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"Burger vs. Burrito" is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the twenty-third overall episode of the series.


Cyborg and Beast Boy are always in perfect sync with each other on everything, except for their taste in food. It turns out that Cyborg’s favorite food is burgers, while Beast Boy’s is burritos. The two friends decide to have a fierce competition just to find out which food is the best, with the rest of the team acting as the unwilling mediators.


The episode first captures Beast Boy dancing to a boom box in a cat transformation, with Cyborg joining. Cyborg is about to ask if Beast Boy wants to

Burger or Burrito?

play video games, but Beast Boy has already got it set, because he's an over-achiever. They know each other so well, until they reveal their favorite foods. Beast Boy prefers burritos, but Cyborg prefers burgers. They try to convince the other Titans which is better. Cyborg uses scientific analysis to prove that burgers are better because of customization. Beast Boy instead

They are so good to eat.

sings a Mexican-style song on his love of burritos to persuade the others, but, wouldn't you know it... Cyborg interrupts with his own burger song. The other Titans say they enjoy both foods. They decide to have a taste test to settle this argument!

The Titans start out eating a burrito. Robin says its pretty good, Starfire says its delicious, and Raven only states "mmm-yum." After Cyborg rinses their mouths to get the burrito taste out, they try a burger, and reply with the exact same comments. Still at a stalemate, Robin suggests that they just accept each others' differences, but Cyborg and Beast Boy

Burger side and Burrito side.

disagree. They constantly go at each other, playing burger-and-burrito pranks on each other.

Eventually, half of the Tower is covered in burger things and the other half in burrito things. This annoys the other Titans so much they decide to finally settle it in the ultimate food competition. The Titans test the burger and burrito's speed (role it down a hill: Burrito wins!), accuracy (burrito slingshot VS. hamburger blaster, guess who wins), aerodynamics (burger topples over), and heat (burrito explodes). Of course, it's still a tie and Cyborg and Beast Boy suggest the last competition, without telling the other Titans what it is. It turns out, they will end it in a titanic battle between a Burger Robot (which Cyborg constructed) and a Burrito Monster (that Raven helped Beast Boy create to stop him from annoying her). They declare an Ultimate Burger-Burrito Smackdown.

The two gigantic foods fight with food-related attacks such as "Bun Bash",

Burger Robot and Burrito monster.

"Jalapeño Hammer", "Tortilla Takedown", and more cleverly phrased attacks. The other three Titans get bored, despite the ultimate combat experience of a lifetime and decide to go out for a pizza, but are interrupted when a giant hunk of food crushes them. Eventually, the two monsters destroy each other. Cyborg tries some exploded burrito and Beast Boy tries a veggie burger (Cyborg really does care about him) and they both find that each others' foods are also very good. Both friends reconcile, and Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to go get some dessert. Cyborg suggests pie, however, Beast Boy suggests ice cream. Instead of fighting again, they decide to combine the two (hot pie with ice cream on top).




  • Gizmo makes a cameo as a target during the Burger vs. Burrito food challenge: Accuracy.
  • Eric Bauza guest stars in this episode as the announcer for Titan Chef.
  • At the start of the episode, the seagull can be seen guarding a starfish.
  • Unlike Raven in the original Teen Titans series, who doesn't eat fake meat or meat substitutes, Raven in Teen Titans Go doesn't seem to mind eating veggie patty burgers.
    • Additionally, Cyborg in the original Teen Titans series was always ranting about how much he hated tofu and soy meat whenever Beast Boy cooked for everyone, yet here he states he that loves veggie burgers.
  • Beast Boy's burrito song is featured in a Teen Titans commercial, and a clip of Cyborg from another episode states that "That sounds like a dying bird!".


  • Beast Boy and Cyborg complete each other's sentences again. ("Pie Bros")
  • Both Cyborg and Beast Boy had something to do with the food they like in the episode before this aired. Beast Boy previously hinted about his love for burritos in "Meatball Party" and Cyborg ate a burger at a fast food joint in "You're Fired!".
  • The Bubble Bots video game seen in Pie Bros, Double Trouble, and Power Moves is seen again at the start of the episode.
  • This is the fifth time Cyborg's head has been detached from his body. ("Laundry Day", "Hey Pizza!", "Gorilla", "Tower Power")
  • Music from "Girl's Night Out" and "Meatball Party" are heard in this episode towards the end where Cyborg and Beast Boy try each others foods and love them. Also, the music that played when Raven is first seen trapped in a giant burrito from Beast Boy is the same music that played at the very beginning of "Dog Hand".


  • Cyborg's "Burger Song" is a parody of "Mickey" by Toni Basilshen.
  • When Cyborg's burger splatters on the window in the aerodynamic test, the patty and buns fall in a pattern that makes Cyborg look like Mickey Mouse.
  • The "Titan Chef" visual may be a reference to the reality show Iron Chef.
  • Beast Boy's song actually comes from a Mexican folk song.
  • There is a poster on the wall titled "The Burrito Rises", a reference to the film The Dark Knight Rises.
  • Another poster is titled "Burgers are Purrr-fect" with a picture of Catwoman next to it.
  • This episode bears strong a resemblance to the annual viral video series by YouTube comedians, Smosh known as "Food Battle", where two foods are pitted against each other to test their abilities. The first Food Battle debuted in 2006, which came out seven years before this episode.
  • On the roof when the food robots fight, it's shown a sentence of the video game Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Final Round/Fight!.
  • The way Cyborg and Beast Boy command monsters to battle is similar to Pokemon battling.
  • When the Burrito Monster first appears, it makes a sound exactly like the Giana tortoise in Terraria.
  • A cover of Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Couldn't Stand the Weather" plays during the competition montage.


  • Cyborg is seen taking a shower, despite his apparent intolerance of liquid in "Tower Power." Not to mention the fact that he's mostly Robot so showers don't really make sense for him.
  • Robin says that he's never tasted either a burger or a burrito. However, in "Staff Meeting", Robin said he and his staff are going to eat a burger. Although this episode might take place before "Staff Meeting."
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy previously revealed pizza to be their favorite food, but here it is said to be burgers and burritos. Although burgers and burittos are their favorite personal foods.
  • If the burrito did better on the aerodynamic test, then logically it should fly quite well on the accuracy test.
  • Cyborg says that he used veggie pattie for the burgers, but it's shown that they do contain meat.
  • Beast Boy said that he likes burritos but burritos usually have meat in them and Beast Boy is a vegetarian.
  • When Cyborg is showing the Titans an analysis of why burgers are better, Raven is reading her book. However, when Beast Boy is singing his burrito song, Raven's book disappears.

Running Gags

  • Raven replying that she doesn't care when asked about which food is better.
  • Cyborg and Beast boy dancing.


The transcript for "Burger vs. Burrito" can be found here.


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