"Butt Atoms" is the first episode of the sixth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-fifty-ninth overall episode of the series.


Despite Robin’s warning, the Titans mess around with atomic toots and end up causing a worldwide plague. 


Cyborg and Starfire are having fun with Pogo sticks, when suddenly Beast Boy asks them if they wanna hear a joke, causing Starfire to leap off her Pogo stick which ends up vaulting through the ceiling and up into the heavens. She excitedly says that yes she does. Beast Boy proceeds to tell the joke (which turns out to be some dumb fart joke) then is about to, well fart on Cyborg, however Cyborg yells for him to stop, causing Beast Boy to do so abruptly. He starts yelling about how Beast Boy has no manners and that he should always always ask permission before farting on someone. How nice...

Beast Boy apologizes and then asks politely in an over the top manor if he can fart in Cyborg's face to which Cyborg surprisingly agrees. This sets off a chain reaction and suddenly all the Titans (including Raven shockingly) start farting in each others faces, until Robin walks in and kills the fun. He starts yelling at the Titans to stop this at once and launches into a dire warning about how this wont stop and that this will lead to the dreaded "Atomic Toot".

The Titans all start marveling at this new revelation much to Robin's annoyance so he begins giving out a dire warning about the "Atomic Toot's" destructive powers. After explaining this he asks the Titans if they still think it sounds amazing, to which they respond yes of course. Robin starts yelling that it's not, that it is humiliating, smelly and has the potential to end life as they know it. To absolutely no-one's surprise the Titans all completely disregard Robin's ominous warning and continue their weird and gross fart game. This game escalates until their butts are all very sore but they really don't seem to care.

They all walk into the kitchen and sit at the table carefully. Beast Boy asks Cyborg if he could pass him a drink from the fridge, to which he agrees but it turns out that this was just another set up so Beast Boy can unexpectedly fart in his face yet again, but this time there's fire. Beast Boy calls it the Thermoberic booty burner apparently because of how it singes your nose hairs. Yikes. Raven is amazed by this saying she's never seen a poofer with such power. Just then Robin crashes through the window like an escaped mental patient, saying that he smells something burning and proceeds to ask where the fire is, when he discovers the nature of how the "fire" started he freaks out, saying that they are dangerously close to the "Atomic Toot" and promptly calls for a "Tootie truce", which Cyborg refuses to until he gets his "rump ripping revenge" on Beast Boy. However his revenge seems to be the "Atomic Toot!" and this somehow causes a chain reaction where all of Beast Boy's atoms are being "split" (yes you heard that right) releasing deadly butt radiation into his blood stream.

Robin says that the butt radiation is spreading rapidly, this revelation causes Cyborg to be concerned, and he beings yelling dramatically that they need to get rid of the toot cloud around his head but Robin stops him saying that if he should stay away from Beast Boy or he will be next. Raven seems fed up of with all this, exclaiming that this is all ridiculous, that its just a toot cloud and that she's going to bed. (even though its blazing sunlight outside). She starts to leave when suddenly Beast Boy gets up and farts in her face causing her to go atomic as well. Now both of them seem to be mindless, fart monsters and begin slowly approaching the other Titans. Robin yells that the butt radiation has turned them into mindless toot mutants and then proceeds to tell the others to run! They actually listen to him for once and take off but Cyborg is caught and turned into a toot zombie too!

Now its just Robin and Starfire, the two hide behind the couch and Starfire apologizes to Robin for their actions but Robin doesn't seem to mind this turn of events and pulls Starfire into a hug, saying that they can still make a run for it and live their lives together. The other three draw closer (much to Starfire's relief it seems) and she proceeds to shove Robin away telling him to save himself and that she will sacrifice herself. Just then the other three reach her and turn her into one of them in a great explosion, resulting in Robin begin violently thrown from the Tower. He manages to prevent himself from plummeting to the ground by using one of his Birdarangs to cling on to the Tower, slowing his fall. He looks him to see the others start flying off into the distant Jump City... Robin begins narrating how the toot mutants spread through the globe like a virus and basically destroyed civilization and caused an apocalypse and that soon no humans were left.

3 Months later....

Robin is all alone walking through the waste lands of the once teeming Jump City, he says that he is searching for a cure for this toot mutant plague. He now appears to be cautiously stalking a deer and looks like he's about to kill it with his birdarang when Starfire leaps at it out of nowhere and is about to fart in its face when Robin throws his birdarang resulting in a trap activating which successfully contains Starfire. He appears to have taken her to some sort of warehouse, where he is working on a cure for this toot plague and it appears that it has worked as he succeeds in curing Starfire. He pulls her into a long hug and says that they need to get his sonic emitter to the top of Titans Tower for the cure to work for everyone.

Unfortunately, the Tower is surrounded by the other three Titans who are still in their zombified states. Robin has devised some clever costumes to trick the others and it appears to work at first, but they eventually fail since the three aren't that stupid. Robin proposes to simply start a new life among the apocalypse alongside Starfire, prompting the Tamaranian to once again "sacrifice" herself. Robin eventually makes it up to the Tower and places his sonic emitter and is about to push the button to activate it when the others pull him away from it. It looks like it's all over from Robin, but suddenly the pogo stick Starfire sent vaulting up into the air 3 months ago falls from the sky and lands on the button, pushing it and activating the sonic emitter. All the others are successfully cured and begin thanking Robin for saving them and all promise that from this day forward, they won't fart on each other again. Robin is satisfied by all this and says that they should put all this behind them setting off a bunch of laughing from the others.

However, just when you think all this is all over, apparently a deer smells its own fart, goes "Atomic" and starts this all over again.



  • It has been confirmed that this episode is the Season 6 premiere.
  • We see that the new rock animal that debuted in "The Viewers Decide" is actually a sea turtle.
  • The season's new opening dance sequence debuts in this episode.
  • Owing to the overabundance of fart jokes and time constraints, the farts themselves are pretty much being replaced with real life stock images that somehow are associated to toot noises (during when the four Titans sans Robin fart at each other) to prevent further embarrassment.
  • It is strange that Raven finds farts amusing as she has been shown to find them disgusting in episodes such as "I Used to Be a Peoples".
    • But it is possible that she has changed her perspective prior to this episode.
  • Farting too much won't cause an atomic plague fortunately, but your bottoms do get sore afterwards thanks to the ammonia released.
  • Robin calls Starfire "his love" explicitly for the first time. 
  • Starfire is shown to wear pink underwear. 
  • The deer in this episode is a gag to how most zombie apocalypse movie has one that gets killed and then becoming a zombie which is a cliche trope.


  • Raven is seen unhooded for the 100th time.
  • Raven displays her love for Pretty Pretty Pegasus as usual.
  • Robin once again is shown portraying his one-sided love for Starfire.
  • Robin's warning once again gets ignored by the four others and of course, this induces a serious consequence.


  • This whole episode, evidenced by the contamination, the hunting scene with the deer, the capture of an infected and Robin trying to find a cure for the plague, was a reference to the movie I Am Legend.
    • It is also similar to The Walking Dead, as both have included a zombie apocalypse.
  • Robin's description of the spread of the virus is a reference to Alice's narration on the spread of the T-virus in Resident Evil: Extinction.


  • Cyborg originally forbid Beast Boy to say a fart joke, but he has long been part of many fart jokes in the series already.
  • Since Starfire's fart DNA was in the sonic emitter, there was no way she would've been cured again.
  • Everyone thanks Robin for the cure when it was the Pogo stick.

Running Gags

  • The Titans (except for Robin) farting in each others faces.
  • Starfire being uncomfortable when Robin shows his love for her.
  • Starfire sacrificing herself to get out of spending the rest of her life with Robin. 


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