"Beach Party A-Go-Go" is issue #39 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


Swapping their uniforms for bathing suits, the Titans zoom to the beach…only to discover that the H.I.V.E. Five had the same idea for a “Beach Party A-Go-Go!”


An epic brawl between the Teen Titans and The Brotherhood of Evil ravages Jump City... Madame Rouge has Starfire tangled up with her body, Cyborg's charging his cannon for a nuclearized beast, Raven and Phobia blast each other with magic, Monsieur Mallah gets a face full of foot from gorilla Beast Boy, and Robin is decking Brain. The disembodied cerebrum orders them to surrender, but Robin isn't about to quit when they have a 73 win streak. No later than Robin says this, his communicator goes off. An important ordeal has arisen, Spring Break! It's party time for the Titans- Robin gives Brain a pat-on-the-head goodbye, but the super villain protests that they were just engaged in battle. Raven nonchalantly tells them to save their place; they'll be back in a week. Madame Rouge and Mallah grumble... The Doom Patrol never blow them off like this.

It's a sunny day at the beach, and teens are out having fun everywhere, including Titan teens. Cyborg and Beast Boy are enjoying the junk food and girls in bathing suits. Robin's just happy that the recreation gives the team "optimal crime-fighting performance," but once he sees Starfire dressed in a purple one-piece, he immediately goes goo-goo eyes. Confused, Cyborg whispers to Beastie that she wears even more revealing clothes everyday. Raven's ready to get the fun over with, and Beast Boy's got her covered with a limbo pole and borscht. Something catches Cy's eye, however: the H.I.V.E. Five is out there on the beach with them! Robin isn't about to let the criminals disrupt the teens, and Beast Boy's not about to have his tanning interrupted. They're about to duke it out when Mammoth stops Robin dead in the air. Jinx explains that they've come down here to relax, not fight. Starfire asks if they're really just breaking the Spring, and Cyborg jovially exclaims they are, too! Putting the feud aside for now, the two teams come together for a PAR-TAY!

The sun's going down as the H.I.V.E. and Titans play a little beach volley ball. Robin launches a killer serve, but Cyborg's able to reach it thanks to his extendable arms. Gizmo's exoskeleton also comes in handy with returns. But without any gadgets, Mammoth relies only on his strength- and poor Raven ends up buried in the sand thanks to him. With the ball destroyed, the two teams move on to Marco Polo. See-More, blindfolded, shouts out "Marco!," and everybody yells out "Polo." Well, except for Starfire, who doesn't know who the heck Marco is. Jinx tries to help her out, but the alien remains clueless to the game. While playing, Cyborg accidentally bumps into Aqualad (who just might be trying to get some sneak peaks).

Beach Party A-Go-Go (4)

"Come on man, you got so much more to appreciate man."

Later on, Mammoth get's to surf thanks to Beast Boy's dolphin-transforming abilities. Beastie wants a chance, but it'd be hard for Mammoth to turn into a dolphin. On the shore, the three girls, Cyborg, and Gizmo are chillaxing. Jinx offers Raven sunscreen, but her nice dark tent is good enough. Instead of sunscreen, Cyborg lathers on motor oil, and Gizmo offers his premium brand oil. Robin's taking a pic with Billy Numerous and Billy Numerous while Billy Numerous snaps the photo, and See-More's just impressed.

The party's still going strong with dancing and music. Beast Boy admits the H.I.V.E. aint so bad, and Jinx concedes the Titans aren't so good. A young teen is amazed at how well they're getting along, so Cy explains that their all on a week of vacay. The girl didn't know superheroes got Spring Break, and so all ten of them laugh. But slowly, the realization comes to them... superheroes don't have Spring Break... Suddenly, Robin orders the Titans into action, and the Billy simultaneously does the same. Just as that battle begins, The Brotherhood of Evil and a few other villains show up, ready to relax just like the other two teams. But on seeing the fight to the death, Trigon orders a full on assault.

After a gruesome free-for-all, countless villains are sprawled out on the sand, badly battered. The Titans are the only ones left conscious, and Starfire remarks that they "have finally broken the Spring." Robin starts to give an inspirational speech about how heroes never take a break, but when he digs up Billy's phone and sees the selfie they took together, he gets sentimental about the vacation. Gizmo, with a snapped arm, bloody nose, chopped ear, and bruised face, sees that Robin really does care, and offers to hang out next Spring...




  • Robin is wearing a pair of yellow swimming trunks with Batman bats on it, an obvious reference to his mentor.
  • Near the end of the comic, The Brain can be seen with a tray of martinis on his head cap, similar to R2-D2 being a drink server in Return of the Jedi.


  • Although he can't swim in water for fear of electrocution, Cyborg can be seen in the ocean multiple times and also with a ducky floatie.


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