• Gunner Skale777


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  • Gunner Skale777

    I like cats :3 

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  • Redfox90210

    Season 3 rating

    June 1, 2019 by Redfox90210
    • Cat's Fancy - Meh
    • Leg Day - Amazing
    • Dignity of Teeth - Bad
    • Croissant - Bad
    • Spice Game - Good
    • I'm the Sauce - Good
    • Accept the Next Proposition You Hear - Great
    • Hey You Don't Forget About Me in your Memory - Bad
    • The Fourth Wall - Abysmal
    • 40% 40% 20% - Amazing
    • Grube's Fairytale - Great
    • A Farce - Bad
    • Animals is Just a Word - Good
    • Scary Figure Dance - Great
    • BBBDAY - Good
    • Black Friday - Good
    • Squash & Stretch - Good
    • Two Parter - Amazing
    • The True Meaning of Christmas - Great
    • Garage Sale - Good
    • Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day and it's Bad - Great
    • Secret Garden - Good
    • The Cruel Giggling Ghoul - Meh
    • How 'Bout Some Effort - Good
    • Bottle Episode - Meh
    • Pyramid Scheme - Good
    • Finally a Lesson - Good
    • Arms Race with Legs - Great
    • Obinray - Great
    • Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice - Bad
    • W…
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  • SkylarRainbow123

    Happy birthday Raven Beauty!  Wishing you have an awesome day and hope you see this.  Also hope you are doing well with college.  Thanks for supporting me and my art along with my dreams! :) 

    ~ Skylar 

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  • SkylarRainbow123

    Hey guys.  So I haven't been active for a week as some of you may know.  Some issues have happened between me and some other members, and I have been blocked for the last week.  Today I'm finally unblocked.  I've been looking foward to this day ever since I found out when I was going to be unblocked.  I am sorry for calling trouble on here...I never intended to.  I became frustrated with some people on here as I felt they were ignoring me, and I also got some rather rude comments towards me and my artwork.  Despite the negativity I have gotten, I am still going to continue to pursue my goals and dreams.  I have tried to tell myself to let it go, as it is very unlikely for what I am dreaming of to happen...but I just can't seem to.  Even th…

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  • MrFlamerBoy


    April 27, 2019 by MrFlamerBoy

    So on the bfdi wiki a guy vandalized a page and added a picture (File name: R-371402-1217093057.jpeg.jpg) uf you type the file name into any browser you can see the picture. I kinda wanna know where the photo originates from but i really dont wanna see it again

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  • Raven Beauty

    Happy Easter!

    April 21, 2019 by Raven Beauty

    Wishing everyone here a very happy Easter Sunday/(or Passover)! Be safe and have fun.


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  • Raven Beauty

    Wishing everyone a fun and happy April Fool's! 


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  • Henry Danger Fan

    I wrote this blog to ask about your episode ideas. Here is some of mine:

    • "That Game Where You Dribble And, No, It's Not Soccer": The Titans risk losing their tower after they make a deal with the Hive to play in a basketball tournament; they call Michael Jordan for some tips.
      • In this episode, the two teams wil "foul" each other and the refs agree... Jinx will cheat by using her bad luck powers when the Titans shoot the ball (until they find out)... and the Titans and Hive always make fun of Robin for being not qualified for pro basketball due to his size.
    • "The Rumbling Belly": Robin fakes getting a stomach ache so he can get a day to relax in his room.
    • "Mountain Teens": The Titans go on a trip ip a huge mountain to be the first ones to reach t…
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  • Betroth1337

    Greetings, TTG Wiki!

    I am proud and glad to be the newest chat moderator of this wiki! Time to start contributing and supporting some more to this wiki!

    Feel free to PM me if you need help with the following:

    • Wiki editing and formatting
    • Reporting a bug/issue
    • Someone flaming/spamming in an article, a person's message wall, or Discord.

    - betroth

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