Chuck is a friend of Silkie and Beast Boy who first made a debut in "Croissant".


Through unknown means, Chuck met both Beast Boy and Silkie and quickly became their friend. Beast Boy allowed Chuck to stay at Titans Tower for a week, but failed to inform the other Titans of this. He told the Titans that he was going through a metamorphosis and when Chuck emerged from a cocoon hanging in the living room, the Titans believed that he was their teammate. They struggled to accept Beast Boy's new appearance and vomited while Chuck vomited on Robin and build a hive out of his own fluids on Cyborg's back. The crime alert blared and the Titans took Chuck to confront Killer Moth, but Chuck spent his time eating out of a discarded garbage can. However, they were appalled when Killer Moth said Chuck didn't look like Beast Boy as they believed he was judging people based off their looks. They attempted to defend Chuck, but kept vomiting as he consumed a cat. During their argument, the Titans decided to give Chuck to Killer Moth so that they could live a disgusting life together.

Chuck was pet by Killer Moth as he ranted about the unrealistic beauty standards, and decided to mutate the entire population so that people would resemble them. He later watched when the villains mutated the Titans with his Bug Beam, but they failed to learn a lesson and was returned back to them. That night, Chuck finished constructing the hive on Cyborg's back and lived with the mutated Titans in their seclusion. Beast Boy promptly returned at that moment and informed the Titans of Chuck and his friendship with Silkie. He placed Silkie next to Chuck and they both retreated into Chuck's hive.

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