Robin's final Island Challenge is to unleash Alien Skull Collector, a vicious extraterrestrial killer who keeps skulls for a hobby.

This character, who also has a friendly side, was introduced in "Pure Protein", Part 2 of the Teen Titans Go! Island Adventures special.


Because of the Titans' stubbornness to his challenges, Robin skipped to the final test: he called in an Alien Skull Collector, who's goal was to capture their heads. From a not-so-far-off cave, the creature growled and used his blazing red eyes to spot out Cyborg' skull especially. Beast Boy temporarily enjoyed the shiny lights appearing on Cyborg's breast plate, but everyone screamed and ran off as the monster shot off Cyborg's arm. The alien revealed himself, as well as his huge blaster rifle.

Throughout the jungle, Alien Skull Collector used his many gadgets to track them... when they were behind leaves and stones, his infrared sight came in handy, and he proceeded to blow up their cover. Alien Skull Collector was also equipped with a ninja spike shooter, using it to severe the Titans' escape vines. When the group plunged down a waterfall, the skull collector stopped his shooting, thinking they had perished.

Alien Skull Collector (3)

A nice game of beach volleyball... where are the ladies.

Later on though, after Robin had escaped, he saw the rest of them huddled up. The only reason he didn't immediately zap them is because Beast Boy offered him some coconut curry. After another leaf cape gift and Starfire complimenting his mandibles, the five of them became buddies. Beast Boy and the alien play volleyball, even laughing when the ball popped, thanks to his razor claws. He showed off his skull fortress sandcastle to Raven, and him and Starfire enjoyed the delicate sand between their toes.

Hours later, it was time for the friendly alien to depart aboard his space cruiser. Raven and Starfire mournfully expressed their sorrow that he had to leave, and Cyborg gave Alien Skull Collector one last blazing handshake. Taking some curry from Beast Boy for the road, he bid one last farewell to the Titans, tears in his eye.

So, aboard his ship, Alien Skull Collector's managed to add another piece to his vast collection of skulls: Robin's bony head (even with hair skeletal features, somehow).

Physical Appearance

Alien Skull Collector (8)

One last goodbye for the Titans.

Being a deadly mercenary from a distant planet, Alien Skull Collector is clad is dark gray boy armor all over his torso, shoulders, and knees. His boots are a lighter shade of gray and fringed, and his legs are shrouded in a torn up piece of cloth. His black, cubical gauntlets and utility belt have orange marking on them, and his abdomen is covered in many plates. Many rings cover Alien Skull Collector's neck, and his skin is bright red, bulging cause of some burly muscles.

Taking off his mask reveals his insect/fish/something face, also colored red. He has a bulbous head with orange fins sticking out, and mandibles hang from his mouth. His yellow eyes can be both extremely hostile and extremely moving.

Episode Appearances

Season 3


  • This character is a reference to the "Predator", not to be confused with the Alien or Xenomorph, which is a common mixup. Although he has a inner jaw like a Xenomorph. He's also quite similar to the Skaarj Warriors from the Unreal video game series because they both use sharp retractable talon devices on their wrists to pierce through an opponent's skin.
  • This Character uses many weapons and tools from the Predator arsenal this includes wristblades, Plasma guns, Heat sensor mask, and cloaking device.


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