This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "BBRAE" from season 4, which aired on February 20, 2017.

Beast Boy
Titans Tower
Jump City
BBRae (Bae)
Don't Fiddle With It
Plot Point
Beast Boy sings his song dedicated to Raven publicly.
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Part One

Titans Tower. Living room.
The Octopus with a beret and mustache plays the accordion. The scene switches to Beast Boy, dressed with a bow-tie and holding a flower banquet, exits the elevator and enters the living room.
Beast Boy: [To Cyborg and Starfire] Hey, checks it. I picked these flowers and they's for Raven. [winks]
Starfire: Oh! It is the romantical gesture.
Cyborg: And you get the expensive ones that comes with the bees. [extends the neck to see the bees in the flowers] Nice.
One of the bees winks at Cyborg.
Beast Boy: That's what's up! And I'mma win her heart once and for all with some classic gifts of love, yo. [briefly bows]
Robin: Yeah, I don't think Raven is the type to be won over with flowers.
Camera zooms to Raven who is reading her Pretty Pretty Pegasus novel growing a bit unfriendly.
Beast Boy: Oh yeah? Check it. [slides towards Raven and kneels] For you, my fair-lady mama.
Raven: How original. [teleports herself away]
Beast Boy groans in frustration and unwittingly throws the banquet to Starfire. The bees in turn are offended and sting the three horrified Titans as Beast Boy pouts.
Robin: [screaming while being stung] My eyes!
The scene transitions with a flash of hearts.
Titans Tower. Outdoors.
Cyborg, Starfire and Robin are having are picnic with ta and bread, when Beast Boy comes out from a bush carrying a bear cub, worrying the trio.
Beast Boy: Okay, this cuddly bear is too cute not to work. [hands out the bear cub]
The bear cub smiles and makes a happy noise.
Robin: [Concerned] Is that a real bear cub?
Beast Boy: Yeah! 'Cause my love for Raven is real. [walks to Raven who is meditating and shows her the bear cub] Hey Raven, I...
Raven: [Annoyed] No. [teleports away]
Beast Boy: [Frustrated]Aww, man...[lightens up] Oh look, here comes your momma.
A ferocious mother bear bashes out of the bushes and mistaking Starfire, Cyborg and Robin, she lashes out and mauls them brutally, confusing Beast Boy as they screech in agony. The scene transitions with a flash of hearts.
Titans Tower. Kitchen.
Cyborg, Robin and the girls are eating their cereals when Beast Boy who is wearing a Shakespearean costume enters the kitchen.
Beast Boy: [spins and lands, before standing up again] I will now recite a poem for the most loveliest girl in the world. [clears throat and speaks to Raven who is still eating]
The background briefly changes into a hot pink glimmering background.
Beast Boy: Vin mortis porcullius, et vorcullion. Kelvuvu. [moves eyes romantically, background changes to a rose flowerbed] Vin mortis porcullius, et vorcullion. Kelvuvu.
Starfire: [With tears] The beautiful!
Cyborg: My dude! I didn't know that you write those good poems.
Beast Boy: Actually I just found this one in one of Raven's poetry books.
Robin: Since when do you like poetry, Raven?
Raven: Oh that wasn't a book of poetry. [becomes serious] It was a book of evil spells. [teleports away]
Right after Raven teleports herself away to save her own skin, the outdoors becomes red and a horrifying tentacle monster appears. It breaks the window/wall and grabs Starfire, Cyborg and Robin who all scream hysterically and horrified. The screen once transitions with hearts.
Titans Tower, Living room.
Beast Boy is rather disappointed by how unimpressed Raven has been, and expresses his disappointment to Cyborg, Robin and Starfire who are all on the couch.
Beast Boy: I don't know why she won't accept my gifts of love.
Cyborg: You need to stop with all this played-out garbage, my dude. Get real with Raven.
Beast Boy: I did! With that bear cub.
Robin: What Cyborg's saying is that flowers, borrowed poetry, and other unoriginal ideas aren't going to work. You need to do something genuine.
Starfire: Something that can be for the you and the her.
Beast Boy: Hmm, something special that only she can have.
Cyborg: Yeah! Like the song you wrote for Terra.
Beast Boy: Oh yeah! I hears you, I hears you.
Beast Boy, having a guitar with him, knocks down Raven's room's door and decides to sing her "Fade Away".
Beast Boy: This is for you, momma! You can't fade away, the way I feel for you...
Raven continues to ignore Beast Boy, and Starfire quickly punches Beast Boy away.
Starfire: Please do the excusing of the us. [flies to Beast Boy] You must never play the female the song of another female!
Robin: The key is, you need to write a song for her, and her only.
Beast Boy: A whole new song? That's so hard, yo! How am I supposed to even come up with the words when my feelings for Raven are so big?
Cyborg: Don't worry about it! We'll help you find them words.
Scene transitions with Beast Boy's notebook titled "Composition Songz" and having written words "Song for my bae" and a Raven doodle.
Titans Tower. Kitchen.
Cyborg: Your song needs to tell Raven that you love her more than anything else.
Beast Boy: I do!
Cyborg: Even more than...Duh, duh, duh! [opens the fridge] Food?
The fridge displays a variety of tempting foods in front of Beast Boy's eyes.
Beast Boy: I don't know. I haven't thought about that.
Cyborg: There's only one way to find out. [takes some peaches from the fridge and hands them to Beast Boy] Do you love Raven more than peaches?
Beast Boy: [Stuffs the peaches into his mouth and munches them up] I do! [ticks the box of "peaches" in his notebook on his list of "I Love her more than..."]
Cyborg: [Dramatically] Do you love her more than this good plum?
Beast Boy: [Takes a bite of the plum] Yup. [ticks the box "Good Plum"]
Cyborg: [Squashes an apple into sauce with his bare hand] Applesauce?
Beast Boy: [Licks the applesauce as a dog] Mmm-hmm. [puts a paw-print on the box "applesauce"]
Beast Boy: Bro, I loves Raven more than any fruit-based food. [turns back into a person]
Cyborg: All right! Now we're getting somewhere! Get ready, 'cause this one is about to get hard.
Cyborg grabs Beast Boy, launches his rockets and barges out of the tower by the roof and flies into the city, landing in Yum Yum Kitty Diner through the roof.
Jump City. Yum Yum Kitty Diner.
Beast Boy: Aw man, a smoothie and a pizza? [drools with eager eyes as the pizza glows in front of him] That is hard! [grabs a pizza and starts eating] You know what, dude? All I wants to do with that food is share it with my...[slurps smoothie] bae! [burps]
Cyborg: Oh my goodness! You are in love. But just to be sure...[pushes away both smoothie and pizza] here's the real test! [counts the seven layers of cake] SEVEN-LAYER CAKE!
Beast Boy: [Briefly screams] That's seven layers of flavor, yo! But you know what? I loves my Rae more.
Cyborg: Are you sure? You better check out each layer.
Beast Boy: I don't know, dude. I'm not feeling so good.
Beast Boy's stomach: Don't do it, man!
Cyborg: Check that cake, dude!
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