"Bite Sized" is issue #34 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It can be found in Volume 3.


When Jump City celebrates Titans Day, it's an excuse for the teens to party with their adoring fans. But it's cut short, literally, when they're magically shrunk down to a minuscule proportion. Can these teensy Titans reverse this mad modification in time to save the city?


Jump City is jumping with excitement—it's Titans Day! The heroes head downtown to enjoy the vibrant celebration, but Robin's a little suspicious. Not only are they a lousy team, but the invitation they received was from the governor... does Jump City even have a governor? The other four Titans don't really care, though; right now, they're enjoying the adoring fans. Beast Boy and Cyborg also notice a table of food laid out for them and are instantly pulled towards it like magnets. So many delicious foods... the Titans dive into the cookies, and within minutes, they achieve morbid obesity.

However, these are no ordinary cookies. The villainous redcoat, Mad Mod, has secretly tampered with the baked goods to give the devourer a "small" problem... recovering from his fatness, Beast Boy notices a gigantic beetle beside him. At first, he starts blubbering like a baby that they must've been transported to Bug Town, but Raven then notifies the team they've been SHRUNK. Suddenly, a huge foot starts to come down on them. Starfire, Robin, Beast Boy, and Raven manage to avoid getting squashed, but poor Cyborg is flattened. Beast Boy morphs into a snake to avoid getting stepped on, but now he's prey for a bird.

Bite Sized (4)

Mad Mod about to eat out the Titans.

Robin takes the reigns on the sizably serious situation and orders the Titans to some high ground. They all take cover on the self-serve table, but Mad Mod's waiting for them there. Robin, putting two and two together, realizes that this whole "Titans Day" was just one of Mod's traps. He yells at the criminal in anger, but his voice is completely inaudible at that size. With a mere flinger flick, Mad Mod swats the Titan away and onto a slice of pizza. Willing to go cannibal just to finish them off, he eats the slice—and the Titans! Luckily though, they manage to escape his bad-smelling mouth (worse than Beast Boy's, according to Raven) before he can swallow.

The Titans land in a giant bowl of punch (or regular sized bowl, since size is relative), taking in a few gulps of the drink. Another one of Mad Mod's recipes, the punch turns them back to normal first. While dog-form Beast Boy is shaking off the excess liquid, he suddenly notices a tremendous growth spurt. Now the size of a skyscraper, Beast Boy has a little fun going Godzilla on Jump City citizens, but there's one small matter left to attend to: Mad Mod. Robin orders the Titanic Titans to capture him... the genius villain manages to dodge Starfire's starbolts, Raven's demonic ravaging, Beast Boy's tail bash, and Cyborg's super missiles. However, his escape ends when Robin reaches out and grabs his runaway blimp. Held up by the back of his shirt, Mad Mod is defeated.

Unfortunately, Jump City was completely crushed by the colossal battle. Back at the Tower, Beast Boy opens up a city-mailed letter asking for peopl's help to rebuild—EXCEPT the Titans. Starfire points out that at least they weren't the only ones who weren't invited... neither was Mad Mod, who's currently residing in Jump City Prison. The super-villain meets up with his cellmate, Mad Hatter. Next time, he's going to skip out on the size-changing recipes and go with the mind-control hats...


Bite Sized (5)

That bug has no time for Beast Boy, he's gotta go to work.

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  • Mad Hatter first had a cameo role in the episode "Sidekick", but "Bite Sized" marks his first speaking appearance.


  • After sipping the punch, Beast Boy remarks that is has a slight Earl Grey taste. Earl Grey is a type of British tea—Mad Mod, being a Brit, most likely put some in there.

Running Gags

  • The Titans deal with problems of being shrunk (i.e. getting stepped on, picked up by birds, flicked, and getting eaten).
  • Mad Mod constantly uses British slang (blimey, cheerio, knackered, etc.).


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