Channel Crashers is a Teen Titans Go! game on the website of Cartoon Network.


When Control Freak runs off with Cyborg's head, Robin's wildest dreams come true! He finally gets powers... sorta. Take control of Cyborg's body and battle bad guys across five different TV channels. Survive B'Wana Beast's Unnatural Selection. See if you can hack it on the Jinx Factor. And sink your teeth into Trigon's Diners, Drive-ins and DOOM. Swap between Robin and Cyborg and call in the Titans for awesome special attacks. You can play as Robin in Cyborg's suit, and try to beat the levels of robots until you get to the end, and you have to beat him to finish the game.


You can also call the Titans with the giant T at the bottom of the screen, but you have to wait until it's full to use it again. Your energy bar is the big meter on the left that shows if you are tired or not. If you are, then you must have Robin jump out of Cyborg's suit, and grab the tiny green energy gems by using the space-bar and arrow keys. If you're out of Cyborg's suit, you can also fight out there while collecting coins (his grappling hook can also pull in coins). While you are inside the suit, the energy meter slowly goes down, even if you're not doing anything. There are either 2 or 3 types of robots you must fight to reach him. Once you beat him, you win the game.





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