Challengers of the Unknown
Challengers of the Unknown
Leader: Ace Morgan
Distributional Information
Members: June Robbins
Prof Haley
Red Ryan
Rocky Davis
Gender(s): Males and Female
Age: Adults
Species: Humans
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

The Challengers of the Unknown are a group of adventurers.


The Challengers showed up to the premiere of Batman Again where the bouncer recognized them, but not the Teen Titans who criticize the Challengers for being an obscure group. In response, Raven used her powers to drop them into a portal leaving them trapped in avoid. She used it again to drop all the possessed heroes whom the Challengers believe are there to save them, but end up getting blasted and attacked by them. The heroes are let out, but the Challengers failed to escape the abyss. Later, the Challengers continued to float around with Ace postulating that they missed the whole movie.


  • Ace Morgan
  • June Robbins
  • Prof Haley
  • Red Ryan
  • Rocky Davis



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