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Quote1.png That's what's up! Quote2.png
--Beast Boy throughout the series.

Garfield Mark Logan, (a.k.a Beast Boy), is a member of the Teen Titans and one of the five main protagonists of Teen Titans Go!. While he is gifted with the ability to transform into animals, Beast Boy usually prefers laziness over saving the world.

As in the original series, he is voiced by Greg Cipes.


Years ago, Beast Boy was a normal human baby who was left on the doorstep of the Doom Patrol's house. The Doom Patrol except Chief instantly fell in love with him, but soon they got tired and needed Chief to also fulfill his parental duties for him. Chief, being too lazy and wanted to go for a shortcut to skip the diaper changing, decided to inject a syringe filled with experimental monkey genes serum into the baby as one of his typical unethical experiments, and successfully converted him into the Beast Boy we know in the present day. [1]

After a few years of serving with the Doom Patrol,[2] Beast Boy eventually left them to defend Jump City from villains, as seen in "Flashback". There he met Robin, a fellow teenage superhero who was looking to form a team. Although the Boy Wonder was at first amazed by his powers, he soon learned that 99% of what Beast Boy cared about was eating. Regardless of his laziness, though, Beast Boy and the other fellow teens were somehow able to secure membership on the newly formed Teen Titans.

Although he has been a fighting force on the team ever since, Beast Boy prefers to leave the fighting part of the job to the others. For him, it is all about the food and video games...


Quote1.png As long as he sees he's bothering you, he's not gonna stop. Quote2.png
--Raven about Beast Boy

"Beast Boy is Cyborg's best bud--a slightly laid-back dim but lovable loafer who transforms into all sorts of animals when he's not eating burritos and watching TV."[3]

Relaxation, TV, and snacking are Beast Boy's main priorities in life... everything else (like his job as a superhero) comes second. His constant state of taking breaks and lounging around seriously irritates his team members, but does Beast Boy care? Not even a little. In fact, he is actually a little proud of his slothfulness, arguing with his equally-idle friend Cyborg about who's the laziest one in "Lazy Sunday". Obviously, Beast Boy's completely ignorant about what the expectations of a superhero are.

"Waffles", a very deep/complex song.

When he is not sprawled out on the couch or scarfing down pies, Beast Boy enjoys doing other unproductive activities, such as having an indoor rodeo with Cyborg in "Staring at the Future". Lacking intelligence, he also delights in simple-minded pleasures like pranking his friends in "Ghostboy", or singing a ridiculous song about waffles. The Titans will occasionally play along with Beast Boy's shenanigans, but most of the time, they get infuriated with his monkeying around (literally).

With his cool and uncaring demeanor, Beast Boy can come off as selfish and egocentric. And while both of those traits describe him fairly accurately, every now and then he will put others before him. For example, in "Pie Bros", Beast Boy got his lazy self a job just so he could buy a gift for Cyborg. Deep down, he really does care about other people (particularly Raven), and when Jump City needs him, he will be there. Probably hours late, but he will be there nonetheless.

Physical Appearance

Here we see a wild Beast Boy asleep in his natural habitat, the couch.

Beast Boy temporarily leaves his innate environment (and his pants) to enjoy nature.

Initially a member of the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy still wears the magenta and black costume of his old team, only leaving behind the helmet. His sneakers have an animal paw printed on the sole, and he wears a pair of gray gloves. The silver utility belt around his waist is merely there for holding up his pants, although Beast Boy occasionally prefers to go around only in underwear, like in the episode "Nature". As for his complexion, it is no secret that Beast Boy has undergone a mutation. His skin and hair have turned green, he has large, pointy ears, and a long canine tooth sticks out from his lower lip. However, this is just his normal appearance—Beast Boy can take on a completely different look by turning into any animal that ever existed. And when transforming, his clothes conveniently disappear in animal form, but somehow reappear when he changes back...


For the various outfits that Beast Boy wears throughout the show, click here.

Powers and Abilities

Being able to transform into almost any animal, Beast Boy has a huge array of special abilities to choose from. But with over 8.7 million species of animals out there,[4] we're keeping this section down to some of Beast Boy's more common animals. For a complete list of his transformations and skills throughout the series, visit this page.

Metahuman Physiological Abilities

  • Animal Shapeshifting: As his primary power, Beast Boy can transform into a green version of any animal in a fraction of a second, so long as he has seen it, whether in real life or in a picture (including any extinct or alien species). While transformed, he acquires all of the abilities of said animal, whether it be flight, speed, advanced eyesight, etc. Some of Beast Boy's organism options are:
    • a Tyrannosaurus Rex (durability, eating things)

      Robin struggles to free himself from Beast Boy's fat gorilla butt...

    • a gorilla (strength, alpha male status)
    • an octopus (underwater breathing)
    • a dog (advanced smelling, fetch)
    • a cat (relaxation, dancing)
    • a spider (creeping)
    • a sloth (relaxation)
    • a cheetah (speed)
    • a snake (stealth)
    • a bird (flight)
    • a pig (eating, dancing)
    • Animal from "The Muppet Show" (Teen Titans Go! to the Movies)
  • Omnifarious Shapeshifting: For a brief period in the episode "Dog Hand", Trigon gifted Beast Boy with the ability to transform into other objects, such as:
    • a basketball

      ...but bean bag Beast Boy welcomes being sat on (for the nice view?).

    • a bean bag
    • a pine tree
    • a wiener
    • a sword
    • a jeep
    • a cup
  • The horrible smell of beast boy’s room.

    Animal Communication: Beast Boy can interact with other animals, as seen in "Thanksgiving" when he is talking to some rats.
  • Shapeshifting Bestowment: In the episode "Animals, It's Just a Word!", Beast Boy is shown to be able to give anyone his animal transformation powers via a simple blood transfusion.
  • Human Shapeshifting: In addition to animals, he is able to take the likeness of any human. In the past, he has been:
  • Telekinesis: By using 80% of his brain percentage, Beast Boy learned telekinesis and even levitation.
  • Time-Travelling: He was also able to travel 65 million years into the past by tapping into his unused brain percentages.


Farting, a silent ally of the ninja.

Alternate Forms

In addition to taking on different animal forms, Beast Boy has assumed completely different identities throughout the series. Only his more prominent ones are featured below, so for a full list, click here.

Photo Name Appearances
Magical Doubles
"Double Trouble"
Beast Boy (You're Fired!).png
Beast Babe
"You're Fired!"
"The Cruel Giggling Ghoul"
Beast Bob
"In and Out"
Beast Boy (Raven's Mind)
"Crazy Day"
TTG ep54 ManPerson Still05.jpg
Scar Man
"Man Person"
Beast Man Image37.png
Beast Man
"Beast Man"
Some of Their Parts Image17.png
Beast Boy's Emoticlones
"Some of Their Parts"
Leg Day Image39.png
The Calf
"Leg Day"
"Arms Race with Legs"
Beast Monster Snuggle Time.png
Beast Monster
"Snuggle Time"
Beast Boy (3).png
The Wild Man
"Oh Yeah!"
Martian Beast Boy.png
Martian Beast boy
"Two Parter"
Quantum Fun (3).png
Serious mode
"Let's Get Serious"
40% 20% 20% Image18.png
Radical form
"40%, 40%, 20%
"The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though it Was the Day"
"Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition
Beast boy Vroom.png
Car form
"Teen Titans Vroom!"


Who's got time for crime-fighting when there's some relaxing that needs to be done?

Check out some more detailed info on Beast Boy by checking out these subpages:


  • Whenever it comes to his signature power in order to transform into animals, this alone makes him reminiscent of Skinwalkers, which are basically a form of Magical Metahuman that has the power to not only use Shamanism, Animal Possession, Evil Eye, Fear Empowerment, Fear Inducement, Flesh Masking, Human Disguise, Possession, Telepathy, and Voice Manipulation, but they also have the same exact power to morph into any animal.
  • In November 1965, Beast Boy made his first ever appearance in The Doom Patrol #99.[5]
  • The episodes that feature Beast Boy's backstory conflict with one another:
    • "Dog Hand" reveals that Beast Boy has powers at birth and was raised by toucans.
    • During "Beast Girl", he recalled being bit by a green monkey to get his powers.
      • Since "Beast Girl" is way more faithful to the comics, it is believed that the "Dog Hand" story is merely a comedic deception.
        • Nonetheless, the "Beast Girl" version of his backstory was overthrown in "A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving", when it was revealed that Chief did an unethical experiment on him that had mutated him into a metahuman.
  • Like the other Teen Titans, Beast Boy has changed since the 2003 Teen Titans:
    • Beast Boy betrays his own kind and goes cannibal on some hot dogs.

      Originally a strict vegetarian, he will occasionally eat meat, such as a hamburger in "Colors of Raven" or hot dogs in "Laundry Day". But it is just probably mistakes from the writers.
    • Although he was lazy before, Beast Boy's work ethic is pretty much nonexistent in Teen Titans Go!.
    • Instead of gradual shape-shifting, now he instantly transforms into animals with a popping sound.
    • Beast Boy is now capable of speaking when he is in animal form.
    • From Season 3 onwards, his accent changed from standard American to southern.
  • Beast Boy is the second Titan to have his birthday celebrated in the series (found in the episode "BBBDAY!"). The first was Cyborg's big day in "Pie Bros".
    • According to "BBBDAY!", his birthday is in November (coinciding with the month of his first appearance in DC Comics).
    • However in "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear", he says he is Taurus which makes his birthday falling on late April or early May.
    • In the episode "Beast Man", his birthday on his drivers license is February 22.
    • According to the crew, his birthday is late in the year since that is when Cartoon Network airs his birthday-themed episodes.
  • Much like the comics, he is shown to have romantic feelings for both Terra and Raven in Teen Titans Go!. However, an affectionate relationship between Raven and Beast Boy is featured much more prominently than in the previous series.
  • Beast Boy is the first Titan to have his real name mentioned in the series; the word "Garfield" was stitched onto his underwear in "Hot Garbage".
  • Beast Boy is the shortest Titan on the team (but for some reason, he always mocks Robin's height).
  • Many cartoon and video game characters share common traits with Beast Boy, including:
  • Knowledgeable in the most up-to-date teen slang, Beast Boy often uses words like "fool", "bra", "thas wassup", and other rad words.
  • In one episode, Beast Boy claims that he cannot turn into any mythical creatures, yet in "Spice Game", he morphs into a dragon.
    • In multiple promotional media, he is also shown to have transformed into various mythical creatures. To cite an example, he has morphed into a unicorn in the comic issue "Weirder Things".
  • In his normal human form (at least normal to him), Beast Boy is shown to have considerable strength... he effortlessly broke Robin's steel staff in "Staff Meeting".
  • While Beast Boy is transformed into an animal, his eyes are monochromatic (with the exception of his gorilla and elephant forms). However, since the later episodes of Season 3, his eyes in animal form are normal.
  • In "Dude Relax", it is revealed that Beast Boy will sometimes paint an animal green and use it as a substitute for crime fighting (so he can proceed being lazy).
  • Apparently, Beast Boy has Crurophilia, a fetish for legs, as seen when he slobbers over Raven's legs in "Legs", "Leg Day", and "Arms Race with Legs".
  • Unlike Raven and Terra, burritos never rejected Beast Boy.

    He enjoys steam painting in the bathroom (seen in "Serious Business").
  • As shown at the end of "Head Fruit", Beast Boy no longer has a brain.
  • Beast Boy has sung the most amount of songs in the series by far.
  • He has a freckle on his butt (revealed in "The Titans Show").
  • Beast Boy and Brother Blood share the same initials—"BB".
  • He has a special place in his heart for pickles and burritos.
  • As shown in "Mr. Butt", Beast Boy covets Starfire's room.
  • While "BBRAE" revealed that Beast Boy had hair all over his body (even when in non-animal form), multiple episodes like "Laundry Day" contradict this, showing him naked with only hair on his head.
  • During "In and Out", Beast Boy's persona of Beast Bob wears an outfit similar to the one he sports in The New Teen Titans comics.
  • One type of animal, the immortal jellyfish, is immortal as the name implies. It is possible that if beast boy can turn into one he could live forever. He can also change size (and potentially age), possibly another way to become immortal.
  • Beast Boy's speeches having tons of grammatically errors (such as using "is" instead of "are" when referring plurals) is a special characteristic given to him when Greg Cipes once had some verbal missteps during his earlier recordings for Beast Boy. The crew has approved of this mistake even till present day.
    • He also puts the word "S" when he pronounces his sentences, or even badly spells them.
  • In seasons 1 and 2, Beast Boy sounded more of an American accent. His voice changed, which he pronounces the letter "s" in words when he speaks.
  • Beast Boy is one of the mascots/representatives of the Cartoon Network anti-bullying campaign. The others are Craig from Craig of the Creek, the bear brothers (Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear) from We Bare Bears and Ben Tennyson from the 2016 Ben 10 reboot.
  • In "Beast Boy on a Shelf", he is the only person who knows that Robin's butt is made out of stuffings.
  • "Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro? - Part 3" revealed that he is afraid of the insect cricket, despite having animal shape-shifting abilities.
  • In Season 1, Greg Cipes used the same voice that Beast Boy's 2003 counterpart had, but later changed it into a higher pitch in later seasons.
  • In "Teen Titans Go! to the Movies", Beast Boy's transformation pop has a bright green glow to it, unlike his normal white pop in the episodes.
  • Ask The Titans revealed some facts about him:
    • His favorite animal for him to transform into is a cat, because being a cat means he can slack off all he wants.
    • He now treats Terra more as a friend.
    • He wants Green Lantern to be his sidekick.
    • His favorite dance move is the Worm.
  • "Kryptonite" revealed that one of his biggest weaknesses is neck cones for dogs.
  • It is implied in the episode "Pirates" that Beast Boy hates being called a dwarf and shorty, as he reacted violently when Aqualad called him a dwarf (which implies that he has some insecurity about his short stature).
  • Despite being called as "big bro" by Negative Girl for a few instances, Beast Boy is actually the youngest teammate in both the Titans and Doom Patrol, proven by his origin story in "A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving".
  • He was absent in “Various Modes of Transportation” and “Jam” making him the only Teen Titan to appear in almost every episode.


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