This chicken, birthed by Beast Boy, is his son who debuted in Chicken in the Cradle.


After hatching out of his egg, Baby Chick spends most of his time with the other Titans as his father Beast boy is much too busy to spend quality time with him. He grows progressively throughout the episode, eating his first seeds as the other Titans look on proudly (except for Beast boy who misses the whole thing). He tries to make up for it by giving his son a milk shake which he apparently made from himself as a cow. This causes Baby Chick to appear disappointed.

After a wake up call, Beast boy decides to made amends with his son and to start making up for lost time. However when he leaves to find him the other Titans tell him that he left with a bunch of bad eggs. Beast boy is angered by this and asks them why they let him hang around with them and the other Titans are quick to rebuke him for this. Beast boy realizes his mistakes and sets out to find his son.

When he finds him he sees that he's been vandalizing a back alley wall with graffiti, Beast boy apologizes to his son for how he treated him and promises to be a better father. However, just when his son starts coming back to him, the bad eggs stop him blocking him from his son. This angers Beast boy and he proceeds to change into various animal forms to defeat them.

After successfully defeating the bad eggs, Beast boy takes his son out for a fun day at the carnival, they play a bunch of games and bond.

Baby Chick's last appearance is on top of Titans Tower crowing to the rising sun.


Medium sized with dark yellow feathers and a somewhat floppy neck, Baby chick appears to have changed color as he aged through out the episode turning from a bright yellow to a more darker yellow.

Episode Appearances

Season 5


  • For undefined worrying reasons, Baby Chick has his neck grown lumpier and floppier as he grows into a fully grown chicken.
  • Since chickens (or most commonplace birds in general) have a more rapid growth in their average lifespans, by the time after a few months have passed in his debut episode, Baby Chick can no longer be considered as a chick.


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