Artemis Crock is Green Arrow's sidekick known as Artemis.


Artemis first debuted in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies with Green Arrow.

She later participated in Superhero Summer Camp. In What We Learned at Camp, she was mind-controlled by Trigon with the other superheroes, but the Titans saved them. She was later seen hugging and crying with Miss Martian before leaving the camp.

Physical Appearance

Artemis has blonde waist length hair tied in a ponytail. She has brown eyes with nice feminine eyelashes and beige skin.She wears a green mask around her face and a green sleeveless crop top and two forest green armbands. She also has green gloves and a long pants with a belt on it,Artemis got two knee pads and big forest green boots. All in all, Artemis is known to be a very beautiful teenager.

Powers and Abilities

Tigress/Artemis has superhuman fighting skills and is highly trained. She is an expert marksman with her crossbow (including her compact crossbow and quiver of arrows, knives, nets and bolas) and has an enhanced sense of smell that allows her to track her human prey.




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