• Sumdg
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  • Lovingtaken3

    Who thinks Cartoon Network will make a season 6 to to Teen Titans.  I wonder if Teen Titans GO! will be like the original Teen Titans, ending the series at season five. I hope not. I hope that both TT and TTG will continue. I think some young kids like the original. I show a few elementary school kids TT intro and TTG imtro and they said they like the original TT intro, (and I was dancing to it and they wanted me to sing to it again).

    T-e-e-n    T-i-t-a-n-s Teen Titans L- Oh sorry the orginal song it's in my head.  Heres a few links if you want to see the original intro and song:  Intro     Teen Titans by Puffy Puffy Ami Yumi   Amazing Intro for TTG VS TT  

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  • Raven Beauty


    January 20, 2020 by Raven Beauty

    Hello everyone. I am going to try to keep this message short and sweet...  

    If you haven't noticed already, I have been very inactive lately. Truthfully I lost interest in the show, which is why I am not as passionate about making edits to this wiki anymore. I'm not saying TTG is a bad bad show, no. I just moved onto other things is all. So...

    I decided to officially disown my account (RIP: July 2014-January 2020) and resign from the wiki. It has been a very good long 5-6 years. I met and made a lot of wonderful friends whom I'd never forget. Thank you all for your kindness and friendship and also thank you for making me one of your admins! :) Cheers~!

    Peace and love,


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  • The Pie Explainer

    hi everyone this is the pie explainer here and today i am gonna be explaining cherry pie! cherry pie is pie filled with cherries and or cherry filling! it is a common flavor of pie in france and it brings joy to many people!

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  • Bronlyz

    teen titian

    December 4, 2019 by Bronlyz

    i know  robin is the leader . and the don't  listen

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  • McCrae1999

    Can somebody explain some reasons why Seasons 5b and 6 are the best seasons of the show?,I love the animation is much more smooth and detailed like the movie and The 6th Titan And That’s What’s Up are the best story arcs in the show?

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  • MrFlamerBoy

    I used to hang out on this one wiki, but then everyone turned against me so I fled to here. 

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  • Betroth1337


    November 4, 2019 by Betroth1337

    I officially resign from this Wiki.

    3/1/2019 - 11/4/2019.

    It was a good run. A lot of drama happened during the time I was moderator, but for the most part, it's now all in the past.

    Shoutouts: R45 aka iRaven, GunnerSkale_777, SquishyJimmy, Adelie, RB aka Raven Beauty, Seze 11, and Diana lover. If I forgot you, my bad! I haven't done much on this Wiki in months.

    Last thing - if you're reading this and you dislike me and my post, grow up, nerd. You probably cussed me out before on a TEEN TITANS GO! Wiki, so all I have to say to you, is nice uid.

    Peace! Have a great day! If you need to contact me for any inquiries or questions, please PM/email me @

    My last ever signature I'm going to post:

    - betroth

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  • GunnerSkale7777

    Yesterday I had the incredible oppertunity to meet Tara Strong! She was the nicest person ever and she said Hi to me in her Twilight voice! A 6 year long dream has been fufiled :) 

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  • EricCartman336 Daria909

    Forest Pirates (May 27th, 2019-May 31st, 2019): Batman (RARE-Orange)

    The Bergerac (June 3rd, 2019-June 7th, 2019): Wonder Girl (Uncommon-Purple)

    Snot and Tears (June 10th, 2019-June 14th, 2019): Superboy (Common-Blue)

    Campfire! (June 17th, 2019-June 21st, 2019): Miss Martian (Common-Blue)

    What We Learned at Camp (June 24th, 2019-June 28th, 2019): Artemis (Uncommon-Purple)

    Communicate Openly (July 1st, 2019-July 5th, 2019): Supergirl (Common-Blue)

    Royal Jelly (July 8th, 2019-July 12th, 2019): Batgirl (Common-Blue)

    Strength of a Grown Man (July 15th, 2019-July 19th, 2019): Krypto (Uncommon-Purple)

    Had to Be There (July 22nd, 2019-July 26th, 2019): Aqualad (Common-Blue)

    Girls Night In Part 1 (July 29th, 2019-August 2nd, 2019): Mas y Menos (Uncommon-Pu…

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