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The Brain Soldiers are minor villains who work under The Brain. They debuted in the episode "Brian".


The Brain Soldiers are part of The Brotherhood of Evil organization, and rank as low level soldiers. They do not appear to be very intelligent, as they were easily tricked by Beat Box and the other Little Buddies as they were guarding the corridor that led to the Teen Titans.

They appear again in "Shrimps and Prime Rib". The Titans had to sneak past one of them to be able to get into The Brain's Headquarters. Robin says to take him out which led to Beast Boy wanting to take care of that situation. However, Beast Boy seemed to misunderstood Robin's command. Instead of beating the robot up, he took the robot on a "date", seemingly getting mixed up with Robin's wording. During their date Beast Boy sung a love song to the robot and even walked the robot home afterwards and even gave the robot a kiss goodnight. Later, Beast Boy uses his "power of love" on The Brain's cannon. The robot that Beast Boy took on a date sees this and becomes upset. Beast Boy quickly says it was not what it looks like. Angered, the robot summed the other Brain Soldiers to attack the Titans.

Physical Appearance

The Brain Soldiers wear green armor with The Brain's logo on their necks, along with green helmets and boots. They also wear robotic masks while holding up their weapons.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 6


  • These soldiers look almost similar to the Helghast Soldiers from the Playstation exclusive Killzone game series.
  • Their designs also resemble Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise.