Bizzaro World is a alternate world that appears in the episode "Robin Backwards".


The world is introduced in Robin Backwards, where Robin travels to in order to obtain new teammates who will listen to his orders, due to his former team enjoying Nibor's laid back personality much better than Robin's uptight and strict one. Everything in this world is the opposite of planet Earth, including, but not limited to, the way buildings are built, the way birds fly, the color of the sky, and the biggest trait being that anything you say is taken as the opposite meaning to the inhabitants.


  • Bizarro World in the Superman world, is "Htrae", that was created by Bizarro, and most of the inhabitants were either duplicates of Superman or Lois Lane.
  • As we all know, the Bizarro world is the opposite of our world, so unlike our circular planet, the "htrae" has a cube shaped tenalp, which is present in the comics.
  • Robin presses a button to go there.


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