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"Beast Girl" is the forty-seventh episode of the fourth season of Teen Titans Go! and the two-hundred-fourth overall episode of the series.


As the Titans deal with Madame Rouge, Beast Boy is excited to meet his female counterpart Beast Girl.


It's a nice, peaceful day at the Tower, with Robin and Cyborg playing video games, Raven reading, and Starfire messing with Silkie. However, their relaxation is shattered by a piercing cry from Beast Boy in the bathroom. Running over there to see what's the matter, they find the green hero huddled inside the cupboard, hugging some toilet paper in fear. Raven asks what's up, and Beast Boy starts obsessing about the creepy man in the mirror. Breaking news comes in from Robin and Starfire: that's his reflection. Now understanding, Beast Boy feels like a real weirdo, which no one protests. Suddenly, Robin's crime alert starts ringing. They can talk about how weird he is later, right now they have to GO!

At the local pizza factory, Robin is busy stealing all of Jump City's pizza... hold up- Robin? The Teen Titans, including Robin, show up, and everyone has mass confusion. Why are there two Robins? Starfire scolds Titan Robin for trying to steal the pizza, but Titan Robin proclaims that Criminal Robin is an imposter. Criminal Robin, thinking quickly, grabs the other Robin and does a quick flipper-oo. When both of them order the Titans to attack, the team is confused. Starfire has the idea of asking what her favorite color is, for only the real Robin would know. When one of them answers purple, Star reveals that she likes all of the beautiful colors equally, and so they all proceed to give him a gang beating. However, when Cyborg and Raven recognize his wimpy cries, they turn to the "real" Robin, who's still punching him.

The imposter turns out to be Madame Rouge, a deadly villain with shapeshifting capabilities. Lying on the ground in a broken state, Robin orders her to give up the pizza. But the evil woman will not submit; to her, pizza is an abomination, and so it must be replaced with pierogis and borscht! Disgusted by her food choice, the Titans charge at her. Before they can deliver a blow, Madame Rouge grabs Raven and mixes herself up with her. Cyborg, confused, blasts the wrong one. Then Rouge moves onto Beastie, then Star, and then Robin, and Cyborg manages to punch the wrong one every time, even when she copies HIMSELF. Completely failing at the battle, Madame Rouge transforms into a cannon and sends them flying back to the Tower in shame...

Back at the base, the Titans are hard at work trying to track down Madame Rouge. A doorbell rings, and Beast Boy volunteers to get it (he wasn't doing anything anyway). For the second time today, Beast Boy screams out in terror. Raven and the Titans, thinking he's just found another mirror, are surprised to see that he's actually talking to another sentient being this time: a green female, to be exact. No one knows what's going on (and the situation is made even worse with horrid grammar), so Raven tries getting them acquainted. The newcomer calls herself "Beast Girl," which makes Beast Boy suspect she's a long-lost relative. However, it turns out that Beast Girl was just as dumb as Beast Boy, having run from her reflection and ended up at the Tower. Beast Boy's mind is completely blown at this point (although his overreaction annoys the Titans a little). An idea pop into his head, though- she could be Madame Rouge in disguise. Backing away from her, Beast Girl and the Titans try to convince him he's just acting weird again. Once Beast Boy finally calms down. Robin orders the team back to work searching for the villain, but Beast Boy wants to hang out with his counterpart for a bit. Since he's a complete freeloader most of the time, Robin's OK with it.

Beast Boy before he had green skin and animal-transformation superpowers.

The two head into Beast Boy's filthy room where Beast Girl fills him in on her origin. Years back, when she lived on a jungle island, a green monkey viciously bit her, making her sick. To save Beast Girl's life, her scientific parents gave her a serum that not only cured her, but also turned her skin green and gave the power of animal transformation. Extremely coincidentally, the same exact events happened to Beast Boy. Since they're so alike, they decide to have a little fun together. Both of them head outside to play Frisbee as dogs, bowl as a gorilla and octopus, turn into butterflies, and get scared of their reflections in the mirror. After the day of enjoyment, Beast Boy and Beast Girl are glad their both weirdoes... it makes them feel better about themselves.

Heading back into the living room, the other four Titans greet Beast Boy and Beast Girl rather unenthusiastically. Beast Girl remarks that they remind her of her friends. When Beast Boy gets overly excited again, Robin tells him to shut up; they gotta find Madame Rouge. The female Beastie doesn't exactly know who they're talking about, so Raven and Cyborg fill her in on who she is and her ability to transform into people. This severely freaks her out, because for all Beast Girl knows, SHE could be Madame Rouge. In fact, in her horoscope today, it said she's "gonna make a change." Robin says that's baloney, and when she admits she likes pierogis, Raven also thinks she's being ridiculous. But the fact that the two of them disappeared at the same time is just too much serendipity for her to believe... When the Titans just blow Beast Girl off, she becomes intent on proving her true identity and transforms into a gigantic snake!

After snacking on Cy, Robin, Rae, and Star, Beast Boy tries to convince her that she's not really evil, saying she was like his sister. But Beast Girl (possibly Madame Rouge) is pretty much set on swallowing him already. From inside the snake's stomach, Robin, awaiting digestion, begs Beastie to get through to her. In one last attempt, the hero turns into a fly and begs Beast Girl to look within herself- she's the only one who makes him feel normal, and their nothing evil about that. Thankfully, the torn-up snake finally sees goodness when she looks inward. Literally and figuratively, as she vomits the Titans out. It seems she really isn't the villain. All of a sudden, the couch from behind them starts to talk; the real Madame Rouge has been hiding right under their butts this whole time! Beast Girl goes into mouse form to make a quick getaway, but unfortunately, the Titans are immediately snatched up and taken away. Beast Girl can only look on in shock.

The Titans are lead away to a mysterious Russian complex in the middle of Jump City, where Madame Rouge is trapping them in Matryoshka dolls fitted to their likeness. Just as she is encasing Robin, an explosion goes off in the room. Beast Girl has arrived with her friends, a female Robin, a female Cyborg, a male Raven, and a male Starfire! Beast Girl commands the "British" lady (not the smartest hero), but Madame Rouge isn't going down without a fight. Feminine Robin orders the Opposite Gender Titans to offense, and the battle is on!

During the fight, Robin manages to shake free of his doll enclosure- just in time to see his female counterpart smash a rock into Rouge's face, thrust a fist into her gut, and... her normal-sized hands... Raven, now free, is impressed by how the masculine Raven manages to toss the villain aside with a spell, and the liberated Starfire can't help but notice how awesome and hot the boy version of her is. Cyborg, also free, loves watching female Cyborg fry the Madame's face off. And, morphing into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Beast Girl only has to swipe her tail once to send the criminal flying off into the distance- vanquished!

Free from her clutches, the Titans generously thank the Opposite Gender Titans for saving them. Starfire's especially grateful for her male counterpart, so Robin politely pushes him out of the window. Beast Boy and Beast Girl, knowing their journey together are about to come to an end, give each other a heartfelt fist bump. Sadly, this heartfelt moment is broken up by Beast Girl worrying that BEAST BOY is actually Madame Rouge. Paranoid that he's a villain, Beastie starts chasing her. The male and female Raven can only look on in shock and call them weirdoes.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • Prior to the premiere of the episode, fans of Teen Titans Go! were asked to speculate what the so-called Opposite Titans would look like. Many fans drew various artworks of their own ideas for Opposite Titans, while other fans used an app on the Cartoon Network site to build their own Opposite Titan Team using ready-made illustrations. Among those illustrations were the actual Gender Opposite Titans from the episode.
  • Although Madame Rouge has previously appeared in the comics based off the show, this episode marks her first appearance in an episode of the series, with Hynden Walch reprising her role from the original series.
  • It is revealed that the Titans have gender-bent counterparts.
  • This episode has a similar title to a Season 2 episode "Beast Man".
  • This is the first episode to premiere in 2018.
  • This episode premiered on Presidents' Day.
  • This episode reunited Cree Summer and Tara Strong. Both actors worked together on Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up! as Summer voiced Susie Carmichael and Strong voiced Dil Pickles. Also, they were both on Drawn Together as Summer voiced Foxxy Love and Strong voiced Princess Clara and Toot Braunstein.
  • Various Russian stereotypes are associated with Madame Rouge in this episode (which may be a reference to her Russian accent). She plans to replace all pizza with pierogis and borscht, her hideout appears to be modeled after Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, and she traps the Titans inside of Russian nesting dolls.
  • Where the Gender Opposite Titans came from is still a mystery. But it can be speculated that they may have come through a mirror since Beast Girl mentions that she was looking at one before bumping into the other Titans.
  • This episode premiered in a block of other Teen Titans Go! episodes that had different kinds of opposite Titans, such as "Robin Backwards" (Bizzaro Titans) and "Snuggle Time" (Super villain Titans).
  • This episode was originally titled "Opposite Titans!"
  • Some of the Opposite Gender Titans say catchphrases that sound similar to what the Titans normally say. Opposite Gender Raven casts spells by saying, "Mazarath Zetrion Tinthos", Opposite Gender Starfire said Zhama Lamma Shu-Mu, and Opposite Gender Cyborg yells "Yoobah" ("Booyah" with the letters switched around).
  • This episode aired 3 years after "Hose Water", and 4 years after "Opposites".
  • Beast Boy's true origin story was briefly explained in the episode.


  • The Titans are able to recognize Robin's distinct cries and whimpers of pain as they are beating him up (thinking he's Madame Rouge). Robin did actually cry and whimper exactly the same way in a previous episode, "Squash & Stretch" when the Titans were beating him up to see if inflicting violence was funny.


  • On the pillars of Madame Rouge's hideout are images of KGBeast, a Russian nemesis of Batman.
  • Swamp Thing and Aquaman can be seen on shampoo bottles in the cabinet that Beast Boy was hiding inside.
  • Madame Rouge disguising herself as Robin to fool the Titans is a nod to the original series episode "Trust", where Madame Rouge disguises herself as Robin to trick Hot Spot into giving her his Titan communicator.
  • Starfire's male counterpart resembles Harold and Sam from Total Drama who are both voiced by the same actor.
  • This episode is similar to the Futurama episode, "Neutopia".
  • The "Opposite Gender Titans" concept is taken from Rule 63 of the "Rules of the Internet", which states that every male character has a female counterpart, and vice-versa. Websites devoted to art of such opposite-gender characters exist.
  • "Beast Girl" is an authentic indirect reference to the DC Multiverse, the alternative universe of characters from the DC Comics publishing house with an inverted genre, better known as Earth-11.


  • One of the reasons Beast Girl thinks that she's Madame Rouge is that she likes pierogis. But moments earlier she had asked about who Madame Rouge even was, so it was not likely she would have known her eating habits.
  • Beast Girl mentions that Madame Rouge is British, although she is Russian. But this may have simply been due to Beast Girl's intelligence being about on par with Beast Boy's.
  • The scream at the end of the episode is Starfire’s scream, not Beast Girl’s as intended.
  • In the scene where Madame Rogue shows herself to the Titans for the first time, one of Robin's legs is uncolored.

    Notice that Robin has an uncoloured leg.

Running Gags

  • Beast Boy and Beast Girl believing themselves or the other to be Madame Rouge.
  • Beast Boy and Beast Girl annoying the crew with their rational surprise of their similarities.
  • Beast Boy and Beast Girl’s poor English being overly exaggerated.
  • Beast Boy and Beast Girl getting scared of their reflection.


The transcript for "Beast Girl" can be found here.


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