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"Body Adventure" is the twenty-first episode of the second season in Teen Titans Go!, and the seventy-third overall episode of the series.


When Robin sees that Cyborg is having a slow recovery to a cold, he keeps tantalizing him to go on a "body adventure" inside of him to fight the virus and have some fun, too. But after he shrinks himself, Robin chooses to stay small forever, as the tiny world is amazing. Eventually, he gets the other Titans to join him on his journey through the body...


The episode begins outside of the Titans Tower, where loud sneezes coming from the island have enough force to push the Crab off his usual mound. Cyborg is plagued with a nasty cold, and Beast Boy and Raven are working to get him better with soup and blankets. Starfire has already accepted his death and tries to make it swift by chopping his head off. Cyborg explains it's just a minor sickness, but Robin isn't so sure. He theorizes that Cyborg will die from a virus eating away at him from the inside. But Robin says all of it can be appeased by a "body adventure," which is shrinking down to the size of dust and infiltrating his body to fight off the bad viruses. He claims it's every superhero's dream because it's both action-packed and fun. The other Titans are a little skeptical of the idea though, as it's kinda gross.

For sheer excitement over the mission, Robin buys his shrink ray made of junk (claims it as new) and shoots himself with a beam from the gun. Sure enough, he begins to shrink. Unfortunately, he's not exactly microscopic- he's the size of a gerbil and talks like one, too. Nevertheless, Robin jumps right into Cyborg's open mouth. When he gets caught in the esophagus, Starfire does the "maneuver of the Heimlich," making Cyborg spit Robin violently. As he bounces around the walls, tiny Robin lands with a crash upon his now broken shrink ray. Beast Boy frets that Robin is stuck as a baby, but when he tries to make him feel better by acting all cutesy, Robin bites him in annoyance. But Robin is not mad... the tiny Titan can now traverse a world twenty times larger than normal and do all sorts of fun stuff. While Beast Boy has to settle for a slice of pizza, Robin can survive on a topping for a week; Silkie now doubles as a horse - and being puny gives him sweet stealth skills, perfect for stalking Starfire inside of her bedroom...

Later that day, Cyborg is reaching to get a sandwich from the refrigerator when he hears a squelching sound. He looks down in horror at a red smudge, thinking he's stepped on tiny Robin. It's just a cheery tomato Robin was going to use to go bowling. Robin overhears Cyborg coughing even louder, and he pressures him to get help, adventure style. But Cyborg brushes his wish aside, saying there are way better methods than that. Besides, all of the Teen Titans are getting annoyed by Robin- Starfire feeling like she's constantly watched, Raven in a dark mood like usual, and Beast Boy can't handle being a parent, holding up a small diaper. Raven demands that he needs to return to normal, but tiny Robin says no way. There is so much cool stuff for him to do, like skiing on a mound of flour and using objects like toenails for boomerangs. They don't care about all that stuff though, and they give him an ultimatum: be normal-sized again, or if he stays small, he won’t be the leader anymore. But Robin throws his toenail in anger at Cyborg and rides away on Silkie Horse.

On the couch, Cyborg is covered in blankets while Beast Boy is giving him some soup. Starfire is checking his temperature while Raven is quietly reading. Out of nowhere, Robin brings his newly repaired shrinking ray, informing the others that he plans to make them the tiny Titans. But before Robin can full the lever, Cyborg stops Robin with his finger and yells at him for the foolish idea. But he's so sick now that his whole body short-circuits, and his head pops right out of the joint. Cyborg questions what just happened, and Robin explains that this is what he was talking about- death is coming. Robin takes out his Birdarang shooter, aims it at the lever, and fires. The joystick moves down to an even lower setting than before, customized by Robin. The beam shoots out, and all the Titans have shrunk to the size of atoms, buried in the carpet.

The Titans climb up a stalk of carpet to see Cyborg's body armor lying far off, leaning against the Couch. Cyborg, or at least his head, tells Robin that they should've got closer to his body first. But anyway, they continue their journey through the carpet towards the robotic armor, past gushing lakes of soda and monstrous fleas. But ten months later, the exhausted and hopeless Titans have moved only a few inches. Robin blows a high-pitched whistle, and the massive Silkie emerges. The Titans climb on the gracious larva and are transported at super-sonic speed (at least by their standards) to the robotic chest. Cyborg presses a button, signaling a plate to open up, exposing a bright yellow light and his body, or at least what has left of it. The Titans dive down and end up in the corrosive stomach of Cyborg. Half-eaten hotdogs and corn kernels lie around, but it's all a blast for Robin. That is until he tries swimming in digestive juices and swallows the putrid liquid. Robin suggests they get the source of the virus, the rib cage. However, Raven points out that it'd probably be the lungs that the virus infected. Much to Robin's disappointment, they take the spinal elevator to the air sacks.

On arriving, they see a wasteland of mucus and snot. But once again, Robin's delighted and starts swinging on strands of the slime. But Robin falls and gets submerged in goop, and he gags in disgust. Raven begs Robin to let the other Titans take Cyborg to a doctor, but one last hope for Cyborg approaches them- the dastardly Virus, who's a bulging pile of green mucus with a face. He seems friendly, but Robin goes on the attack pronto, punching, stomping on, kicking the slime ball, and leaving slight indentations. But he takes a long, hard look at the mucus and barfs. Robin, horrified after finally realizing that his body adventure was a horrible and gross disaster, leaves with the other horrified Titans immediately.

After leaving Cyborg's body, his condition worsens as he starts coughing, much to the others' horror. Raven suggests that the best way to cure poor Cyborg is with a doctor. Annoyed, Robin agrees, so Raven summons up a huge dark magic phone. Starfire flies into the nine buttons, and Robin stomps on the 1 button two times. When the emergency receptionist picks up, she can't understand Raven's squeaky and high-pitched voice. Thinking it's a prank call, she hangs up, much to Raven's despair. As a result, an end card that reads "In Loving Memory of Cyborg's Body 1996-2014." shows that Cyborg, or at least his body, dies as the episode ominously ends.



  • This episode aired one year after "Sidekick", and 10 years after the original series episode "Bunny Raven... or How to Make A Titananimal Disappear".
  • Cyborg breaks the fourth wall in the beginning of the episode by sneezing the Crab into the camera lens.
  • As his tombstone shows when Cyborg was born, this episode reveals Cyborg's age.
    • Since it shows that Cyborg's life was from 1996 to 2014, Cyborg's age is around 17 or 18.
  • Cyborg apparently dies in this episode, but being that he's been killed off in a lot of other episodes, it's very likely he was revived again somehow.
  • As of March 2020, this episode has been pulled from the Cartoon Network App due to the coronavirus pandemic.


  • This episode marks the second time that any of the Titans have shrunk down to travel inside another Titan's body, the first being "Knowledge."


  • The idea of a "Body Adventure" seems to reference the Magic School Bus Books/TV Show.
    • Also, some other cartoon episodes that seem to have inspired a Body Adventure are:
      • The SpongeBob episode "Squidtastic Voyage" when SpongeBob and Patrick are inside Squidward's body when they shrink.
      • A Mickey Mouse Shorts episode called "Down the Hatch" there's a reference when Mickey and Goofy get zapped by the shrink ray and went inside Donald Duck's body.
  • This episode mirrors the original series episode "Crash", when one of the Titans shrinks down to cure Cyborg of a computer virus running amok in his systems. In that episode, Beast Boy turns into an amoeba, and Gizmo was blackmailed into helping.
  • This episode is also very similar to an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold known as "Journey to the Center of the Bat."
  • Starfire's toys reference many heroes, including Wonder Woman, Robin, and Green Lantern.
  • Robin says Tiny Titans, which is a reference to the "Tiny Titans" comic book line.
  • When Robin hits the shrink ray, the sound effect heard is the same used for opening doors in the 1993 PC game, Doom.
  • The shrinking ray machine is similar to the launcher machine from the Dibo The Gift Dragon episode "Cro Grows Big".
  • This episode is similar to the original series episode Crash, in which Gizmo and Beast Boy enter Cyborg's body.
  • It somewhat has an opposite plot of the Dibo The Gift Dragon episode "Cro Grows Big".
    • Cro wants to be big in order to play with the others, while Robin wants to be small in order to have a body adventure in Cyborg's body
    • In "Cro Grows Big" It has an enlarging machine, which ends up getting broken, and later on fixed, in "Body Adventure" It has a shrinking ray which ends up getting broken, and also later on fixed.


  • Robin was able to swim in Cyborg's stomach, despite the liquid being acidic.
  • Despite being afraid of the dentist, Raven is the one who keeps insisting to call a doctor for Cyborg. This could be because it wasn't involving her. It could also be because a doctor isn't a dentist.
  • At first the shrink ray only has 3 lever types, but in the next scene it has 6.

Running Gags

  • Robin excitedly saying "Body Advencha (Adventure)".
  • Raven trying to tell Robin to call a doctor instead going on a body adventure.
  • Robin trying to get the Titans to go on a Body Adventure.
  • Robin having fun while being tiny.
  • Robin calling Silkie horse!, and Silkie coming and him riding on him like a horse.
  • Beast Boy calling Robin a baby because of his tiny size.
  • Robin trying to get the other Titans to enjoy the Body adventure but them not enjoying it at all.


The transcript for "Body Adventure" can be found here.


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