans simultaneously open new fortune cookies, commanding them to "Destroy Robin." Robin retreats, commenting on how pathetic his team is as they always have to rely on others' advice, but he gets an idea on how to use this to his advantage. He stops Cyborg and reads his palm, saying that the lines mean he has to wash his hands and punch Brother Blood in the face. He tells Beast Boy that his Taurus horoscope says he should punch Brother Blood in the face too, but he turns into a bull and attacks him instead. Robin hands a Magic 8 Ball over to Raven and Starfire, which also advises them to punch Brother Blood in the face. Raven holds him still with her magic fist as Starfire gladly knocks him senseless. Robin finishes up with a fortune of the future looking prosperous for Brother Blood in jail and kicks him into the metallic cage.

Robin apologizes for thinking that the Titans could actually think for themselves as they are completely dependent of his leadership. He asks them what they want for dinner, and they are unable to decide again.




  • This is the first time that Brother Blood successfully mind controls the Titans.
  • "Accept the next proposition you hear" is an actual phrase that can be found inside some select fortune cookies.
  • It is revealed that Beast Boy's zodiac sign is a Taurus ♉ (bull).
  • This is Brother Blood's first appearance in Season 3, and his sixth appearance overall.
  • This is the second time the beginning of the episode features the sky. The first was "Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory."
  • Brother Blood's mind-control music from "Waffles" is reused.
  • This episode was scheduled to air on September 17, 2015, but it was later moved to October 19, 2015.
  • Brother Blood's mind control devices have a similarity to Mother Mae-Eye.
  • The science of reading the lines on hands is known as Palmistry.



  • Some of the fortunes are actual sayings and phrases from real fortune cookies.
  • Harley Quinn appears on a magazine that Robin gets in the mail.
  • This episode shares the same plot from the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Unfortune Cookie", an Uncle Grandpa episode "Misfortune Cookie" and a Star Vs. The Forces of Evil episode called "Fortune Cookies".
  • A store named "LAZ R US" is seen as Cyborg goes down the escalator, which is a reference to the toy store chain, Toys "R" US. The store features Ra's al Ghul on it, and is a play on the Lazarus Pit.
  • The Crack that Cookie song is a parody of Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry.


  • When Cyborg reads his fortune, he eats the cookie and somehow eats the fortune cookie paper, too. However, this may have been an intentional joke.
  • TV guides accidentally mistake Robin to be a female. (Robin stops giving orders to make the Titans independent, but her plan backfires.) This was later fixed.
  • Beast Boy, in one scene, is seen pulling out his own rabbit form from a top hat. It should be warned that you should never pull rabbit ears as they are very vulnerable and such act can gravely injure rabbits.

Running Gags

  • The Titans breaking fortune cookies, and following the fortune inside.
  • The Titans thinking about what to eat for dinner.
  • Starfire laughing maniacally.
  • The Titans not knowing what to do and needing to be told everything by Robin.


The transcript for "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear" can be found here.


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