"Appointment of Doom!" is issue #53 in the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


"The team makes an "Appointment with Doom!" when they each try to see a doctor. Beast Boy is convinced that evil Insure Ants will attack—and he might be right!"


A cry for help from Robin shrieks through the Tower, and the Titans run to his aide. He's actually fine, though; Robin called them over to brag about his maxed out physical condition, as well as to inform them that he scheduled a physical examination for them, too. The Titans are hardly excited, but they can't head back to the couch because Robin set it on fire. The crazed hero leaves for a psychiatrist appointment...

Starfire arrives at a kids clinic, hoping to remediate her relationship with her sister. But when she sees a sticker of a kitten, her main goal immediately shifts to getting that sticker. Multiple kids charge for the sticker, so Starfire blasts them with Starbolts... Meanwhile, Cyborg searches for a place to go for help, but even the auto repair shop turns him down. Beast Boy heads to a veterinary hospital (or as he calls it, "vetriminarian"). At a physician's office, Raven's got an appointment with Dr. Thompkins. As the doc moves in to check her heartbeat, Raven warns her that taking off her cloak is not a good idea. Sure enough, a demon manifests. Appointment over.

Down at Hugo Psychiatrist Services, Robin is having a session with Dr. Hugo Strange (a supervillain, but Robin doesn't seem to care). Apart from his fear of taco-related merchandise, Robin recounts the death of his parents and his rise to heroism. As the meeting wears on, he starts becoming more and more deranged, until suddenly Hugo brings up psychiatry insurance. At first, Robin is confused, but he slowly concludes that insurance is nothing but a protection racket.

Enraged, Robin goes on a rampage with a tennis racket, attacking the buildings the Titans are at. Determined to get revenge on the insurance providers, he brings the team back to the Tower; there Robin finds an ancient phone book, which he uses to track down the wicked Antna Insurance Providers. The Teen Titans are ready to go...

Appointment With Doom! (Insure Ants)

To arms! To arms!

It's a peaceful day at the dirt mound-shaped Antna Insurance building, when the Titans unexpectedly barge through the wall. The heroes are surprised to see the company is run by actual ants, mutant ants more specifically. Robin warns the team not to be tricked, and a battle ensues between the sword-wielding ants and the racket-swinging Robin and his team... After four hours, a massive pile of wounded ants and Titans lay on the floor. Though the fight has been won, Robin collapses from his battle injuries... The team transports him to the hospital, and when Robin wakes up, he screams in fury at the mere mention of medical insurance...


Appointment With Doom! (Teen Titans)

Oh, the beneficiary pays the copay? How 'bout no!

Appointment With Doom! (Doctor Double X )

Cyborg is turned away by none other than Doctor Double X! WOAH!

Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Hugo Strange (debut)
  • Dr. Thompkins (debut)
  • Jump City Citizens



  • A spare cloak for Raven can be seen in the Titans Tower attic. It seems to be a slightly lighter color.


  • The origin story Robin's parents and how he became a superhero is brought up again (by Robin, of course).
  • Many jars of Robin's "SPIKE" hair gel can be seen in the attic. He was previously seen as having a large supply in "Starfire the Terrible".


Running Gags

  • Robin raids appointment rooms and offices and wrecks them with a tennis racket.


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Appointment With Doom (Robin)
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