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The following list is a compilation of Teen Titans Go! episodes that had certain scenes changed due to varying reasons in the United Kingdom and other countries.



Season 1

"The Date"

In Korean, UK and African airings, Speedy saying Robin's staff used to be lame while hitting him with a staff was cut because of violence.

"Super Robin"

In the U.K. and Korean airings of this episode, the final scene where Raven says that powers are a curse while Robin dies was cut, so the episode was edited to end right after old Beast Boy and Cyborg make fun of old Robin.

"Dude Relax"

In Asian airings, the scene that shows Robin ruthlessly smacking his friends was edited.

  • The process is repeated in Truth, Justice and What? in Asia.
    • However, a little error is made showing the Laundry Day prologue immediately after the episode.


Robin holding a scalpel while Starfire's asleep was cut in Asian airings for showing the viewers a "disturbing" object.

The scene where Robin uses his computer and accidentally opens pictures of him in his underwear in front of silkie was cut.

"Meatball Party"

Raven opening the fridge and seeing the Titans encouraging her to eat the meatball is cut in the UK and France so the scene won't encourage kids to play in the fridge.


The pictures scene is cut in Asia due to a blink-and-you-miss-it innuendo sequence.

"Colors of Raven"

The Joy Raven capture scene cut short on Asia just before Beast Boy pukes, namely due to obvious reasons.


Some countries have banned this episode from broadcasting due to its suggestive content which involves legs.

Meanwhile, at SEA, the ep ended as soon as Raven reveals her other leg.

"The Mask"

Robin crashing into the tower with the T-Jet is cut, so it shows that he entered the Tower normally.

"Second Christmas"

Cyborg saying "Ham!" was muted In the UK and Asia-Oceania due to unknown reasons.

"Nose Mouth"

The scene that Silkie throws up was cut in some parts of Asia due to grossness, whereas Philippines retained it.

"Real Magic"

The parts where Robin had his soul leaving his body, Raven breaking the ceiling to get it back and Robin throwing up water was cut in some countries' broadcasts. In some countries, they just shortened it to Robin puking.

During Raven's "hate it" montage, the scene where it has a trail of rose petals leading to Beast Boy, who was laying on her bed in only his underwear, gesturing Raven to come closer was cut out in some places in the UK, Southeast Asia and Latin America due to sexual content and complaints from parents.

Season 2

"Mr. Butt"

Any instance of Robin's butt closeup is cut in some countries due to sexual content

"I See You"

In the Stakeout Song, Cyborg and Beast Boy mentioning staying up real late and puking up what you ate is cut for grossness, probably so that the United Kingdom don't encourage kids to do those things.


The scene where the rabbit's leg is shown twitching was replaced with a still shot.

"Salty Codgers"

Raven laying flowers on the Titans' graves was cut in some countries.

The oldest Grandchild of Cyborg saying "I don't want to look into the eyes of death" is cut.

"Slumber Party"

Scary Teri showing her rearranged face to the Titans is cut in Asia since they thought it's too scary.

"Love Monsters"

Starfire's Yo Mama joke was cut due to inappropriate content.

"Caramel Apples"

Beast Boy pushing Robin of the cliff and agreeing with Cyborg never to be inspired was cut in some broadcasts.

"Sandwich Thief"

Cyborg looking at his butt in Robin's pants was cut in Latin America.

Beast Boy vomiting Robin onto the floor was cut in UK and Portugal airings. It also edited out Robin saying "No sandwich in there!". This edit is choppy due to the transition.

However, Portuguese DVD releases have this scene recovered. Same thing happens with Netflix.

"Serious Business"

Starfire mentioning that she cooks chili in the bathroom is cut on certain countries due to grossness.

Also cut is the Super Mario reference & Robin coming out of the toilet since it's impossible for someone to get flushed.

"Robin Backwards"

Every instance of Erifrats going lovey-dovey is cut in Asia since it's too gross.

"Smile Bones"

This episode was banned in RSEE due to unknown reasons.

The scene when Cyborg eats the sandwich without his teeth was cut In the UK because either they don't want kids to eat sandwiches without their teeth & that inhaling it while catching with only their tongue is impossible.

The scene where Cyborg eats the sandwich in the beggining of the episode was cut in Cartoon Network Portugal airings of the episode. On Panda Biggs, the episode airs uncensored at 8h00 to 8h30 and the censored version at 23h30 to 0h45. However, Robin´s reaction was kept for unknown reasons.

The scene when Beast Boy and Starfire inhale their food was cut in UK and Portugal airings for unknown reasons. Its restored in DVD and Netflix releases.

The scene when the Titans argue about who has the biggest belly was cut in the UK due to unknown reasons.

"Real Boy Adventures"

Cyborg's armor falling off until he jumps into the hot tub is censored in Oceania.

Cyborg licking the roll on was cut in some broadcasts due to avoiding imitations.


The flashback of the Titans throwing up, as well as Raven mentioning they ate the candy with the wrappers on is cut, probably so the UK, don't encourage kids to eat candy with the wrappers on. This part is also cut in European Portuguese (not Brazilian Portuguese) airings.

"Head Fruit"

The UK broadcasts censored the following scenes:

Beast Boy's "use your head!" montage is entirely cut.

Beast Boy hitting his head with a book is cut. A pizza slice coming out of Beast Boy's ear is also cut.

The ending was heavily modified. The Titans inserting the Maraca into Beast Boy's ear is removed. the scene where Beast Boy says the others got his voice back is modified to a close up of his face, and it then jumps to the shaking head scene, but without the maraca

"Road Trip"

Any footage of Starfire punching Robin or Beast Boy in the face is cut due to violence.

"The Best Robin"

Robin dislocating his arm was cut in some broadcasts due to being considered as a kind of violence.

"Tamaranian Vacation"

The following are cut in Asia due to romantic themes:

  • Robin's Tamaranian fantasy sequence
  • Starfire kissing General Thraxis as part of the wedding .

"Multiple Trick Pony"

The buttcheek comparison is removed in Asia due to sexually explicit content.

"Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt"

These scenes are cut:

  • The Titans (minus Robin) beating up Beast Boy because of violence.
  • Along with the title, any other reference of soccer players being portrayed as people who pretend to be hurt (whereas the title be "Kicking a Ball")
  • The part where the Titans beat King Goal to near-death (as notice of rage quitting) in Southeast Asia because of violence.

"Yearbook Madness"

In the end, the quote saying "Beast Boy gets into some chocolate and dies" is changed to "Beast Boy gets into some chocolate" in the UK, African and Portugal broadcasts due to not wanting the children to think Beast Boy actually died. However, the original can be seen for a frame.

In Portugal, the uncensored version airs on Panda Biggs while the censored version airs on Cartoon Network.

"Cool School"

The twerking portion of Cool School Song is only seen on Bottle Episode in Asia due to disturbing content.

Also, the scene where Ravager is throwing up was cut in the UK broadcasting due to grossness.

"Hose Water"

The scene where Starfire and Cyborg throw eggs on the floor was cut in the UK because they don't want to encourage kids to be playing with eggs. Also, it is actually very long.

"Campfire Stories"

At the end of the 1st campfire story, Beast Boy said, "Now I'm gonna eat you!" due to him talking about the monkey eating his own boogers. This is considered too gross and was thus edited out.

Also, in the 4th story, Robin pouring water on his pants is cut due to this being a reference to wetting himself.

"And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob"

While the sounds return to the world, Silkie's part is cut off early due to grossness in Asia.

"The HIVE Five"

Jinx's bad luck montage was shortened.

"More of the Same"

Any instance of kissing is cut in SEA due to romantic content & the pictures of the Titans getting stranded is also cut for unknown reasons.

"Some of Their Parts"

Both instances of Green Silkie vomiting was cut in RSEE due to grossness.

Season 3

"Dignity of Teeth"

Robin saying beast boy will die if he doesn't take out his tooth is cut in some countries due to them not wanting children to think they will die if they don't take THEIR tooth out

The scene where Robin takes out Beast Boy's tooth has been shortened in some countries due to violence.

The montage where Robin, Cyborg and Starfire take out their teeth has been shortened in some countries to not show their teeth falling out.

Since teeth eating be impossible & gross simultaneously, the teeth eating contest starts with Raven trying to eat the tooth at some countries. It's also shortened.


The following scenes where cut:

  • Chuck spits on Robin's face.
  • Raven bringing out Beast Boy's organs
  • Raven's dream sequence

The Titans throwing up scenes and ending were also shortened.

"Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory"

The parts where Robin is ruthlessly smacking his friends as well as the song “Crane Kick” are heavily removed and edited in Asian broadcasts due to a massive amount of violence from Robin. Arab countries also had cut the part of Robin not having any clothes on.

"Accept the Next Proposition You Hear"

Any punching is cut in Asia due to violent content.

"The Fourth Wall"

The scene where Beast Boy twerks in front of the Creeps/Viewers has been zoomed in at Southeast Asia cropping out the butt.

Throughout the second half, any instance of farting is removed in Southeast Asia because of grossness.

In the end, the part where the Titans each hit the screen is also removed in Southeast Asia because it might scare the audience.

"40%, 40%, 20%"

Apparently, the slow-mo collision sequence of Cyborgimus Prime & BRAIN is cut in Asia due to road rage reference.

"A Farce"

The sound of the Titans being killed implicitly was muted in some countries' reruns of the series

Arab countries banned this episode.

"Animals, It's Just a Word!"

Toilet humor is discouraged in some countries, so these scenes were removed at some countries:

  • Beast Boy saying that Raven is dead and then flushing her down the toilet.
  • Robin drinking toilet water.


The moment that Baby Beast Boy vomited is muted in Southeast Asia & Oceania.

Another piece of censorship is the part where Robin punched Cyborg preventing him to sing Happy Birthday as replaced with a white flash in Southeast Asia and RSEE because of violent reasons. The punching sounds were also muted.

"The True Meaning of Christmas"

Beast Boy complaining on the tights is cut in Asia by obvious reasons.

Also removed is Robin chloroforming an elf due to both violent content & that chloroform is illegal here.

"Two Parter"

In part 1, Raven using her lasso on Robin is cut, due to Robin saying the warm spot at the pool was pee.

"Squash & Stretch"

For Asia, Raven's revenge fantasy gets cut short since cooking someone is cannibalism in context. Also, in some countries, only Beast Boy and Starfire's revenge fantasies are shown.

Then a part of Starfire's sentence in bold that's cut out due to potential violence:

  • "So, if we wish to get the bloody revenge against the squirrel in a socially acceptable manner, we have to do it - as the "cartoonies"?"

Starfire and Raven beating Robin up due to violence. UK censored that one as well.

"How 'Bout Some Effort"

Cyborg & Jinx making out is removed in Asia due to romantic content. The Philippines however said otherwise.

"The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic"

The episode is banned in Arab countries because of alleged LGBT content, while at SEA they just cut out the boy's interrogations.

"Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice"

Robin ruthlessly beating up Beast Boy as part of his prank is cut in Asia due to violence.

When Starfire is being attacked by the wolf, The Next shot where Cyborg says April Fools was removed in Asia and Africa.

During Beast Boy's Prank on Cyborg, When Starfire slaps him, it immediately jumps to when Cyborg says she can stop slapping him now. Starfire saying "That Is Up To the Sign!" was also cut.

After Raven said it was the end of the series, the episode jumps to the 4th wall break due to henced romantic content.

"Finally a Lesson"

The Cool Rollerblading Dudes spraying paint on Beast Boy was cut on Asian airings due to abusive behaviour.

"Arms Race with Legs"

Raven Cracking the Titans' legs is cut in some other countries, However, In some other countries, Cyborg's legs being removed is the only one intact from Lady Legasus' wrath.


The pig leader exploding to porkchops is cut in Asia due to possibly referencing the pork barrel scandal.

"Snuggle Time"

The massive Dutch oven sequence was cut in Central and Eastern Europe and RSEE

"Booty Scooty"

The scene where Robin does the Booty Scooty Dance was cut in RSEE due to explicit content.

"The Cape"

The scene where Starfire's Food makes Beast Boy vomit is cut.

Season 4

“Shrimps & Prime Rib”

That aforementioned love-baiting tactic is cut once in “Villains in the Van Getting Gelato”

"The Inner Beauty of a Cactus"

The episode is pulled from Asian airings due to LGBT content.


Beast Boy and Raven’s kissing scene was cut out in Arab countries and SEA. It’s also removed in Top of the Titans.

"Fish Water"

Tons of stuff are removed in UK:

Starfire saying "The Fish Has Deceased" because the executives didn't want kids to think the fish died.

Any instance of Starfire fish water because these scenes were considered too gross. Examples of these were;

  • When Starfire said that she got 3 prizes in the one, it immediately jumps to Beast Boy's dialogue.
  • Starfire saying the water wasn't nasty and drinking it was cut.

The only part where she drank the water was at the end, but still, it was shortened to when she was licking the water with her tongue, and her burping was removed.

Starfire flushing the fish down the toilet. It instead froze the shot of the outside of the portable toilet.

Starfire saying "The fish have been flushed to the freedom!"

Starfire's crying was shortened.

The Titans(Except Starfire) Saying how long they thought the fish would survive

"Hot Salad Water"

This episode was not only censored but actually pulled off from its initial broadcast in the UK because of Robin's prejudice towards the British and Queen of England being a villain is a defamation to the Queen herself. However, the episode is still broadcast in countries outside of the UK.

Its also banned in the United States due to UK controversy.

In Portugal, the scene where the Queen of England says: No! Not the soda! was edited; the scene was slowed down beacuse it might give people seizures.

"Career Day"

Raven accidentally knocking out a man’s tooth was cut from Oceanic & Asian broadcasts.

"Easter Creeps"

The executives thought the tooth fairy was a male so they cut the part where the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy kiss due to Russian gay propaganda law.

Then after a few airings, SEA pulled the episode off-air.


The Poop Song was cut in RSEE due to grossness.

The scene where the Thanksgiving Turkey gets cooked in the oven was cut in Cartoon Network Turkey, UK, Portugal, Italy and Spain airings beacuse they didnt like the turkey getting tortured. It simply cuts to the oven exploding.


Robin beating Kid Flash's leg is cut in Asia due to disturbing content. It instead jumps to the scene where the Titans throw Kid Flash out of the window. The same process is repeated in UK and Portugal airings.

Season 5

"Chicken in the Cradle"

The scene where Robin chews up a live worm for the Baby Chick was cut in RSEE.

"The Groover"

The episode immediately ended in Southeast Asia before Cyborg & Beast Boy make poop business-related questions because of grossness.

In RSEE, the part where Cyborg makes a poop-related joke about the staff was cut.

"Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition"

The part when the H.I.V.E. Five are doing the Booty Scooty Dance had been censored in Arab countries' broadcasts.

"How's this for a Special? Spaaaace"

All instances of nutshots & the Two Butted Monster are cut in Southeast Asia and RSEE because of obvious reasons.

"Slapping Butts and Celebrating for No Reason"

The Slapping Butts parts are always removed in Southeast Asia and RSEE because of inappropriate content (for, in this case, the episode should've been called "Celebrating for No Reason").

"Genie President"

The part where Robin hits Beast Boy with his staff is cut in Asian broadcasting.

"The Chaff"

The episode is banned in Southeast Asia and RSEE because of gross content (bad animation, the giant butt, and the Poop Song).

"Don't Be an Icarus"

In Beast Boy's story, Raven scaring him with her Medusa mode was cut out on Asian airings because of scary references to children.

In Starfire's story, her farting is also cut because of disturbing content.

"The Bergerac"

This episode is completely removed from the Philippines broadcast due to it being romantic-themed, which is unacceptable for the company's executives.

The other thing to blame is the HQ x PI (Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy) easter egg due to LGBT content.

In UK, Israel, Ireland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Portugal airings, the Thighs song was cut out due to sexuality. But in the West, the thighs were biurred out. However, the DVD version left this song uncut.

"Strength of a Grown Man"

Robin forcefully shoving the bomb down his throat with his staff is cut.

Silkie's burping is cut.

Season 6

"Butt Atoms"

The episode is in-available in SEA due to obvious reasons.

"Beast Boy on a Shelf"

In SEA, Rudolph only punched one to Beast Boy for him to reconsider due to violence.

“Egg Hunt”

In SEA, the ep ended immediately after Robin found the egg. Namely because he’s eaten the expired gross egg

"The Night Begins to Shine 2: You're The One"

Part 1:

Any instance of Cyborg suffering from Ultralak is cut in SEA by obvious terrifying reasons. Same applies to Part 5 during the titular song.

"Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro?"

Part 2:

The Titans falling on traps is either slowed down or cut in SEA due to torture

Part 4:

Any Ice Zombie gore is cut in SEA by obvious reasons, again. This involved all the chopping Robin did.

"Toddler Titans…Yay!"

All puking is cut in SEA, but strangely not the giant booty selection.

This episode is banned in the West due to a few references of Nickelodeon shows including Dora the Explorer and Blues Clues. Normally, some countries where the show aired on Nickelodeon banned the show from airing on Nick.

"The Cast"

Raven’s the only one to get her eye jabbed on the telescope in SEA.

"Superhero Feud"

Any instance of the Poop Patrol farting/pooping is cut in SEA.

"Various Modes of Transportation"

The ff are removed in SEA:

One instance of a motel dream sequence (for which i don’t know what is)

The 20 second butt sequence, auto-skipping to Cyborg questioning what time it is

Cyborg yeeting himself off a train

"Cool Uncles"

Strangely in the Philippines, Raven kissing the triplets is cut in one instance.

"Butter Wall"

Beast Boy’s power of farting to juice up the wind turbines is cut in SEA.


"Teen Titans GO! Vs Teen Titans"

The following are removed in Africa:

-Robin repeatedly hitting his clone with his staff

-The Titans punching possessed Robin

-Silkie vomiting

-Raven eating her counterparts from other universes was cut in cinema airings.

Edits can be seen here