Below are a list of outfits Beast Boy has worn through the series.

Image Episode(s) Description
Various episodes Beast Boy's night attire consists of a white shirt with a fire hydrant on it, orange pajama pants with dog bones, and white slippers.

Season One

976118e709c06cec97b4dc35cd2ac428 "Pie Bros" Beast Boy got a job as a lawyer when he wore a white dress shirt with a black tie, purple vest, black pants, and purple shoes.
Surgeon beast boy Beast Boy got a job as a surgeon when he wore a blue surgeon's outfit.
BeastBoyScreenshot Finally, he works at Mother Mae-Eye's Pie as a busboy in a uniform of the restaurant.

Season Two

Season Three


Not exactly an outfit, but Beast Boy frosts the tips of his hair at the end of this episode.

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Season Four

Season Five