"Cold Blooded" is issue #4 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


After a fight with Captain Cold, Robin comes down with a cold himself! Running a high fever and quarantined from the rest of the Titans…the madness begins to set in!


Captain Cold is attacking Jump City until the Titans confront him. Before the battle even begins, Captain Cold freezes Robin in a block of ice with his freeze ray. This startles the Titans and even himself, claiming that the Flash, his usual adversary, is able to run around his blasts due to being incredibly fast. This angers Starfire and tells the team they must stop him (calling him Cold Commander).

After the fight and Beast Boy having Cold surrender under his elephant leg, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy ponder on how to get Robin out of the block of ice. Beast Boy first suggests that they use him as an air hockey table. Raven questions this and Beast Boy admits he didn't know how this would free Robin and just wanted an air hockey table. Cyborg suggests shaving off the ice and use it to sell shaved ice till Robin is free. Raven suggests just throwing him into the ocean and having Aqualad figure out how to get him out. Beast Boy makes another suggestion which was freaking Robin out by dressing up in different costumes to make him think he was in the future. These suggestions are ignored however due to Starfire successfully melting the ice with her star bolts. Beast Boy expresses disappointment that they couldn't do his plan.

The Titans return home to which it is discovered that Robin has caught a cold due to his time in the block of ice. Despite sneezing loudly and spreading mucus over Beast Boy and Cyborg, Robin merely waves it off as a minor head cold. Fearing that the mucus will cause him to short out, Cyborg, along with Starfire, try forcing Robin to go to bed so he can get well. Starfire tries to convince Robin that he needs to get well for when an emergency comes.

The alarm goes off to Robin's joy, and Cyborg's saying that Starfire just jinxed it. Robin tries to take charge as leader but ends up sneezing into Raven's cloak. To Raven's annoyance, she forces him to go to bed with her magic as well as remove the mucus from her cloak. While in his bed, Starfire makes Robin promise to stay in bed to which he agrees.

Cyborg and Beast Boy are at the main computer where they learn that Plasmus was attacking the harbor while Mammoth was also robbing a bank downtown. Beast Boy questions how they are going to address it when Robin barges into the main room while riding a customized bed, equipped with various weapons, an engine, a light, and wheels and dubbed it 'The Ultimate Battle Bed' as well as having tissues plugging up his nose. Starfire is annoyed and reminds him that he promised to stay in bed which points out that he is technically still in bed.

Robin gloats about this bed to which Cyborg dismisses as the only 'Battle Bed' and states how it is the dumbest thing he'd ever seen. Robin points out that evil doesn't wait for heroes to get better so this would solve that problem. Beast Boy stops this however by shape shifting into a tiger and popping one of the tires. Robin points out that he merely wants to help as the other Titans leave to take care of the emergency. Before Starfire leaves she asks Robin to just focus on getter better.

When the Titans return from fighting crime, Starfire immediately goes to check on Robin. When she gets to his room she sees that it is a complete mess with many tissues covered in mucus as well as a discarded carton of orange juice. Robin is still in bed and is now pale, mucus all over his face and had various papers around him. He claims that he was all better and tells her to give him a hug.

Starfire has a nervous smile saying that she would give him a hug before stopping herself and flying back to the main room telling her team mates that they needed to cure Robin as soon as possible. Raven questions how to which Cyborg interrupts saying he knew how.

Cyborg (now dressed as a Professor for this panel only) opens a diagram and explains that the only way to cure Robin was by going inside his body and to fight the virus. To do this, he says that Beast Boy needed to shape shift into an microbe and get inside Robin's body so he could fight the virus. Beast Boy apparently was unaware he could turn into a microbe. Cyborg also gives Raven a radio so she could direct Beast Boy throughout his body while Beast Boy was given a device to swallow so he could talk to Raven on the other end.

Apparently, at some point Robin was moved to the clinic in the tower and there Starfire is offering Robin a bowl of chicken noodle soup that had a sleep agent in it so Beast Boy could fight the virus. Robin expresses distaste to the plan to which Beast Boy does the same but still decides to go through with it by going into a spoon of soup as a microbe.

For a time Beast Boy is only in his mouth, claiming he didn't know where he was. Raven shows annoyance saying that this was going to take some time. Once Robin falls asleep, Raven tells Beast Boy to continue on to his body. At one point he's in Robin's arteries where he's fighting against the current of blood. Beast Boy tells Raven to tell Starfire to stay away from Robin due to his increased heart rate when she checks up on him.

At some point he ends up in Robin's brain and accidentally steps on some part of his brain to which Raven orders him to get out of there. He later ends up in Robin's foot where he comes across a bat-shaped object. Beast Boy thinks it's the virus till Raven corrects him that it is a tracking device. She muses on this saying that she thought that Robin had control issues. Later Beast Boy ends up in Robin's large intestine and to his disgust screams though the radio.

Cyborg notices that Robin is getting sicker and tells him to hurry up. Beast Boy then confronts the virus, which was a yellow monstrous looking creature. Cyborg tells him to fight it but he doesn't know how. Cyborg, annoyed, reminds him that Robin makes them train all the time so this shouldn't be that hard. Beast Boy reminds him that he didn't really have limbs to fight off the virus. He's pressured further and decided to fight it. Cyborg tries to stop him, telling him not to use his powers while inside Robin's body. It's too late though, a loud crack is heard while Beast Boy's normal sized form is seen through Robin's right arm. Beast Boy remains oblivious and merely asks if he got the virus.

Beast Boy is seen outside Robin's body now while Cyborg, examining Robin's now limp arm explains that while Beast Boy successfully killed the virus, he ended up breaking his arm as well. Beast Boy doesn't see the problem till Starfire explains that Robin will be very disappointed with him having a broken arm. Beast Boy merely states he had it covered.

He explains that while he was in his brain, the part he accidentally stepped on was his memories and that he will forget what has happened the last couple of days. Because of this, he is able to do the plan he thought of in the begin. Raven comments that it's diabolical while Starfire holds a tearful gaze.

A few hours later Robin wakes up not remembering anything and wonders why his arm hurts. He wakes up to Beast Boy painted red (much like Prime Earth Beast Boy) explaining how he was in a block of ice for years. Cyborg is also there but has taped on parts (making him look much like the new 52 reboot) as well as explaining how he was on the Justice League and there were three new kinds of desert pizzas. Raven is seen with various feathers all over her head and neck merely stating how unbelievable it was.

Robin is surprised to hear about dessert pizzas but hopes aloud that due to being away for so long, that Starfire didn't end up on a new team with Speedy.

The final panel is Starfire with a concerned look while Speedy (wearing a blue ball cap similar to the Outlaws comics of the new 52) with thumbs and an arm around Starfire.



  • This marks the first appearance of Captain Cold in Teen Titans Go!
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