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Quote1.png Here’s the truth: I wish I didn’t have a sister! Quote2.png
--Blackfire to Starfire in "Girls Night In"

Princess Komand'r ("Blackfire" in American English) is the older sister of Starfire, who also hails from planet Tamaran. She debuted in the second season premiere, "Mr Butt" but had no more lines until the fifth season. She is voiced by Hynden Walch, who also voices her sister.


Blackfire was always mean to Starfire her whole life, even back when they were little kids. When Starfire was five, Blackfire stole her favorite doll from her and although, Starfire always has been nice to Blackfire, Blackfire remained cold-hearted. At some point later in her life on Tamaran, Blackfire got arrested and got sent to galactic jail for unknown crimes against the galaxy.

Season 2

"Okay, enough hugging."

Blackfire dresses her little sister up to look just like her so they can be "twinsies."

Blackfire badly hurt and exhausted from her little sister's vengeful onslaught.

In the premiere episode "Mr. Butt", she escaped prison and visited Starfire at Titans Tower, saying that her only intent was that she just wanted to see her baby sister. Starfire brings Blackfire in, and tells the other Titans of her visit, much to their objection. Then Blackfire tricks Starfire into dressing up like her to be "twinsies", but instead, gets her arrested to serve out her sentence instead.

The other Titans later trained her to become a better older sister after this, however, by the time Blackfire became nice and more sisterly, Starfire was too filled with animosity towards her. The resentment resulted in Starfire engaging in a full-scale assault on her older sister, even destroying the doll that Blackfire returns to her in the process. She fell exhausted and unconscious from Starfire's endless onslaught, but Starfire assured the others that they "had worked things out."

In "Yearbook Madness," she is seen in the yearbook as a cheerleader with her trademark scowl.

Season 3

In the third episode "I'm the Sauce," she makes non-speaking cameo appearances alongside many other villains to play Seven Up. She is then seen drinking chocolate milk with the rest.

In the "Bottle Episode," she is seen in a flashback of "Mr. Butt" where she and Starfire were destroying the Tamaranian guards with their green and purple laser eye beams.

She again appears as non-speaking cameos in "The Titans Show" where she was among the dozens of villains who had watched the Titans' and their ridiculous antics from afar. Once discovered, she fought Starfire one-on-one and used her lilac eye-beams in conjunction with those of See-more and Dr. Light against Starfire's bright green ones. The combined efforts were too much for Starfire and she was easily beaten. She was later caught off guard and defeated at the hands of an angry Starfire's larger eye-beams.

A blue-colored portrait of her grinning evilly was seen in the attic of the Titans' valuables in "Booty Scooty."

Season 4

Blackfire (Komand'r) has appeared only as a non-speaking cameo, in a flashback of Starfire's, telling the audience about how she, Blackfire, had betrayed and exiled her own younger sister from their world in order for Blackfire to seize the throne and rule as a tyrannical queen over her own people.

Season 5

I wish I didn't have a sister.

Blackfire is twice referenced (not by name) in "Real Orangins", showing flashbacks, in which a slightly younger-looking Starfire (who was then known by her Tamaranian name of Koriand'r) was referenced by a male Gordanian who had told a restrained Princess Koriand'r that her sister was "wise to bring her here." Once she had been rescued by Robin, Starfire told him that her own sister had stolen her throne and then sold her into slavery, leaving Starfire full of loneliness and hopelessness.

Blackfire appears in the two-part episode, "Girls Night In", with her second major speaking role since her debut episode. She comes to take over the Earth. Starfire seems happy to see her for their slumber party for sisterly bonding. Raven, Terra, Jinx, Bumblebee give her elder sister a hard time fighting. Unfortunately, Blackfire is still standing to dish out more.

In midair, Starfire gives Blackfire the "Truth or Death", as it is her favorite girlhood game, which Blackfire firmly gives her the hard truth: Wishing that she didn't have a sister. Further breaking Starfire's heart, Blackfire strikes her down with a very strong burst of purple ultraviolet energy, causing the injured Starfire to fall until she is caught by Ravager.

Nevertheless, her victory doesn't last long; as Starfire has united with the rest of the Girls Night Out crew, Blackfire gets brutally beaten up while being insulted as a "florfka" ("jerk" in Tamaranian) and ultimately gets disowned by Starfire before getting thrown into her own device.

Goodbye, Florfka!

Season 6

Blackfire makes a cameo in "We're Off To Get Awards", receiving the award for "Outstanding Alien Princess from Planet Tamaran" from Birdarang during the award ceremony.

Season 7

Physical Appearance

Blackfire is a teenage girl with dark purple hair that is spiky at the bottom. She has dark purple eyes and pale white skin in contrast to Starfire's pale orange tone. She wears a black and silver two-piece dress with black gems on it.

She also wear long black and silver boots with black flames on the bottom. Though her skin is not normally visible, in "Mr Butt", it is revealed that she wears dark purple nail polish and eyeliner. Blackfire can be seen painting Starfire's nails and eyelids respectively in that color.

Because of a rare illness she had as a child, this makes her noticeably "deformed" and as such, her people less favored her.

Her eyes and hands glow a bright lilac when using her greater energy-based powers of ultraviolet energy projection.


In stark contrast with her younger sister Starfire, Blackfire is vindictive, ruthless and merciless, as she has never cherished Starfire and always bullies the latter since their childhood. She also has no regret for denouncing Starfire from being her biological sister.

Additionally, Blackfire is manipulative, willing to pretend to spend quality time with Starfire, only to betray her sister by allowing the Tamaranian Drones to arrest Starfire as a means to escape from her imprisonment. She never realizes her crimes until she has to face the consequences, namely when Starfire punished her twice in both "Mr Butt" and "Girls Night In".

Powers and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Tamaranian Physiology: Blackfire is capable of flying faster than light itself (an ability she did not possess in the DC comic books). Her powers are also further strengthened by her emotions and feelings. She is evidently much stronger and more experienced than Starfire. Her other Tamaranian abilities include:

  • Superhuman Strength: She is capable of easily lifting cars, elephants and other extremely heavy objects with no effort. Her punches are also strong enough to break brick and concrete.
  • Faster-than-Light Flight: Like Starfire, Blackfire is able to fly faster than light itself under her own power; an ability she lacked in the original DC comics.
  • Radiation Immunity: Like all Tamaranians, she is immune to all kinds of radiation.
  • Superhuman Agility & Reflexes: She is extremely agile and nimble in battle, and has incredibly fast reflexes.
  • Superhuman Durability: She is extremely durable and can take quite a lot of physical damage and injury.
  • Superhuman Endurance: She can endure several hours of extreme cold or heat.
  • Enhanced Stamina: She can be awake for long hours at a time.
  • Limited Invulnerability: She is invulnerable to most physical damage.
  • Decelerated Aging: Like the rest of her species, Blackfire can remain young and beautiful for hundreds of years to match her extended lifespan.
  • Interstellar Travel: Like all Tamaranians, she is capable of surviving within the vast vacuum of space at great speeds.
  • Language Assimilation: Although never seen actually kissing other humans, can fluently speak any spoken language via lip contact; practically making her self-taught and more knowledge than Starfire in idioms and expressions.

Acquired Abilities

Blackfire's lilac fiery aura

Ultraviolet Energy Projection: Ever since being experimented on by Psions scientists, Blackfire can now emit extremely powerful bursts of ultraviolet energy (which she calls "blackbolts" despite the fact that are colored lilac/lavender and not black) from her hands and eyes. She can also manipulate and control it to achieve a variety of destructive effects:

  • Blackbolt Bomb: Although not shown yet, it is implied that she can emit an extremely large and destructive bomb of pure purple-colored ultraviolet energy, as Starfire can.
  • Blackbolt Bursts: Circular blasts of light purple-colored energy she emits from her hands.
  • Blackbolt Waves: She can project waves of lilac glowing "blackbolt" energy that can destroy a wide area in seconds.
  • Blackbolt Beams: She can fire beams of her lilac-colored "blackbolt" energy from her hands from a distance.
  • Blackbolt Rain/Shower: If angered enough, she could unleash a rain-like shower of blackbolts down, causing massive damage.
  • Blackbolt Eye-Beams: She also fires purple laser beams from her eyes. Her eyes glow purple when using this ability. It is implied that can even control the direction of her lilac-colored optic beams, capable of locking onto and homing in on her enemies. They are much thinner than her sister's are. She used this optical ability in conjunction with See-More's red energy ray and Dr. Light's white energy ray, which easily overpowered Starfire's own eye- beams in The Titans Show.
  • Blackbolt Barrage: She can emit multiple circular "blackbolts" from her hands that rain down on her opponents and are capable of causing quite a lot of damage in the area. This was first demonstrated in her intense battle against Bumblebee and the other four Girls Night crew.
  • Purple Fire Generation: In "The Titans Show" she was seen covering the sides of her body with a lilac fiery aura, which she then converted into an incredibly strong focused ray of blackbolt energy at her little sister.

Other Talents

  • Advanced Martial Artist: Unlike her little sister, she is quite skilled and more experienced in high-levels of alien martial arts.
  • Experienced Hand-to-Hand Combat: In addition to her martial arts skills, Blackfire knows many high-level forms of hand-to-hand combat techniques.
  • Master Manipulator & Deceiver: Just like Terra, she can easily control and convince people that she is "nice, kind, and friendly" to her own advantage and whims.


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Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

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Appearances in Other Media

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  • In comparison to the original DC Blackfire and TT Blackfire, where the former is a complex villainess and the latter is actually just neutral rather than a villainess, the TTG version of her is utterly evil, she continues to commit crimes throughout the galaxy, and treats Starfire badly to benefit only her.
  • In We're Off To Get Awards, Blackfire is seen to be wearing a dress/formal attire for the first time rather than her normal outfit.
  • Blackfire is similar to Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super in terms of her similar name, design, and their superpowers. Though the only difference is that Goku Black is an evil doppelgänger of the Good Goku, whereas Blackfire is supposed to be a malignant twin to Starfire.
  • Although the series' creators were unsure about Slade or Blackfire ever making an appearance in the series, Scott Menville confirmed the return of Blackfire in the second season of Teen Titans Go! via his twitter account.
  • Like Starfire, her ultraviolet energy-generating abilities are the results of being forcibly experimented on by the Gordanians several years ago; not of the Tamaranian lifestyle.
  • According to Robin, she is one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy.
  • Blackfire is voiced by Hynden Walch, who ironically enough also provides the voice of Starfire, her younger sister. 
  • Blackfire's appearance changes slightly compared to her appearance in the original series. In Teen Titans Go!, her skin is paler than her tan skin from the original series, her eyes are larger and her hair appears to be more purple instead of it being more black.
  • Like in the original series' episode "Sisters", Blackfire seemed to be attracted to Robin. This appears to have elevated to a simple infatuation, particularly in his rear, as seen in an episode and comic of this line.
  • She is the first villain of the second season.
  • She is the nineteenth villain from the original series to return. 
  • Unlike Starfire, Blackfire can speak English fluently.
  • Aside from her younger sister, she is the only Tamaranian known to speak English without being taught by another; although she seems much more knowledgeable than Starfire in English idioms and expressions.
  • Blackfire's real name (Princess Komand'r) is a pun on the word "commander", just as Starfire's real name is that of the Earth flower "coriander". This was to exemplify Blackfire's generally-militaristic personality in comparison to the more peaceful qualities of her younger sibling.
  • She has a DCUbook account as seen in "Cool School".
  • She is revealed to like smoothies in "Cool School" and chocolate milk in "I'm the Sauce".
  • It is unknown if Blackfire and Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin are now friends as of the end of "Mr. Butt", as it appeared that she may have changed her ways. However, this is very unlikely, as seen in "The Titans Show".
  • Confirmed by the crew, in two-part "Girls Night In" Blackfire survived even she was already gravely injured and banished from Earth by vanishing through a portal, since as stated by the crew, "she's tough".
  • In early concept art, Blackfire was originally going to own an electric scythe to eliminate enemies but since "Mr. Butt", this concept is long gone and is likely not returning in future seasons.
  • In the original comics, Blackfire was actually born without the ability to fly.
  • Her armor in "Girls Night In" is possibly a reference to her design of the original series' episode "Betrothed".

Voice in other languages

  • Éva Dögei (Hungarian)
  • Monica Ward (Italian)
  • Anca Iliese (Romanian)
  • Katarzyna Łaska (Polish)
  • Érika Menezes (Brazil)
  • Edwige Lemoine (French)
  • TBA (Greek)


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