Christopher the Rain Cloud, or simply Christopher is a sentient rain cloud who has only appeared in TV Knight 2 so far.


He is a puffy hot pink rain cloud, with two short stubby fingerless hands, and a pair of large purple pupils for his eyes. His cheeks have fuchsia blushes. He is shown to have only a pair of small buck teeth in his mouth.


In the beginning, Christopher who is a baby rain cloud is unintentionally ruining the Pegasi's cotton candy crops, thus they call Raven in for help to help them deal with Christopher. Raven tries to stop him, but he refuses at first. They introduce themselves to each other, though he doesn't understand why he has to cease raining due to being a rain cloud himself. After feeding Raven and the Pegasi a delicious cotton cloud, he then proceeds to fix the rest of the fields by planting them with all of his body substances. In the end, he accidentally soaks the newly planted crops with his rain, and he guiltily apologizes.

Episode Appearances

Season 4


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