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"BBCYFSHIPBDAY" is the forty-sixth episode in the fourth season of Teen Titans Go! and the two-hundred-third overall episode of the series.


Beast Boy and Cyborg celebrate the birthday of their friendship, but when they realize that their friendship has gotten into peril due to the mysterious loss of their respective Friendship Friend, they and the other Titans must find a way to repair it ASAP before it’s too late.


It's a normal day; Cyborg, Beast Boy and the girls (plus Silkie) dance in the party-decorated living room. Cyborg then shouts, "When we say 'birthday'" and Beast Boy adds, "You say 'party'". They exclaim "Birthday" and the girls join in with "Party". They continue to dance and repeat the two words until Robin appears and asks what they're doing. Starfire explains that they're celebrating a birthday and the four proceed with the fun. Robin then receives an alert from his T-communicator, but he is upset at being interrupted twice by the others. He informs them that Cinderblock has escaped from prison and is sure to terrorize the city at any moment. Starfire thinks that until the terrorizing begins, they'll not stop celebrating the birthday, though Robin states nobody was born on this date. Seeing his "bro" confused, Cyborg explains it's the birthday of his friendship with Beast Boy, but Robin complains that friendships don't have birthdays. Beast Boy disagrees and Cyborg recalls how sweet the day their friendship had born was, asking for the former's agreement, which Beast Boy grants.

The scene switches to a marine ship's top deck (with Silkie in a background cameo), with the two wearing military uniforms, sunglasses and holding helmets while walking towards each other from opposite sides. As Cyborg sees Beast Boy, he points at the latter and says he didn't like him at first but now he does, and Beast Boy admits the same thing. Cyborg immediately suggests playing volleyball, yet Beast Boy said only if they play with their shirts off (which they REALLY do, though for Cyborg it means removing part of his robotic body). The two have an enjoyable time playing shirtless volleyball and pat each other's behinds after the game ends.

Back in the present, Beast Boy states he and Cyborg have become best friends ever since. Robin is upset, and still declares that he doesn't see the need to have friendship birthdays, because only living things can have birthdays and friendship is not a living thing. However, Beast Boy shows him a tiny creature that somehow resembles him and Cyborg; Robin literally freaks out and questions where it come from. Beast Boy sees Robin wasn't listening earlier and tells Robin that it's his friendship between him and Cyborg, and Cyborg adds it was born on the day they played shirtless volleyball. Robin continues to doubt how friendships are literally born despite the evidence in front of him, and Raven replies that they are. Starfire then tells Robin to observe and several other Friendship Friends appear after she calls them out.

As Beast Boy lets Robin look at his BBCY Friendship Friend, Robin seems to understand that if one of these creatures are born, this implies a friendship is formed, though he still wonders why he hasn't seen one himself. Beast Boy sees it as a good question, and answers, "You gotsa ask yourself, bro." Realizing what Beast Boy actually means (you know, his boorish bossy attitude), Robin frowns. When Cyborg brings in the birthday cake and the others resume partying for the rest of the night, Robin walks away sadly.

The next morning, in the tower's kitchen, Cyborg first greets Starfire and Raven, who are eating bowls of cereal; and later, Robin, who is standing and eating at the background; and lastly, Beast Boy, who is using a knife to smear bread with something (presumably butter). Strangely, Beast Boy doesn't respond to his best bro happily as usual, and even when Cyborg says the weather is nice, he only tells him to enjoy it while it lasts as cold front's moving in; Cyborg thanks him and thinks it's time to invest a warm coat. Watching how the best bros laugh rather weakly and not act like their normal selves, the girls begin to worry, which also makes Robin curious. Raven asks what's wrong with them, and Starfire reminds them that they aren't telling any jokes or doing any spontaneous dances. However, Cyborg asks why would they do that and Beast Boy agrees, saying it's not like they're friends. Robin disagrees, which soon terrifies Cyborg and Beast Boy as they realize something bad has occurred to their friendship. While they panic, Raven suggests that their Friendship Friend might just be running around somewhere; she teleports through the tower, but comes back empty-handed as she explains that it's nowhere to be found. Beast Boy believes it must have run away when they were eating cake yesterday, and Robin pretends to agree with an uneasy smile, because he knows the truth: he was the one who accidentally "lost" their friendship!

It all happened the previous night, when he held the poor little BBCY Friendship Friend with both of his hands, desperately wanting to befriend it. It broke free from his grasp and crashed the glass wall of the tower's living room, fell into the ocean and swam away, leaving him alone...

Back to the present, Cyborg realizes the severity of the situation, and Starfire tries to make things better by suggesting that he and Beast Boy can engage in their usual jokes so they can rediscover their friendship. Unfortunately, they find out that they have lost the ability to joke, and Beast Boy sadly mourns that his friendship with Cyborg is gone. Robin comments that they need to fix the problem because Cinderblock is on the loose and with the two acting like awkward acquaintances, they'll be a liability on the battlefield. Suddenly, Raven expresses a thought: if new friendships are born everyday, then they should try to recreate scenarios of their shared past. Cyborg happily says that a new friendship will be born, and Starfire recognizes Raven's idea as "the genius of the lamp". Robin then decides to do this and says "Titans, go!", announcing their mission to recreate Beast Boy and Cyborg's friendship.

A while later, on a "recreated" version of the military deck (most likely on the tower's roof), the Titans are wearing military uniforms (except Starfire, who's wearing a goose costume) and holding a helmet on one hand; they walk towards one another--Cyborg, Raven and Robin on the right and Starfire and Beast Boy on the left. Robin reminds the others that they're gonna re-enact the first meeting of Beast Boy and Cyborg but questions Starfire who she's supposed to be. She directly admits that she's "the goose" and commands a super loud "ATTACK!! The goose!" which breaks the tower's glass walls and even reaches into space (one poor astronaut's helmet gets destroyed), as well as the screen; her shout also damages the lenses of her friends' sunglasses. In an effort to break the embarrassing silence, Raven recommends playing some volleyball, which Robin agrees to while putting his sunglasses back on and preparing to remove his shirt. Yet, Beast Boy responds with "Nah-ah" and says he's not taking his shirt off for "this dude" (indirectly referring Cyborg). As Cyborg refuses as well, the former best bros toss their sunglasses away. Raven asks why; Cyborg tells her that he sees Beast Boy as unsafe two times and dangerous. Beast Boy coldly agrees with this, and calls Cyborg a fool. After Raven, Robin and Starfire watch the two angrily leave, backs to each other, the awkwardness returns and Starfire honks in utter shame.

Afterwards, Robin says he thinks one of the cornerstones of Cyborg and Beast Boy's friendship is food. Loads of food appear on the dining table; Starfire is confident that they'll be friends again while consuming their favorite foods. Beast Boy (who is reading a Young Justice magazine on the couch) says he thinks something smells good, and Cyborg (who is reading Office Bane) agrees with "Sure does". As they near the table and wonder what's going on, Raven explains that she (along with Starfire and Robin) just whipped up some of their favorite foods. Beast Boy praises her as he sees his favorite tofu products and describes it as a veggie heaven. But he is soon rejected by Cyborg, who calls his block of tofu "yuck" and would rather eat a baby burger. Watching Cyborg chow down, Beast Boy is unusually disgusted by the scene and the fact that Cyborg is a meat-eater. Cyborg doesn't care and continues to help himself with meatballs and announces a "meatball party", as well as shooting meatballs from his arm (that has turned into a cannon). This cheers up his friends and Silkie, but all of the meatballs splatter onto poor Beast Boy's face, irritating him. Beast Boy considers Cyborg a monster, while Cyborg ignores Beast Boy and shoots one into his own mouth.

Starfire then thinks the efforts to fix Cyborg and Beast Boy's friendship have made things worse, and instead the two care for each other even less. Raven believes the only thing left for the bros to bond over is music. Robin says it's their last chance and it has to work, and he plugs in the radio without hesitation. A short while later Beast Boy and Cyborg enter the living room; they’re quite surprised to see Robin standing behind a stereo and the girls dressed in rapper outfits, and their shock extends as the girls spit saliva onto each other. After Starfire ends the performance with a scream, a bewildered Beast Boy asks Robin why they're doing this. Robin responds that he and the girls are spontaneously breaking into a song about friendship, and tells the other boys to give him a beat. Yet as he finished his part of his rap and asks them to join in, the two boys can't sing in a cooperative way like they usually do. Even when Robin tries to compliment them with how amazing the rap is, this only leads to the two quarreling and telling each other that they spit bad bars. And then, Beast Boy suddenly believes that he and Cyborg aren't meant to be friends, horrifying Starfire who gasps and thinks that they're speaking of the "untruth", but Cyborg just tells her that they have nothing in common anymore.

All of a sudden, Robin receives a crime alert about Cinderblock from his communicator, and instructs the others to take action after telling Cyborg and Beast Boy to put their differences aside and take down Cinderblock first. Nonetheless, as they arrive at the ruins of the city and Robin reminds the others to stay alert as Cinderblock is in hiding, Cyborg and Beast Boy find snacks and start munching them down. Worse, Cinderblock pops out of nowhere and uses his fist to crack the ground. Furious, Robin scolds the two boys to forget the snacks (knocking away the treats during the process), and he and the girls attack. They neglect his instruction and resume eating, while their friends have to fight against Cinderblock to no avail. After they get brutally kicked by Cinderblock, they can't escape from the rubble they are stuck in, so Raven shouts to Cyborg and Beast Boy for help. The two ignore the pleas, explaining that they're super tired from eating and would rather relax. They proceed to ignore Raven's question if they are just gonna sit in there. Robin (who almost gets hit by a tire) screeches that their enemy is getting away and Starfire urges them to say something. Cyborg and Beast Boy finish eating, burp, laugh, and give each other a high-five.

But then a miracle comes out of nowhere: they've created a new friendship between them, and the two happily reconcile. Cinderblock's roar frightens them slightly at first, but as their friendship is repaired, Beast Boy asks Cyborg to support his beat-down of "the fool" (Cinderblock). Cyborg's answer is a definite yes. With the accompaniment of their reborn Friendship Friend, Beastie transforms into a gorilla and Cyborg launches himself with rockets on his back. They give Cinderblock multiple powerful hits and punches (even breaking one of Cinderblock's legs) before smashing Cinderblock with one final pummel, causing Cinderblock to shatter into pieces. He gets turned into a pizza oven, elating both as they see freshly made pizza while the other Titans watch. The group walks away from the scene while chewing slices of pizza. Raven realizes that friendship can't be forced; Starfire concurs and presumes that it occurs like natural gas. Hearing Starfire's mention of "natural gas", Beast Boy and Cyborg give out a gross green fart together before chortling with their Friendship Friend; Beast Boy describes how silent and deadly the fart is. Raven and Starfire express their disgust, but Robin is pleased to see the team back at its full strength and feels honored to witness the birth of a new friendship.

Things don't end here: since it's the birth of the new Friendship Friend, Beast Boy and Cyborg hold a birthday party for it, and the other three join in with the rest of the Friendship Friends. Still, Robin forgets his lesson that night; he tries to summon the reborn Friendship Friend and invites it to bro out; it stops eating from a bottle of cream, swiftly runs away, and hides under the couch. But this time, he encounters his karma; it uses its sharp fangs to bite him, causing him to yell in terror and agony.


Main Characters




  • This episode has a similar title as "BBBDAY!" and "BBSFBDAY!", excluding the exclamation mark.
  • This is the last episode to premiere in 2017.
  • The title of this episode is an abbreviation for "Beast Boy and Cyborg's Friendship Birthday".
  • Many Friendship Friends within the Titans are seen in the Tower, which include:
    • A Friendship Friend of Beast Boy and Cyborg's friendship.
    • A Friendship Friend of Silkie and Starfire's friendship.
    • A Friendship Friend of Cyborg and Starfire's friendship.
    • A Friendship Friend of Beast Boy and Raven's friendship.
    • A Friendship Friend of Cyborg and Raven's friendship.
    • A Friendship Friend of Raven and Silkie's friendship.
    • A Friendship Friend of Starfire and Raven's friendship.
  • Robin is the only Titan who does not share a Friendship Friend with anyone, not even with his own teammates. It is possibly due to his extremely bossy attitude. 
  • The only Friendship Friends within the Titans that do for sure exists that are not seen in the episode is for Beast Boy and Starfire's friendship, Beast Boy and Silkie's friendship and Cyborg and Silkie's friendship. 
  • A picture of Bane, Harley Quinn and Batgirl can be seen on a magazine and a picture of Catwoman can be seen on a empty milk carton thrown on the floor.
  • Robin breaks the fourth wall when he describes how Cinderblock will terrorize Jump City.


  • This is the third episode of the series that focuses heavily on Beast Boy and Cyborg's friendship after "Pie Bros" and "Burger vs. Burrito".
  • Raven is unhooded for the 75th time.


  • Beast Boy and Cyborg play a game of shirtless volleyball to celebrate their new friendship. This is a reference to the shirtless volleyball game in Top Gun.
    • Also, during the shirtless volleyball reenactment, Starfire dresses up in a full-body goose suit. She is referring to a character in Top Gun named Goose.
  • Beast Boy was seen reading a Young Justice magazine that had Kid Flash on the cover and Cyborg was seen reading a magazine that had Bane on the cover.


  • The flashback story in this episode of how Cyborg and Beast Boy first met is different than the one in "Baby Hands", where it was revealed they first met each other when the Teen Titans was first formed.

Running Gags

  • The boys yelling "Birthday" and the girls yelling "Party!"
  • The Titans dancing.


The transcript for "BBCYFSHIPBDAY" can be found here.


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