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Brian in Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes
Brian is an African American chill dude who dwells in the dumpster of Jump City.

Physical Appearance

He wears a black beanie and mostly black clothes excepts for a blue shirt which has a picture of a dog on it. He also has a little triangle shaped beard, wears baggy black pants and black shoes. He maintains a very neutral and nonchalant expression in both of his appearances.


He first debuted in "Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes", when Raven asks Beast Boy about the drifter (referring to Brian) he brought home.

He makes a second appearance in "Little Elvis" where he is shown chilling by some dumpsters in Jump City, and gives the Titans, who are observing the ruins, a peace sign.

Episode Appearances

Season 4

Season 5


  • Despite being an African guy, he is voiced by Scott Menville who is a white man.
  • He and Gayle are one of the very few Jump City citizens to be named by the crew.


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