"Bored of the Dance" is issue #43 in the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


Starfire convinces the other Titans to throw a glamorous teenage prom at the Tower, hoping it will be a night to remember. However, the night is goes anything but smoothly as the Titans are faced with numerous awkward problems...


It's just another boring day at the Titans Tower for Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven... the team is fresh out of activities to do. They've already painted bananas orange, played dingdong ditch with The Brotherhood of Evil and, most recently, complained about having nothing to do. Luckily for them, Starfire flies in with exciting news: they're going to host a prom! By watching teen comedies, Starfire has picked up on important coming of age rituals for teens, which includes proms, zits, driving permits, and wedgies. The other four Titans are reluctant though. Raven just wants to stick with giving wedgies, and Beast Boy's afraid of dancing whilst looking like a jerk. Raven makes it clear she wants to remain anti-social, and Robin proclaims that superheroes do not have proms!

However, Starfire's pleading and gorgeousness immediately overtakes Robin's weak soul. Beast Boy mocks him, but he eventually cracks too, having always wanted to wear tap shoes. Raven is more resilient, but Starfire is able to blackmail by threatening to post an embarrassing teddy bear tea party video of her. Cyborg's in with the plan. He was just playing hard to get.

To get ready for the dance, the Titans are watching an educational video on how to slow dance. It's not going well; Cyborg keeps on stepping on Beastie's feet. Robin, proclaiming he's a master acrobat and thus master dancer, is secretly reading "E-Z Dancing for Imbeciles." Preparation continues with getting dressed up. Robin's wearing a sweet black tux, Cy's got on a pink satin (but he's considering gold lame), and Beast Boys transformed into a handsome-looking penguin. Cyborg, worried about asking a girl to the date, has built his own robotic girl. Sadly, his woman spontaneously combusts, the usual with his dates. Meanwhile, Starfire (dressed in a pink and black prom dress with her hair in buns) is having trouble with her corsage, a Venusian carnivorous fern, as it devours Raven.

After their horrendous preparation, the Titans are finely ready to go. Robin just has one more task-asking Starfire to the dance. After working on terrible pickup lines about busting funky moves, green tights, and calendars, he eventually settles on just plainly asking. Starfire, not understanding his personal invitation, thinks it's just a question and scoffs, saying of course, it was her idea. Robin tries to clarify, but Starfire just can't take a hint. The prom has started, and needless to say, it's a bit awkward. The boys and girls are on opposite sides. Beast Boy implores Cyborg to ask the girls to dance, but he's too busy snacking and enjoying his hand-puppet girlfriend. Beast Boy, unwilling to ask himself, tries to get Robin to dance with them, but he's waiting for the perfect moment. However, it seems Robin waited to long, as Speedy's just asked Star to dance. Robin, viciously infuriated, makes the perfect moment via slamming a 棒 staff on his head. Starfire's a bit confused as too why Speedy's on the ground unconscious, so Robin blows it off by saying he's tired. The two start to dance together, but unfortunately for Robin, he didn't learn much from imbecile dancing instructions. Cyborg and Beast Boy feel sorry for their embarrassed friend, so Beastie transforms into a spider and crawls into Robin's clothes.

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Just in time to steal his girl.

Robin, writhing in ridiculous movements, manages to impress Starfire with his moves. As he passes out on the floor, he thanks Beast Boy, who's welcome but also advises him to wear deodorant. Robin, now more confident in his smooth moves, awaits the "one last prom tradition" from Starfire, a kiss on the lips. But Robin just can't catch a break... Cyborg informs him that Starfire's just left. Confused, Robin runs to the entrance to the Tower, just in time to catch a glimpse of Speedy and Starfire driving away together in a classic yellow car. Robin can only shout "SPEEDY?!" furiously...


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