Quote1 MUMMY MONEYYYY... Quote2
--- Mummy repeatedly in Pyramid Scheme.

The Boss Mummy is the undead boss who made a debut in "Pyramid Scheme" of a capitalist business that dolls out badges and cowboy gear for outrageous prices. When the Titans break free from their punishment of not paying up, Mummy engages Beast Boy in a shootout to the death.


Scurrying to collect money/salad to pay off his master, sheriff Beast Boy cringes in fear to see the earth quaking and splitting; a huge, gray stoned pyramid rises from the earth's crust, and in a magnificent flare, Mummy, a ghastly business leader wrapped in bandages, emerges from the spiraling pinnacle. Robin freaks out as the boss Mummy descends while moaning "Mummy Money" to confront Beast Boy about their monetary arrangements. Beast Boy hands him his light brief case, and opens it to find chewed up greenbacks and coins. Beast Boy sorrowfully says that's all he has left, and Mummy growls to have his armed Mummy guards to haul them away to slavery.


Mummy glaring at his opponent in the final showdown. (Notice purposeful film decay).

The Titans are forced to work in the Gobi Desert, but in a thrilling gunfight at a saloon, all five of them manage to shoot their way through hoards of mummies. It's all good until the boss Mummy shows up outside the joint, pistol strapped to his hip. Beast Boy goes out to meet the challenge of his old manager. Mummy stares at his opponent, waiting for him to make a move in the dust-filled desert. But before he can draw his gun, a couple of Beast Boy's previous purchases, a golden bear driving a gilded convertible, drives by and runs straight over Mummy, ending the duel.

Physical Appearance

Covered from head to toe in faded, white bandages, the Boss Mummy is basically a combination of an entombed Egyptian mummy with and a businessman. He has actually pretty good muscles in his upper body, so the wrappings actually did a good job of preservation. Mummy has a small, yellow and gray striped clip-on tie right below his neck. His mouth is rotting and therefore quite jagged, and a small opening in the bandages around his eye line reveals corroding black flesh. His eyes are a red-violet sort of color, and atop Mummy's head is a brown fedora, not necessarily a cowboy hat like the ones he invests in.

Episode Appearances


  • The gunfight (or at least the exposition of it) that he was engaged in with Beast Boy references the showdown of Blondie, Angel Eyes, and Tuco in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, a vastly popular western film.
  • It seems the only thing Mummy can say- like his zombie underlings- is "Mummy Money". That and groaning.
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