• Sonic.ranger4000

    Teen Titans Go! To the Movies was premiered last summer, and we have favorite parts. What’s yours? Vote now!

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  • SquishyJimmy


    October 28, 2018 by SquishyJimmy

    This is just my sandbox for page editing, nothing to see here. So get lost/

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  • Raven Dracula

    Our tragic life

    October 21, 2018 by Raven Dracula

    Hi friends i am an indian .Our life is so hard extreme rain in rainy season,extreme heat in summers,and extreme cold in winters.You may know india is having biggest rate of universities but still pressure is being on us when we entre in school.Every morning we have to wake up so early and have to wear uboring uniforms everyday.Then boring lessons and return to home.after school pressure is being doubled with totions but after finishing school  againa a new pressure on going to foreign .But their is one time which is after school time is the most relaxing time when remote is in our hands and cartoons flush your pressure and tention .If we love them they love us if we hate them they still love us so love cartoons you are never too big for ca…

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  • Raven Beauty

    Lot of Vandalism

    October 20, 2018 by Raven Beauty

    Short rant:

    There was a ton of pages that had been vandalized today. But don't worry, I took care of them. Had this one troll who thought it was cute to delete everything off several pages and I had another who got upset with me because I blocked them for creating Fortnite pages, whom this person decided to create another account just to vandalize the Raven page to "get back at me" for being a "Fortnite hater" I guess. I sure do love dealing with people like this.

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  • Raven Beauty

    New Laptop

    October 18, 2018 by Raven Beauty

    I am aware most of you who spots this probably won't care but my mom is buying me a new laptop and I won't get it until either at the end of this month or at the beginning of next month.

    I honestly CAN'T WAIT because the laptop I have now (which is the one I am using to type this blog post) is running down BIG TIME. It takes a while to turn on and off. Soooooo annoyingggggg. (-_-)

    I remember I had to replace the charger port once and it was in the shop for about a week. Now the battery has gone bad to where it won't charge and I have to keep my charger in at all times or else it will die on me. I had this laptop for about 5-6 years so it is approaching the death stage.

    Not to mention it is scratched up and is covered in nail polish stains tha…

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  • HSFan2

    power of shrimps transcript

    October 9, 2018 by HSFan2

    /As I am working on the transcript, but don't have free time to finish it atm, I will post the transcript here so I can finish it tommorow or later today. I don't want to post an unfinished page so I am pasting what I wrote so far here :

    (indian ninja music plays in the bg)

    Beast Boy:Oww, this is so gross!

    Cyborg : There's nothing gross about shrimps and prime rib!

    Beast Boy : Ewwww!

    -Berto appears, gives more shrimps and prime rib to Cyborg.

    Berto(european accent) : I make them for you, for shrimps and prime rib!

    Cyborg : Berto! Ma men!

    Old man : Beast Boy! You have some!

    Beast Boy : No thanks Berto!

    Berto : Uzmi! Just one shrimps!

    Beast Boy : No!

    Berto : For me, you do this!

    (music stops, background changes, the "dramatic" sound effect plays)

    Beast Bo…

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  • SquishyJimmy

    Titan Revamp Preview

    October 8, 2018 by SquishyJimmy

    Note to Reader: Below is a preview of the reworked Robin page as requested by Diana lover. This page, along with the other 4 Titan pages, are very near completion, but a few things remain:

    • Adding the appropriate images
    • Alternate Forms info-box is still in progress
    • Finishing formatting, references, and general proofreading

    The other 4 pages are currently kept at one of my 人知れず wikis, and once they are finished, I'll post them here. But for right now, I'd really like the opinion of the TTG wiki on this Robin page before I proceed any further. Leave any comments or suggestions down below. (Also, one last note: since I am posting this in a blog post, it might not line up quite like it would in a regular page, so keep that in mind)/

    Richard "Dick" G…

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  • HSFan2


    October 8, 2018 by HSFan2

    Hey, ! Do you wonder how did I find your username? It's easy! To do that, start editing any page, go to source editor, then type . See? It's easy as a pie!

    Other stuff

    It is currently ', the number of this week since the start of the year is ' and it is '. If you check this post tommorow, it will say that tommorow is the day after the day here. And it will continue for a infinite time, and guess what : I don't have to edit this blog daily/weekly/yearly! Also, at the moment there are articles. Amazing, right? Currently there are edits on this wiki.

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  • Kylierogers14

    Get to know me

    October 7, 2018 by Kylierogers14

    Hi. My name is Kylie (Full Name: Kylie Taylor Rogers) I am 14 years old and I'm a Canadian citizen. I love art, music, drama, writing, reading, movie-making and a lot more!!! My favorite style of art is drawing, my favorite genres of music to listen to are pop and jazz and I love writing very fictional, funny, fantasy stories and reading lots of very awesome fiction books. My favorite songs are "HAVANA by Camila Cabello feat Young Thug", "Lush Life by Zara Larson" and "no tears left to cry by Ariana Grande". My favorite TV show is "Teen Titans GO!" and I'm SO VERY GLAD I can come and join this awesome wiki and meet a lot of awesome online friends like YOU. My favorite characters are Robin, Starfire, Raven, Jinx and Terra. My favorite movie…

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  • Redfox90210

    Season 2 rating

    October 1, 2018 by Redfox90210

    Mr. Butt - bad

    Man Person - good

    Pirates - great

    I See You - good

    Brain - good

    Nature - great

    Salty Codgers - good

    Knowledge - good

    Love Monsters - great

    Baby Hands - good

    Caramel Apples - good

    Halloween - great

    Friendship - good

    Vegetables - bad

    Sandwich Thief - good

    Money Grandma - great

    The Mask - bad

    Slumber Party - good

    Serious Business - great

    Thanksgiving - amazing

    Boys vs Girls - abysmal

    Body Adventure - meh

    Road Trip - great

    The Best Robin - great

    Mouth Hole - good

    Hot Garbage - meh

    Robin Backwards - bad

    Crazy Day - abysmal

    Smile Bones - abysmal

    Real Boy Adventures - good

    Hose Water - abysmal

    Yearbook Madness - bad

    Let's Get Serious - abysmal

    Tamaranian Vacation - good

    Rocks and Water - great

    Multiple Trick Pony - good

    Truth, Justice and What? - abysmal

    Beast Man - …

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