The Coal Miner is a minor villain character who appears in "Christmas Crusaders". He is a miner who takes everyone to work through slavery.


In his childhood, the Coal Miner was never given a present by Santa aside from lumps of coal. However, as he grew up, he found it as a valuable source of the ultimate clean energy.

In the present day, after perceiving that Cyborg, Beast Boy and the girls are having a nasty fight caused by the Kris Kringle game, he barges into the tower and orders his tough minions to kidnap them as his slaves, and even steals the toy train they have. When Robin and Santa arrive at the scene, he mocks Robin for looking like an elf and vows to kidnap all the naughty kids in the world, only to be retorted by Santa who tells him that renewable energy is the future.

Later, when Santa and Robin enter his diamond factory, he attempts to kill both of them with his machinery. When he realizes that both of them manage to escape from his snare, he attempts to crush them with his "super choo-choo" fueled by clean coal, only to be outwitted by Santa who tosses lumps of coal and Robin to overload the train's storage tank, leading to his miserable defeat.

Episode Appearances

Season 6

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