Terrence “Terry” McGinnis, also referred to as Batman Beyond, is the future successor to the original Batman of the past when Bruce Wayne had retired as a hero.


Before Terry was born, Amanda Waller is one of the Justice League’s enemies since she’s doing some questionable actions just to make sure the country is in full balance, but overtime, she became their ally.

During that time, she abandoned Project Cadmus, but she noticed that Bruce Wayne is slowly but surely, aging to the point of elderly hood. Putting her brilliant amorality to use and not accepting the world without a Batman, Amanda then decided to launch Project Batman Beyond, which as its name implies, to create a new successor to Batman. Batman’s DNA is not that hard to obtain since his blood had been spilled in some parts of town.

After that phase, Amanda had chosen the McGinnis family, and injected Warren McGinnis with a fake flu shot, thus overwriting his Deoxyribonucleic Acid with Bruce Wayne’s. Over a year later, Mary McGinnis had gave birth to Terrence “Terry” McGinnis, who shared half of Warren’s biological DNA, and Bruce’s DNA.

When Terry and his parents had left the theatre, Phantasm (who was ordered by Amanda Waller to kill his family members) is stalking behind them, but she wouldn’t do what Amanda expected her to do, causing an argument to take place. However, deep down, Amanda Waller knew Andrea was right, Bruce Wayne does whatever he can to save lives, but he wouldn’t resort to killing other criminals. In consequence, the project was abandoned, with Terry’s parents spared. However, a set of alternate events had started to take place.

During his high school years, Terry McGinnis had stumbled across the Batcave, much to Bruce’s disapproval and told him to leave, who was actually in his elderly hood days. But it never ended there, his father was murdered by Derek Powers, who will eventually become Blight under purposes unknown. Fueled with revenge, Terry successfully stole Bruce Wayne’s latest yet advanced batsuit. After finishing fighting The Jokerz, Terry had apologised to Bruce, and in return, he was happy with him, and the both walk together. Later that night, Bruce visited Terry’s house, giving him the offer to work with him, which Terrence happily accepts. With certain heroes slowly starting to retire, and some villains long defeated, Terry and Bruce worked together to fight crime and make sure Gotham is safe.


In terms of TTG, not much is known of Terry’s personality since he hasn’t really appeared in any episode as of yet, however, what is known so far is that he shares most of Bruce Wayne’s qualities, like having the will to help others in jeopardy. He does however, complain about future issues. But on top of it all, she has a girlfriend named Dana Tan.


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