Albert Jelenic was the real life father of Teen Titans Go! creator Michael Jelenic. He lived in San Pedro, California with his pets until his death from natural causes in 2019, aged 75.

He wished his son would get a real job, like being a longshoreman at the docks.


In "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!", the Titans go to Michael Jelenic's home to get him to write an episode, but they only find Albert. He sees that the Titans are stressing out because they are fading from existence, so he delivers an uplifting speech. Unfortunately, the Titans had a hard time comprehending because of his thick accent. The Titans press him about Michael's whereabouts, but Albert has a question of his own, asking why Michael's name is the second one and not the first one to show in the credits. He gets mad at the Titans , thinking that they are insinuating his son is lazy and he sics his pets on them.

In "The Power of Shrimps", Albert had opened a shop that sold shrimps and prime ribs at the seaside of Jump City. Both Aqualad and Beast Boy made him cook for them so that they could woo Raven, but in the end, he was the one who impressed Raven with his skills filled with love and sincerity.

In Loving Memory of Albert Jelenic 1944 - 2019

In Loving Memory of Albert Jelenic 1944 - 2019


Real life photo of Berto

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  • Albert, thinking the Titans were guests, asked them if they would like him to make some shrimps and prime ribs, referring to one of the show's food songs. It was unclear if he mentions this food to make a show reference or if it was his favorite food to prepare in real life.
  • He seemed to manage to arrive at Jump City for unknown reasons and even started his shrimps and prime ribs shop business under the brand Berto's.
    • This implies that "Berto" might have been his nickname.
  • He did own a pigeon in real life.
  • He is the second deceased cast member of the series, the first being Ricky Jay.
    • If you count Stan Lee who voiced in the movie, then he is the third.
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