Beast Boy's Cousin is a relative of the famous animal-changing superhero and minor character in Teen Titans GO!. He made his debut and only appearance in "Permanent Record" as a filthy, dumpster-living homeless person.


During a class taught by Robin, Beast Boy dreads getting a checkmark because he remembers what happened to his cousin... somehow, he got 4 check marks on his permanent record and now lives in squalor at a Jump City dumpster.

30 years later, Robin has also received four check marks, so the old, worn-out hero goes to live with Beastie's cousin, who in turn mocks him for his permanent record.


Beast Boy's Cousin

46-year-old Robin along with Beast Boy's cousin.

Apparently, Beast Boy's cousin has undergone mutation just like the main-stream Beast Boy he has light green skin with pointed ears and large eyes. However, the relative has unkempt and curly red hair and buck tooth, and he dressed in shabby magenta and light blue clothes. Grime that resembles freckles can be seen on his face, and he talks in a hillbilly-ish manner. Ultimately, he is just a homeless version of Beast Boy.

Episode Appearances

Season 4

Teen Titans Trivia

  • There's a slight possibility that this character is Matthew Logan, Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy's cousin. However, the two look nothing alike (Matthew is not mutated). he is most likely a new character created by Teen Titans Go!.
  • Although it's 30 years later, Beast Boy's cousin has not aged a bit. It is possibly that he should've Time traveled.