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"Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's Bad" is the twenty-sixth episode of the third season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-thirtieth overall episode of the series.


After the Titans wrongfully pinch Beast Boy on St. Patrick's Day, a curse of very unfortunate bad luck fall upon them. The only way to be freed from the miserable curse is to retrieve some gold coins from a mystical leprechaun. But achieving this task will require a lot more than they think, and ultimately leads up to a pinching showdown between two rival leprechauns.


The exposition takes place at the Titans Tower, where the Pelican is showing off his Irish dance moves. The Titans are eating some breakfast when Beast Boy trots in, merrily dancing. As he gets a carton of milk, he greets these others in a weak Irish accent. Robin informs him that his accent is no good, so he tries two more. Still, Cyborg and Starfire still boo his failed Irish talk. Raven says his last one sounded more in the lines of a pirate, which prompts Beast Boy to turn into a parrot and Cyborg drawing claws, about shouting heart "Arrrs!" The others join in, but Robin looks on in annoyance, asking what occasion the accents are for.

Beast Boy is surprised- it's Robin's special day, St. Patrick's Day! Robin doesn't understand, so Beastie hints that he's a leprechaun. Robin starts to argue with that point, but the others agree because he’s so short. Robin angrily remarks that he's taller, and proves it with a quick back-to-back test. But Beast Boy cheats, using a slanted ( / ) hand and tippy toes. Robin protests, but Raven says he's just in denial. Beast Boy assures his secret is safe with them. When Robin continues to deny, Cyborg agrees that he isn't a leprechaun sarcastically.

Beast Boy goes on about the great 3 "L"s of St. Patrick's Day: Leprechauns, Luck, and Pinches (...wait). He goes on about the rules and mischievously grins that he gets to pinch the others for not wearing green. Raven says he's got no green on, but Beast Boy uses his skin as leeway. Starfire points out that Robin's all good though- he is wearing tattered green pants. But Robin offers to be freely pinched from Starfire, but she points out it's against the rules. Robin strips down, showing way too much flesh (as well as his “tighty-whitey” underpants), burns his green getup on the S.S. Pants, which only creeps her out more.

Beast Boy then goes crab mode, pinching the others all over the place. "All" over. The others won’t stand for this though and strike back with dark magic claws and mechanical pinchers. Beast Boy says no way, it's against the rules, but the others mercilessly close in on him and pinch him viciously. Brutally scratched, Beast Boy says they'll rue this day; they have now fallen under the St. Patrick's Day Curse. The Titans think he’s full of baloney, only to be struck by a bolt of lightning- indoors.

A song montage follows, showing the four missing buses, dropping hot dogs, and getting stung by bees and hungry alligators. The Titans from a blues street band, mourning over their wretched selves. After a few more strikes of lightning, the Titans return to the Tower. Beast Boy is happily playing his portable console and sees the pathetic heroes enter.

Beast Boy has a smug smile on his face as Robin pleads for the repulsion of the dreaded hex, complaining he’s got the worst. Beast Boy says he should be immune, considering his true self. Robin falls into admitting he's a leprechaun, and the other Titans rub it in his face. Robin just demands how to get un-cursed, but Beast Boy refuses to tell them, as they pinched him when he was down, against the rules. The others apologize and plead, and eventually, Beast Boy forgives them when they say they'll do anything.

Of course, he takes the opportunity to crab pinch them again. So, the way to be freed from the curse, Beast Boy explains, is to get two leprechauns to make love. Their happiness should form a rainbow, and traveling to its end, there should be a pot of gold with curse redemption coins. Robin contradicts him- rainbows can't be walked on, they're a spectrum of light displayed on raindrops. Beast Boy retorts he’s just trying to keep the gold concealed though... Starfire points out Robin is a sweaty, smelly, all-out un-dateable leprechaun, so Cyborg is tasked with finding a couple.

A classic picnic with baskets and a quilt is laid out at Jump City Park to lure some leprechauns into falling for each other. Robin debates the probability of the plan and if they are even cursed anymore, but a lightning strike reassures him. Cyborg readies the lunch with a four-leaf clover, and Starfire wonders what smells like a giant butt. Beast Boy says no Irish meal can be complete without corned beef n' cabbage. Cyborg turns on an Ireland cassette tape, and then they all hide in the trees.

Sure enough, a Leprechaun, followed by a Girl Leprechaun (strangely bearded though) emerges from the bushes, and the two eat the meal. Eventually, they fall in love, and a beautiful kiss forms a misty rainbow. The Titans hop onto the bright stripes and quickly ascend to its pinnacle. The ride down is fun and all, but bad luck still plagues the four rule-breakers, as pigeons and geese smack against their faces. In a large rustle, they land on a luscious green island in a mountainous region, ready to have freedom from the curse.

Starfire quickly spots a leprechaun, but it's just Robin, no big deal. But Beast Boy cheers them up when he discovers a black cauldron, filled to the brim with shiny money. The Titans eagerly reach for a coin but are harshly smacked by a cane. Leprechaun, a stout, green-wearing lad, reprimands them from inside the pot; this is HIS gold. The Titans ask about his girl, but he sadly reveals she left him already. Starfire reassures him that he’ll find love once more, and he thanks them, followed by choking.

They explain they need gold to be free of the hex. Leprechaun blames Robin for snitching about the location of the gold, saying he did it for reprisals of always being picked on as the shortest leprechaun. Robin tries to defend himself again, saying he's taller, but the Titans don’t have his back. After another bad luck lightning strike, Leprechaun agrees to hand over a handful of coins... That is if one of them can beat him in an all-out Pinch Brawl! Robin, now willing to accept his inner-self, transforms into a red haired, green tights wearing leprechaun, (to the amazement of the others), and accepts the challenge with prowess and a well-spoken Irish accent.

The fight is not taken lightly, even if it just pinching. The two fly into the air, throwing pinches and dodging at sonic speed. Robin tries to teleport away, but a charged pinch blows him away, and he plows into a nearby field. Another large pinch blast approaches, but Robin’s Shamrock Shield blocks the incoming attack. Next, it's Robin’s turn to attack! He slowly builds up strength for a power move and then unleashes a giant green fist towards Leprechaun. The fingers are so huge that his whole body is crushed, and he has no choice but submission to the Titans.

Each of the four takes a gilded coin, and a blast of light un-damns them. The Titans cheer and Beast Boy says they should all go back and celebrate St. Patrick's Day like it should be. But Robin decides to stay, as the grass hills and rainbows make him feel at home and at peace. Starfire wishes him the best, and they depart. Robin makes up with his old rival, comforting him about the quick end of his marriage.

Back at the Tower, where the Pelican is still dancing, the Titans are sitting on the roof, staring into the sunset and thinking about Robin. A rainbow flashes on the horizon, and Cyborg remarks that Robin's doing fine with his new life. However, the camera pans to Robin sitting on the edge close by, sulking that his leprechaun friend blew him off when his wife came back.



  • Bad Luck
  • Beautiful Clover (On Cyborg's cassette tape)


  • This is the first St. Patrick's Day episode of the series.
  • This is the fourth episode to contain a character's name in the title. The previous ones were "Starfire the Terrible", "Super Robin", and "Colors of Raven" (the fifth episode if "BBBDAY!" is counted).
  • This episode reveals that Robin is a leprechaun.
    • It also shows that he does possess powers after all, such as Shamrock Shield and Pinch Fury Fists.
    • This episode also confirms that Robin isn't fully human. It also reveals that he's Irish. Nonetheless, this fact has never been mentioned in later episodes of the series.
  • At one point, Robin calls the Leprechaun his brother. Either they are close friends/rivals, related, or absolute brothers.



  • The cereal that Robin is eating at the beginning of the episode is General Mills TM "Lucky Charms", a cereal with clover charms and such.
  • Beast Boy's unrealistic Irish laugh sort of resembles Popeye's, a popular cartoon character from Popeye the Sailor Man.
  • The musical instruments played by the unlucky Titans during "Bad Luck" are based on the ones used in "Fat Albert".
  • The pinch fight between Robin and the leprechaun parodies Dragon Ball Z in many ways:
    • Robin's transformation into a leprechaun has many visual similarities to the process of transforming into a Super Saiya-jin.
    • The two combatants fly around in the air fast enough to leave afterimages, similar to how fights occur in Dragon Ball Z.
    • One of the attacks the leprechaun performs resembles the Solar Flare.
    • Robin's final attack is executed in a manner that's similar to the Kamehameha Wave energy attack. He even shouts the name of his attack, one syllable at a time (Shah-Lay-LEE!).
    • The Titans perform an attack called Four Spirit Clover which parodies the Spirit Bomb.
  • When Beast Boy turns into a porcupine, he looks similar to Gnasher from the Dennis the Menace and Gnasher comic book series.
  • In the Bad Luck segment of the episode, several items used in past episodes reappear, such as the security gator from "Caged Tiger", the wrecking ball from "Hose Water", and bees from "Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp". However, the security gator does not have a lightbulb above its head, and the wrecking ball in this episode has a cartoony face.
  • The song played during Robin's pinch duel with the leprechaun is very similar to "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys.
  • The front door and steps that the Titans sit at while playing their instruments during the "Bad Luck" song resembles those of the 123 building from Sesame Street. Nearby is a trash can with a skeletal arm that has green skin on it sticking out, alluding to Oscar the Grouch.
  • When Robin explains rainbows, he used the same definition provided on Wikipedia, just slightly changed. Here is Robin's description, with the Wikipedia version in bold: A rainbow is simply a (is a) meteorological phenomenon caused by (that is caused by) reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in airborne (airborne is removed) water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing (appearing in the sky.) as a multicolored arc in the sky. (It takes the form of a multicolored arc.)


  • Technically, Starfire shouldn't have been pinched, since she has green gems on her suit.
    • Also, if Beast Boy's green skin counts, then so should her green eyes.
  • When Beast Boy transforms into a crab, he pinches all the other Titans. However, Robin is wearing green when Beast Boy pinches him, so Beast Boy should've been cursed with bad luck.
    • However, the Titans were cursed after pinching Beast Boy, so he was spared.
  • Beast Boy pinches Robin after he (dramatically) gets rid of the green parts of his clothes. Later, however, they seem to reappear.
    • Perhaps they were stitched back on off screen.
  • In this episode, Robin points out that traveling on rainbows is impossible. However, Beast Boy and Cyborg slid down a sparkling rainbow with Pink Raven in "Colors of Raven". Also, in "Driver's Ed" (which the leprechaun is also coincidentally in), Robin clearly crosses a rainbow with the car.
  • It makes no sense that Robin is a leprechaun.
    • However, his father might have a half brother from Ireland.

Running Gags

  • The other Titans thinking that Robin is a leprechaun.
  • Robin saying and yelling "I'm not a leprechaun!"
  • The Titans (except Beast Boy) getting bad luck.
  • The Titans getting struck by lightning constantly.
  • Beast Boy pinching the other Titans.
  • Short people calling Robin short.
  • The Titans (except Robin) acting like pirates.
  • The other Titans joking about how short Robin is.
  • Robin comparing his height with Beast Boy's.
  • Beast Boy using a bad Irish accent.


The transcript for "Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's Bad" can be found here.


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