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"Be Mine" is the fortieth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the fortieth overall episode of the series.


It's Valentine's Day and the Titans are going to have a dance. Beast Boy helps Terra escape the dimension she was banished to and once again continues his romantic pursuit. 


The episode starts with a flashback of the duel between Raven and Terra, and how Raven trapped Terra in a dark portal leading to another dimension, from the Terra-ized episode.

Six months later...

In the bottom of a dark hole, Terra vows revenge against the Titans, especially Beast Boy. Suddenly, trash falls on her head, much to her annoyance..

In the Titans' kitchen, Cyborg is throwing things down Raven's trash-hole portal. Cyborg asks Raven why the portal is always screaming, and she tells him that it is because she trapped Terra at the bottom of it. She also tells him not to tell Beast Boy about it.

Later, in the living room, Starfire happily announces that it is Valentine's Day, and she wants to host a dance, where everyone will reveal their true feelings. Robin takes the opportunity to ask Starfire to be his Valentine, and she happily accepts. Cyborg announces that he already has a secret Valentine, and admires a picture of Jinx. Beast Boy flirtatiously nudges Raven (placing his arm around her neck), playfully joking that they should be each others' Valentine. Raven gawks in disgust, pretending to be disinterested, and teleports away. Cyborg tells him that it is too bad Raven trapped Terra in the trash hole, only to remember what Raven told him. Cyborg quickly transforms into a rocket and flies away, telling Beast Boy he didn't hear it from him.

In the hallway, Beast Boy tells Raven that he wants to throw away some old rope, and asks her to open the trash hole. Raven opens the trash hole and walks away. Beast Boy throws his rope down it, and waits as Terra climbs up it. Terra excitedly declares that she is free. Beast Boy jumps into her arms, asking her to be his Valentine. Terra angrily throws him down, then accepts as a plan pops into her head. Terra starts to stroke his chin (Beast Boy starts to melt and smiles), and tells him that she wants to give him a special gift at the dance that night. Beast Boy says that if he knows what he thinks it is, he doesn't mind waiting, and with that, he puckers up for a kiss only for Terra to throw a boulder at him and sending him through a window. Beast Boy is infatuated once more.

Back in the living room, Starfire brings in a baby, announcing that he is "Cupid". Cupid immediately starts shooting arrows at Robin, and he runs away screaming, with Starfire and Cupid chasing after him. Beast Boy enters and begins dancing, announcing that Terra is going to the dance with him that night. After he finishes dancing, Raven begins to spy on Terra again.

Outside a warehouse near the edge of Jump City, Terra is trying to smash the door open. Beast Boy arrives, asking her what she is doing. She tells him that she needs something for his gift out of the warehouse, so turns into a snake and opens the door for her.

In the living room, Starfire tells Robin that she wants to give him some hearts. Robin decides that there is nothing dangerous about hearts, so he accepts her offer. Starfire suddenly hands Robin a human heart that is still beating. Robin panics in disgust.

In the kitchen, Raven tries to warn Beast Boy that Terra wants to kill him. Beast Boy doesn't believe her, until she shows him proof of her saying her plan aloud. Beast Boy becomes incredibly upset, he begins to cry after he heard Terra hates him, asking what's wrong with him. Raven, feeling sympathetic, tells him there's nothing wrong with him, and Terra is just a terrible person. Beast Boy is still sad, and thinks he is not good enough for her. Raven says "You know, there is another girl out there I bet that likes you." When Beast Boy states that "if she's out there why hasn't she told me?", Raven has a very troubled look on her face, not being able to say.  

That night, the Titans host the dance in the back yard and Starfire kisses Robin on the cheek as she does this, Robin's face lights up. Starfire decides it is time for everyone to reveal their true feelings. When Starfire tells Robin that he is "like the brother" to her, his face drops and he wears a small frown.

Jinx arrives at the party, escorted by two prison guards. Cyborg asks Jinx to dance, only to be electrocuted by the guard, telling him not to touch the prisoner.

Raven decides to tell Beast Boy her true feelings for him, but is interrupted by Terra before she can. Terra reveals her "gift" for Beast Boy, which are gloves that amplify her powers to maximum. She decides to bury the Titans in the ground, because they buried her in a trash hole. With that, she punches the ground causing an earthquake that swallows up Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg. Terra does a psychopathic laugh, while Beast Boy comments on how much she must hate him and then runs away crying.

The Titans suddenly rise back out of the ground, and Robin shouts "TITANS, GO!". The Titans all charge at Terra, who defeats all of them, but Raven. Before she can summon her powers, Raven is shot in the butt by Cupid Baby's arrow, who then laughs at her after Terra piles rocks on her. With Raven occupied, Terra plans to finish of a saddened Beast Boy, but he begins to serenade Terra with a song he wrote. At first, Terra is angry, but starts to change her mood, until she finally seemed to become charmed by his song. She asks him if he really wrote it for her, and he tells her he did. Before she can say anything else, then camera pans to Raven, who looks discouraged and saddened upon hearing this. Raven becomes both jealous and furious of this, so she destroys Terra's power amplifiers and gives her a daring death glare. Angry that her gauntlets were destroyed, Terra charges at Raven, who merely punches Terra when she foolishly rams into her soul-fist. Raven then opens the portal and traps Terra in the trash hole once again, smiling a little as she watched Terra fall.

Beast Boy, who is determined to not lose her again, screams and dives after her into the hole. Terra becomes annoyed by returning to the trash hole, until Beast Boy lands on an annoyed Terra's lap, and after vegetarian chili falls on her, he turns into a dog and licks her face.

Raven sadly glances into the trash hole, and sadly comments that she never got to tell Beast Boy how she really feels.




  • This was the first episode to receive two million views for it premiere since the series' first two episodes, "Legendary Sandwich" and "Pie Bros."
  • This is the first Valentine's Day episode of the series.
  • This episode possibly should've taken place after the next episode because of Cyborg and Jinx's relationship.
    • However, Cartoon Network aired these two episodes out of order. This episode DOES take place AFTER the next episode.
  • Even though Beast Boy accuses Raven of having a crush on him twice in this episode, after Raven shows him that Terra wants to kill him, he is completely blind of this fact and thinks nobody loves him.
  • Starfire somewhat confirms her feelings for Robin when she kisses him during the dance. Unlike that from the original series, she kisses him on the cheek.
  • During the song Fade Away, silhouettes of three villains from the original series, Killer Moth, Thunder and Lightning, are seen. 
  • This is the first episode to feature flashbacks to a separate episode.
  • This is the first episode that aired on Scott Menville and Tara Strong's birthday.
  • Raven confirms her feelings for Beast Boy in this episode, as she tried to tell him her feelings and looking sad and jealous after Beast Boy sang to Terra.
  • This is one of Greg Cipes' favorite episodes.
  • The bouquet of flowers Robin gives to Starfire is the exact same bouquet that Trigon gives to her in Dog Hand.


  • This episode's story takes place six months after "Terra-ized", and continues the story from that episode. Terra has been trapped in another dimension (the Teen Titans "Trash Hole") since then.
    • Because of this, this is the sequel to the aforementioned episode.
  • Cyborg is shown to still have a relationship with Jinx (which begins in the next episode).
  • Beat Box, who was created in "Power Moves", appears at the party.
  • This is the second holiday episode. The first was "Second Christmas."
  • This is the fifth episode where Beast Boy plays a stringed musical instrument during a musical number or montage.
  • This is the fifth romantic-themed episode of the series.


  • The song "Fade Away", which Beast Boy uses to serenade Terra, was written by Greg Cipes back in 2007, as part of the band Cipes and the People. The song is modified for the episode, adding Terra's name as well as Cipes singing in Beast Boy's voice. Cipes has preformed the song in its entirety with these modifications as well.
  • The song sounds very similar to reggae music, specifically that of the legendary Bob Marley.
  • The dance that Beast Boy does when he put his glasses, is an obvious parody to the '90s hit "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. 
  • The device that Cyborg is seen playing with when Beast Boy says Terra is back strongly resembles the Nintendo "DSi" and "3DS".
  • This episode shares its name with a song by the Korean's girl group 2ne1.


  • This episode takes place six months after "Terra-ized." However, this is impossible, since at least 363 days went by during the episode, "Second Christmas." However, it could be possible that this took place before "Second Christmas."
  • When Cyborg turns into a rocket, he doesn't crash through the ceiling.
    • It's possible he traveled somewhere else in the Titans Tower.
  • Cyborg doesn't fall in love with Jinx until the next episode, yet he invites her to the party anyway.
    • This is because, chronologically, "Opposites" is set before "Be Mine". This is an error on Cartoon Network's part.

Running Gags

  • Terra getting chili (and other trash and food remains) dumped on her face while she's in the trash dimension.
  • Starfire's misunderstandings of Valentines Day customs which either hurt or freak out Robin.
  • The Cupid Baby shooting others.
  • Cyborg getting tazed by the prison guards.
  • This episode starts the running gag of Terra falling into the trash hole at the end, which seems to happen every time.


The transcript for "Be Mine" can be found here.


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