Chief is the leader of The Doom Patrol and Beast Boy's adoptive father.

Physical Appearance

Chief is an old man with thick white beard. He is usually seen wearing a sweater-vest with a white collar and a bow tie. Due to being handicapped, he needs to use a purple auto wheelchair.


For most part, Chief is an energetic old man who loves living his life to the extreme, and his wheelchair does not prevent him from rocking out. But don't mess with his temper, or he'll display you his belligerence!

At times, Chief is dedicated to invent the maddest science in the world, even if it means being unethical.

He is also shown to be a loving father figure to Beast Boy, albeit sometimes forceful and mostly grouchy.


Chief made his debut in "That's What's Up!", fighting with Robot Man who had stolen his meal. They initially fought in the lawn until Elasti-Girl moved them to the driveway. When reunited with Beast Boy, he asked whether Beast Boy was here for his car, money or kidney, and after Beast Boy answered no to all of these questions, he welcomed the former back by forcing everyone to watch his tapes. Although at first the Brain managed to ruin his time by messing up with the Doom Patrol's clambake, electrocuted him and sent him and the other Doom Patrol members to the police, he and the rest of the Doom Patrol still managed to defeat the Brain and therefore enjoyed the clambake.

In "Crab Shenanigans", Chief warned the kids not to hang out with the Punk Crabs, but of course his warning falls on deaf ears. He and Elasti-Girl later comes to the kids' rescue, and he subsequently and mercilessly smashes through all of the crabs with his wheelchair being upgraded into a race car. In the end, he gets attacked by seagulls.

In "Brobots", Chief gets to know Beast Boy's other best friend Cyborg. Knowing that they acted like a person, he came up with the mad idea of fusing them together rather forcefully, only to turn them into a hybrid monster because he mistakenly increased their friendship to a close personal level which soured their relationship as a whole. After the two had been separated, Chief advised them to stay away from each other so that their "toxic and unnatural" relationship won't be able to form or destroy the world.

In "Brain Flip", after many failed attempts on making Beast Boy stay behind, Chief decided to put Beast Boy into the virtual reality system he invented (even though it was intended for punishing the Brain). He appeared to have made the virtual Titans more insane than their normal counterparts, and it later turned out that the virtual Titans all went nuts. In the end, he managed to trap Beast Boy even though he admitted that he loved the latter.

Powers and Abilities

Technical knowledge: Chief is knowledgeable when it comes to technology, namely creating fusions with a machine and virtual realities, although he usually does so with unethical means.

Extreme sports: He loves doing so-called parkour (though it is merely climbing up ramps), and is proud of being able to do it.

Episode Appearances 

Season 6

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  • He detests people who expose his knees.


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