Circle Guy is a minor character who was featured in "Video Game References."


In "Video Game References," Circle Guy appears in the game of the same name, which Raven is sent into. Raven finds herself and three of her emoticlones dressed as ghosts. She spots Circle Guy eating all the balls and orders her emoticlones to chase after him. When this fails, she instructs them to move in formation and surround him. However, Circle Guy eats a power-up and makes the emoticlones edible, where he proceeds to eat Pink Raven. Raven and the remaining emoticlones then surround him again, only for Miss Circle Guy to show up and eat the emoticlones followed by Raven. Circle Guy and his lover then kiss, while Raven's eyes look away in disgust.


  • Circle Guy is a parody of Pac-Man.
  • The female Circle Guy is a reference to Ms. Pac-Man.
  • A Circle Guy arcade game can be seen in the episode Black Friday.
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