Far away from their normal base, the Teen Titans make the Bamboo Titans Tower. This basic replica of the original T-shaped building is crafted from leaves and coconuts, and it serves as the heroes' home during "Island Adventures".


With no form of transportation back to Jump City at the moment, Robin proposed that the Titans make the best of their situation by building a new home. The island's industrial resources were limited though, so much of the building had to be made from branches, twigs and grass.

As Starfire and the millionaires relaxed, the other four set to work, constructing frames and primitive appliances. Beast Boy's contributions mostly fell apart, Cyborg had trouble with Spanish instructions and Beastie, Raven made her coconut cream pies oddly, and Robin was the brain of the operation.

The final result actually turned out well, mimicking the old tower in appearance.


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Everyone staring at Robin in the new living room.

Architecture and Location

The building is a spitting image of the regular tower located on the coast of Jump City. Except for coloration and the actual materials used, everything is pretty much the same. The T-shape foundation is obviously seen. The outside frame is built of bamboo branches stacked nicely. Instead of glass windows, leaves cover the whole front of the base. A working elevator can be seen at the ground level, thanks to Robin's expertise with survival skills. The living room area has an awning sticking out from the leaves, probably because there's no AC. The antennas atop the usual Titans Tower are now replaced with a lone palm tree atop some dirt mounds.

Since the whole area they are on is an island, than technically, the Bamboo Titans Tower is still on an island. However, this one is much larger, leaving a lot of room around the tower's base. The new headquarters seems to be built in a grassy valley, and no golf courses or paths have been constructed around it. Also, it's unknown if Robin installed an underground cavern to store tech equipment and vehicles, like the previous Titans Tower.


  • Living/Main Ops Room: So far, this is the only area revealed in the Bamboo Titans Tower. Hopefully, more will be revealed later in Island Adventures.The flooring and roof are built completely out of bamboo stalks... as far as the walls go, well, there is no walls; sturdy bamboo branches hold up the awnings around the living room, making it completely open to the outdoors. A new TV, powered apparently by coconut milk, displays coconut programming, much to the enjoyment of the Titans. The red couch has been replaced by a dark green leaf one, and new pictures of the Titans crew can be seen just over the rudimentary elevator. Multiple ropes are suspended from the roof, doing something, but it's uncertain.
  • Lana'i: In the "Open Door Policy" episode for Island Adventures, the Lana'i was revealed when the Titans were eating coconuts.


  • This is the third letter-shaped building the Titans have made their household. There's the usual Titans Tower, this one, and then the B-shaped base at the end of "Road Trip".


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