Bubble Bots is a video game series that Beast Boy and Cyborg are often seen playing. So far two versions have been seen, titled "Bubble Bots" and "Invasion of the Bubble Bots 2".


The game first appears in "Pie Bros", where Cyborg desires to have the "Bubble Bots" game as his birthday present. Beast Boy realizes that he had the wrong intended gift, but nonetheless assures Cyborg that he bought the game. Beast Boy stands outside Game Bear and sorrowfully stares at the game he cannot afford. He then hallucinates Cyborg's face on the game cover, who tells him to get a job to pay for the game.

In "Double Trouble", Cyborg creates a magical double of himself to play with Beast Boy, and the two of them are later seen playing "Invasion of the Bubble Bots 2" with the double. After a jealous Cyborg tricks Raven into creating a magical double of Beast Boy, the two doubles are seen playing the game again, and end up ruining the controllers. When the Titans find the real Beast Boy and Cyborg in an apartment, they are also seen playing the game for the past few months, before Robin destroys the console with a Birdarang.

Beast Boy is seen playing the game at the start of "Burger vs. Burrito".

In "Power Moves", Beast Boy is briefly seen playing the game by himself in the living room. Shortly after, Beast Boy offers to play Cyborg in another round, but Robin stops him as he is "combine-obsessed" at the time.

In "Breakfast Cheese", Beast Boy and Cyborg are seen playing the game again. The two of them start getting competitive, when Beast Boy throws a bag of chips in Cyborg's face to distraction and wins. Cyborg accuses Beast Boy of cheating and a fight breaks out between the two. Starfire then steps in and separates them, explaining the nature of the game made them violent and suggests another non-violent game called "Puppy Tummy Tickles", as an alternative.

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