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Home country:Spain G1rlfr13nd: J1NX 2 U (singer) Friends before fame:




ST4R """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""…

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Harrisondlittrell Harrisondlittrell 30 May

The TEEN TITANS GO! Spin-Off Showcase

SPIN-OFF! Is there any word more thrilling to the human soul? Don't fear, this isn't Control Freak or the Toy Master. I'm just an anonymous guy with a big imagination. I thought I'd take the time to type up this blog as a real treat for Teen Titans GO! fans (if any). Because I present to you..... THE TEEN TITANS GO! SPIN-OFF SHOWCASE! Why am I doing this you ask? Well, I read an article once that the folks at Warner Bros. Animation already have plans to make a spin-off set in the "Night Begins to Shine" universe. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool concept on paper, but wouldn't it just feel out of place? Therefore, I want to pitch 3 spin-off ideas that is set in the universe that Aaron Horvath & Michael Jelenic established since 2013.

  1. JINX, P.I. -…
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JackClarkStudios JackClarkStudios 19 April

TV Knight (saga)

Not to be confused with the similarly named episode

The TV Knight saga is a series of episodes that star Batman and Commissioner Gordon who watch TV parodies of movies, reality/action/drama/game series, commercials, music videos, or documentaries, in which the Teen Titans star in them. At times, they can get caught by Alfred Pennyworth.

As of 2020, there are currently 6 episodes of the saga.

  • 1 Format
  • 2 Episodes
  • 3 Songs
  • 4 Trivia

  1. Batman drives his Bat-car into the Batcave, when he gets inside, his window opens. Although, after going down, He pops up sometimes sitting on his couch or going on some random location.
  2. The characters make child or baby sound effects.
  3. Batman controls the remote which he changes it to a comedy sketch of a parody.
  4. At the end, everyo…

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Daisy Numerous

Sould'r (also known as "Daisy", having her English full name being "Daisy Numerous") is the daughter of Billy and Blackfire, and the older cousin of Stella. She is also one of the members of the T.O.X.I.C. Five and a major antagonist of the next generation series.

Daisy has long wavy dark brown hair, light skin and a similar body shape to her mother's. She wears a dark cherry body suit, along with black bands wrapped around her wrists and skirt with long boots and a white choker on her neck. She also wears a black visor over her eyes. Whenever she isn't wearing her visor, she has lilac purple eyes and has a similar eye-shape just like her own mother's.

When she isn't with the TOXIC Five, she has similar suit to her mother's from "Girls Night …

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Robin.2k96 Robin.2k96 16 February

Opposites (Beast Boy and Cheetah version)

(It starts in Jump City the Titans are fighting Birds of Prey)

Robin: Birds of Prey.

Beast Boy: I’ll take Harley Quinn.

Robin: You always go after Harley Quinn when we fight Birds of Prey Beast Boy.

Cyborg: I think you have a crush on Harley Quinn.

Beast Boy: What no I don’t.

Robin: Then how come we fight Birds of prey you want to fight Harley Quinn?

Beast Boy: Because she is my enemy.

Robin: Ok then prove it Titans Go!

Ravager: Not the Teen Titans.

Harley Quinn: I’ll take Beast Boy.

Terra: You always go after Beast Boy when we fight the Teen Titans.

Harley Quinn: No I don’t.

Poison Ivey: Then why does every time that we fight the Teen Titans you take on Beast Boy?

Harley Quinn: Because he is my enemy.

Ravager: Prove it Birds of Prey kill!

(The Titans jump into battle)


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Opposites (Alternate version)

  • 1 Plot
    • 1.1 Chapter 1
    • 1.2 Chapter 2
    • 1.3 Chapter 3
    • 1.4 Chapter 4
    • 1.5 Chapter 5

It was a bright sunny day at Jump City. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and everything seems normal. Jump City Bank was shown at the nearby street. Suddenly, there was an explosion at the exact location as 4 figures came out of the smoke. It was the H.I.V.E. who are robbing the bank to steal some money. A tall, big and strong figure punches a car into the street following with a laser lifting the car. The laser was coming from See-More whom later uses his eye-laser to make the car explode. The strong figure jumped onto the street making a big impact, he is introduced as Mammoth. A pink haired girl is shown, her name is Jinx and she uses her powers to damage the l…

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Princess aqua654658 Princess aqua654658 26 November 2021


this is a list of friends that have powers 1. me crab element of water 2. sara earth archer of heights and last but not least 3.Nicholas fire

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Ewefwein Ewefwein 4 November 2021

A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving Part 1 Idea

My Idea for part 1 of A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving Part 1

Beast Boy returns home for Thanksgiving and the Doom Patrol enter a float in the town's parade.

If that's the case why not enter the shape shifting Elasti-Girl

The Doom Patrol want to enter a float into the Codsville Parade but they don't have the money for a float so the team gets the idea to enter Elasti-Girl as a float. The team tries to come up with an idea for what Elasti-Girl can go as and they ultimately decide on having her shape shift into a giant bed that Beast Boy can sleep in. Elasti-Girl agrees to it and shapeshifts and they enter the parade.

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SquishyJimmy SquishyJimmy 18 October 2021


Just making a quick blog post to announce my re-arrival to the TTG Wiki! It looks pretty much the same here, which is great, but there's quite a few new people that I've never seen before. So I'll go ahead and introduce myself... my name is click here to view Jimmy's profile.

(Yeah, I'm not writing a whole introduction here, so use that link.)

But from my past experience on the wiki, barely anyone even reads the blog posts, so I doubt this post will get that much attention anyway. However, for any of you who DO care, I'll be editing a lot more often, mainly plots, characters, comics, and stuff like that. Apart from that, you can find me on the Discord basically just wasting time. But time that I waste with YOU guys isn't time wasted. Well, i…

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JackClarkStudios JackClarkStudios 27 August 2021

Teen Titans Go! (Seasons 5-present)

Teen Titans Go! is an American animated television series based off of a DC Comics superhero team, the Teen Titans. It was mainly created because of the successful New Teen Titans animated shorts. The show was originally released on Cartoon Network, like its predecessor.

  • These seasons lack the uncool-spirit to the first 4 seasons.
  • The Titans become out of character and unlikable for example:
    • Robin has turned from a non-trusted-strange leader to a crazy-mad school teacher more. Also, He is a punching bag more than the first four seasons.
    • Beast Boy has turned from a calm-fun green guy into a teasing jerk-terian. He is more teasing at Robin because of his poor life.
    • Cyborg has turned from a funny robot into a mocking cyborg as an example he mistakenl…

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