The Bro Journal is a historical journal which records the history of bros with the Bro God.


This journal is being given to Raven and Starfire as a guide to travel through Mount Bro-suvius by Cyborg after he, along with Robin and Beast Boy, are injured.

The girls first use it to get past the Bro Statue after learning from its contents that gobbling up the Ultimate Bro Burger messily is the only way to get through the gate. They then use it as a reference on learning about the statue about the first bro who fist bumped the Bro God.

The journal is last used after the girls reach the mountain top. Nevertheless, it provides no clue on who can be the ultimate bro to reciprocate the fist. It is ultimately the girls themselves who reciprocate the fist together without the need of hints from this book.

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Season 4


  • The entire journal is written in hieroglyphics, or hie-bro-glyphics.
  • The only crucial detail of reciprocating the Bro God's Fist which is not being recorded in this journal is that the gender of bros, whether male or female, don't matter; as long as they are the ones who journeyed together in unity, they can perform the reciprocation.


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