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"Colors of Raven" is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the twenty-fifth overall episode of the series.


A mysterious prism creates five Ravens, each of a different color and with a different aspect of her personality. The Ravens disrupt life in the Tower so much that the others decide to use the crystals of the prism to put Raven back together again.


The episode starts out with a battle with Doctor Light, who is stealing the Mysterious Prism from a museum. The Titans don't really take the fight

Dr. Light, look behind your back!

seriously, as their main goal is to take him down after making a one-liner. Beast Boy, morphing into a cat, gets tossed away in shame; Cyborg transforms into a missile, only to be hit with a stick bomb and blow up; Starfire fires Starbolts at Doctor Light, but crashes into a car. Raven, on the other hand, simply teleports him to jail through a black hole, and she didn't care about

The five emotions of raven.

making a one-liner.

Back at the Tower, Robin asks what to do with the prism, and the Titans start passing it around like a ball while everyone asks Raven how can she have feelings. Then, suddenly, the prism begins to glow. All the Titans pass the prism to one another, before it reaches Raven and she gets sucked in. Inside the prism, Raven scolds the Titans messing around with it, before the prism drops and shatters to pieces.

The pieces then glow different colors and five Ravens (although Beast Boy can't count them because he starts with "zero" instead of one), each representing a core part of her personality. Red, her

It’s not everyone’s favorite action movie, just yours jerk!

rage (slaps Cyborg), Pink, her happiness (flies around the room while cheering and hugs Silkie), Gray, her timidity (hides from under the couch), Purple, her passion (kisses Beast Boy's face and ears, Beast Boy is surprised and smiles with satisfaction), and Orange, her laziness (falls flat on her face). Starfire says that now they know what the Ravens are thinking, and Cyborg is excited for the number of Ravens for battle. Robin says it would be a great idea to take them all to battle with them (as Beast Boy is dizzy and smiling dreamily as he is covered with Passion's kisses).

Then we can see everyone at the couch, Passion Raven snuggled up to Beast Boy kissing his cheek as he smiles at her. Cyborg asks who wants to see everyone's favorite action movie. Rage Raven quickly punches him in the wall and tells him he is a jerk and that it's only his favorite movie. Then Robin asks to see a horror movie, but Timid Raven says horror movies make her have a nervous stomach, and she throws up on the couch. Then Starfire suggests a comedy, and Happy Raven says comedies make her laugh, while Rage Raven hits Cyborg again because she loves comedies. Robin is enjoying how quickly they came to a consensus with how expressive

Red wants her breakfast.

the different Ravens are. Then Rage hits him, Timidity throws up on him and Rage hits him again.

In the next scene Cyborg is seen making pancakes, but Happy Raven interrupts to convert them into animal pancakes (a giraffe and llama). But Rage Raven quickly destroys them and punches Robin in the wall, while Passion Raven is still kissing Beast Boy's cheek. Suddenly the emergency alarm sounds and Robin tells everyone to go.

Then back at Jump City, there is a monster fighting the Titans. Then Robin says "Ravens, go!" But the Ravens start each doing their own thing. Laziness falls asleep, Rage

punches Cyborg, Happiness plays with Starfire, Passion kisses Beast Boy's cheek (he is melting with her kisses and is now in love as hearts float above his head) , and Timidity throws up. Robin is disappointed at the outcome of his plan.

Things are not going well.

Robin then tells the Titans that the Ravens are being a problem and says that they should use the crystals to make the five Ravens back into one. Laziness doesn't care, but Rage does complains that she doesn't want to be put back together with "these losers". Passion Raven snuggles up to Beast Boy and says seductively, she'll go if he comes with them, then the five Ravens escape through a portal to the city after Rage throws Robin's bed out the window. Beast Boy asks to go after Magenta Raven (with flowers in hand), but Robin denies his request, knowing why he wanted to. Then Cyborg tells them that they will go after the most dangerous one: Pink. Robin points out that she was the happy one, but he and Beast Boy both leave and go look for Pink Raven anyway, while Robin and Starfire go


look for the rest.

Robin and Starfire start closing in on Timidity then sneak up behind her and put her back in her crystal, meanwhile Beast Boy and Cyborg find Happiness and starts goofing off with her and having fun. Robin and Starfire then find Passion Raven at a free kissing booth. Robin tells Starfire that there's only one way to trap her. Starfire tells him to be careful before he is about to kiss Passion, only for Starfire to trap her in her crystal just as Robin planned it. Rage is then seen chasing Robin and Starfire, she crushes Robin with her tentacle and grips Starfire, screeching at her, allowing Starfire to trap Rage in her Crystal. Beast Boy and Cyborg are still goofing off with Happiness who then accidentally traps herself in her crystal, mistaking it for a random shiny object, leaving Beast Boy throwing up (because the delicious food she created ended up being a bunch of garbage...) and Cyborg crying.

The Titans return to the Tower where Robin notices that they had got every Raven, but Laziness. They

A bonus scene from the episode.

then find her snacking on the couch, where she had been the entire time. Beast Boy is upset that she ate everything in the fridge, so he traps Laziness back in her crystal, then Robin puts the 5 together again bringing back the one and only purplish-blue cloaked Raven. Being whole again, Raven thanks her friends, but they cannot decide whether to take her thanks seriously or as sarcasm. The episode ends with Starfire giving a reflection about how, despite Raven's stockiness, there is emotion underneath.



  • There is an original 2003 Teen Titans comic (titled Teen Titans Go! ) issue titled "Pieces of Me!," wherein Raven is split into eight alter egos of her personality.
  • Raven seemed even more dry and depressed than usual.
    • This could possibly be due to the events in the previous episode, in which Beast Boy left her right before they got married.
  • This episode is similar to the original Teen Titans episode, "Nevermore," where Beast Boy and Cyborg entered Raven's mind and met her Emoticlones locked inside, via a magical mirror. They were all wearing hooded cloaks of different colors. Both episodes also start with Doctor Light as the villain.
    • This would also make the plot of this episode similar to a story in the Teen Titans Go! comic. More specifically, the issue "Pieces of Me," in which Beast Boy accidentally split Raven into several fragments of her personality, with the Titans seeking the help of Jericho to make her whole again. 
  • Five of Raven's emoticlones return from the original series. Pink represents happiness, Graphite represents timidity, Violet represents passion, Orange represents laziness or rudeness, and Red represents rage.
    • However, Green (bravery), Yellow (intellectual) and Brown (slothful) do not appear in this episode.
    • Also, Orange Raven seems to have adopted the lazy part of her personality, whereas in "Pieces of Me" and "Nevermore," it was rudeness. In the issue, laziness had a brown robe. A brown robed Raven appears in "Nevermore," but the episode doesn't specify what it stands for. Just keep in mind that Teen Titans Go! does not connect to the original series.
  • Each of Raven's emoticlones has a different badge on each of their cloaks:
    • Pink Raven (Happiness and Joy) has a pink flower
    • Violet Raven (Passion) has a heart
    • Red Raven (Rage) has a skull with red eyes
    • Orange Raven (Laziness) has a hamburger
    • Graphite Raven (Timidity) has a teardrop
  • Beast Boy and Starfire are the only Titans that Red Raven never physically harms or attempts to attack. She only grabs Starfire and roars in her face.
  • It seems Raven's romantic feelings for Beast Boy are still very strong, as her Violet Emoticlone took immediate attraction towards him, covering him in kisses constantly.
  • Five of Raven's emotions have matching irises to their cloak colors, but Graphite doesn't have pupils.
  • Ironically, Raven's emotions reveal that she can be just as goofy, lazy, happy, silly, messy, fun, passionate, etc. as Beast Boy. In the previous episode, Raven criticized him for those same reasons and then some.
  • This episode reveals that the color of Raven's vomit is the same color as her powers.
  • When Robin is about to kiss Raven's Violet Emoticlone, Starfire stops him at the first opportunity, which could indicate that she does indeed like Robin back, unlike her Emoticlones.
  • This is one of Tara Strong's favorite episodes.
  • All of the emoticlones primarily interact with at least one of the Titans, except Orange.
    • Red interacts with Robin or Cyborg, constantly beating them up.
    • Violet interacts with Beast Boy, making out with him.
    • Pink interacts with Starfire, and they engage in girly activities together.
    • Graphite interacts with Robin, often seen hiding behind him or puking on him.
  • On October 24, 2015, this episode was partnered up with "The Left Leg" and were aired nonstop at 11 pm (ET), with no commercial break in between.
  • Scott Menville voices Doctor Light in this episode instead of Roger Bumpass.
  • When Robin says the Titans have captured all of Raven's emoticlones except for Orange, this was because Orange was the only one of the five core parts who wasn't on the map.


  • Raven transports Doctor Light into the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility seen in "Girl's Night Out."
  • The battle music for the Demon Octopus from "Meatball Party" returns here, as the battle theme for Doctor Light.
  • Also from "Meatball Party," the music that plays when Pink Raven makes pancake animals with Cyborg is the same music that played in when Raven played with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls behind the other Titan's backs.
  • In this episode, Robin is seen reading the magazine called "Vigilante Daily," with Batman and the Bat-Signal on the front cover, from "Meatball Party."
  • In the scene when Red Raven punches Robin, the injured Cyborg looks just like he did in "Ghostboy" when he was mauled by a mountain lion.
  • The "Next Day" backdrop from "Ghostboy" is used again.
  • The soundalike of "Yakety Sax", composed by James Q. "Spider" Rich and Homer "Boots" Randolph III, from "Driver's Ed," returns in this episode when Robin and Starfire chase Graphite Raven all over Jump City.
  • The music towards the end of "Super Robin" when old Beast Boy and old Cyborg mock Robin, is used while Beast Boy and Cyborg go after Pink Raven.
  • This episode also sees the return of the hatchback seen in "Driver's Ed."
  • Similar to "Terra-ized," the seagull can be seen with Magenta shutter shades and a gold boombox on its shoulder. Additionally on this occasion, the starfish is also wearing shades.
  • While Robin and Starfire confront Red Raven, the demonic form she assumes is identical to how Raven looked in "Dog Hand," when she asks if they wanted her to be like her father.


  • Doctor Light reflects a light blast off of a Superman statue (similar to the one in Metropolis) to defeat Starfire.
  • When Cyborg is talking about going after the "most dangerous" Raven, he is dressed like Rambo.
  • When the Titans are tracking the elements of Raven on the map of Jump City, the icons, map and sounds are highly reminiscent of Pac-Man.
  • The 'collect all five' is a reference to the famous Pokémon catchphrase, "Gotta catch 'em all."
  • The crystal also might be a parody of a Poké Ball.
  • The movie that Cyborg suggested was "The Dark Night Snoozes," a clear parody of the film The Dark Knight Rises.
  • The music heard while Robin and Starfire chase Graphite Raven sounds alike to the classic tune, "Yakety Sax," composed by James Q. "Spider" Rich and Homer "Boots" Randolph III.
  • When Gray Raven is sitting in the park, the "Lonely Man" theme from The Incredible Hulk plays.
  • Happy Raven, Sad Raven and Passion Raven are similar to Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


  • Beast Boy eats hamburgers made by Pink Raven, despite him being a vegetarian.
    • Though he may have made an exception since the hamburgers were made magically.
  • Raven transports Doctor Light to the Juvenile Correction Facility, despite him being an adult. This later happens to Mumbo Jumbo in "Real Magic."
  • Gray Raven doesn't have pupils. However, in some scenes, she does.
  • When Pink Raven puts her hands up while riding the rainbow, she has Raven's pendant.
  • Cyborg says that he and Beast Boy will go after the "most dangerous" Raven, which is Red, but ending up saying Pink instead. He does, however, mention the marshmallow clouds Pink Raven makes, and that the cholesterol alone would kill them.

Running Gags

  • The Titans being unable to figure out Raven's real feelings.
  • Red Raven beating up Robin and Cyborg.
  • Gray Raven vomiting.
  • Violet Raven kissing Beast Boy.
  • Pink Raven being happy.
  • Orange Raven being lazy and burping.


The transcript for "Colors of Raven" can be found here.


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