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"Communicate Openly" is the thirty-ninth episode of the fifth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-forty-eighth overall episode of the series.


Bumblebee becomes the sixth Titan and moves into the Tower, but has a hard time adjusting.


The episode starts off with the Titans (and their new member Bumblebee) entering the Tower from the elevator and the Titans welcome Bumblebee as their new room mate. Bumblebee is excited to be in the Titans' tower and excitedly zips around the room admiring things in it and stating that she thinks the tower is the best. She then stops and worriedly mentions how the Titans have been together so long, and that she hopes she fits in. Robin marches up to her and boldly says that she WILL fit in, and that she is an official Teen Titan now and nothing can ever break that bond. Robin then starts to go crazy, breathing in and out nostrils flaring, while Bumblebee looks on nervously.  

Beast Boy walks up to Bumblebee declaring that he has gotten her a real special welcome gift, bath towels! And they're personally embroidered with Bumblebee's initials, or at least that's what it seems like at first. As Bumblebee jubilantly accepts Beast Boy's seemingly thoughtful gift, and begins thanking him while taking a big whiff of the towel, she begins to gag and freak out shouting that they smell like 'butt'. Robin picks up the vile towels and asks Beast Boy if they were his, while Beast Boy looks on the scene innocently. Starfire angrily pushes Beast Boy out of the way and points out that the BB initials in fact stood for Beast Boy and not Bumblebee. The other Titans scold Beast Boy for his terribly thoughtless gift, but Beast Boy yells that his gift is in fact a good one and that the towels are in a great condition as he hasn't even washed them. He then begins rubbing the towel on back and forth on his butt, which causes Bumblebee to cringe at his extreme grossness. Robin worriedly approaches Bumblebee and anxiously tells her he hopes they're not making a bad first impression, and that he's always telling the other Titans to make a good first impression!  the situation escalates until Robin is full out yelling that none of the Titans ever listen to him, even though he's the leader.

Robin then begins breathing in and out, having his face contorted with rage, while Bumblebee cowers away shaking in fear at his sudden explosion. Starfire then flies up to her and says how she thinks Bumblebee will enjoy living in the tower with them, and unceremoniously pulls her into a group hug with the other Titans, crushing her in the process. Bumblebee uncomfortably gets up after the crushing hug and thanks the Titans, telling them that she knows that she will love her stay at the tower and promises that she will be super easy to get along with. Robin breaths out in relief saying that the tower could not take another monster roommate. Bumblebee asks if they had a bad experience with an old roommate, but it turns out that the Titans themselves are in fact the monster roommates! Bumblebee shrugs if off though and tells them that as long as they all communicate openly and honestly they'll all get along fine. But it seems that this advice won't work on the Titans. Bumblebee moves past this and asks were her room is. The Titans act confused at this, as though having a room is a luxury. When Bumblebee asks again the five think she's being demanding, though Bumblebee keeps up her positive attitude and says that she kinda needs a place to sleep. 

The Titans finally oblige and say that there's a room they aren't using, which turns out to be the nuclear reactor room! The Titans welcome her to her new room, but Bumblebee asks if they're sure the room is safe. The five shrug it off and assure her that the room is perfectly safe, while the warning signs behind them say otherwise. Bumblebee walks up to her bed which turns out to be right under the glowing nuclear reactor and asks once again if they are sure about its safety. She is reaching for the reactor when Robin yells at her to not touch it, contradicting his previous statement about the rooms safety. This causes Bumblebee to ask if maybe there is another room she can have. The other Titans angrily interrogate her, retort with "isn't the room good enough" for her and then proceed to call her a monster roommate. Bumblebee argues that she's not high maintenance and that she can sleep anywhere. But it turns out that Beast Boy has peed in every single room in the tower including the kitchen sink. So Bumblebee finally resigns herself to the nuclear reactor room. The Titans let Bumblebee get settled in and tell her that if there's anything she need to keep it to herself. Bumblebee lets out a sigh and settles on her new bed, and alarms sound as the unstable nuclear reactor releases a cloud of green gas, which surrounds Bumblebee ominously as she sleeps.   The next day, Bumblebee exits her glowing green room. She appears exhausted. The Titans (who are completely well rested) walk up to her and ask her how she slept, Bumblebee says she slept terribly but the five others ignore her and instead deem that the room is super comfy. They then say that they're going to go watch some TV and ask if she wants to join them. Bumblebee agrees saying that she would like to spend quality time with her new roommates. As she flies up to the couch to finally sit somewhere comfortable, Starfire stops Bumblebee her and yells that that is where she usually sits. Bumblebee apologizes and moves to sit next to Star, but Raven stops her saying that she likes to float just over where she was about to sit. Bumblebee apologizes yet again and moves up, but it turns out that the middle of the couch is reserved for Robin the leader. So Bumblebee once again resigns to the uncomfortable choice--the floor. Unfortunately, it turns out that Beast Boy has once again peed on literally every part of it, and Bumblebee is forced to resign into standing. Nonetheless, the other Titans furiously push her out of the way as she is in front of the TV. They then begin to call her Bumbles, which annoys her, and she pleads them to please not call her that, but of course the Titans do the exact opposite and continuously call her Bumbles with glee. This causes Bumblebee to finally snap and she literally shrieks in anger, eyes popping and fangs showing in her mouth. The Titans, in return, think that Bumbles has quite a temper, but she snaps out of it and apologizes saying that it's not like her usual self and that she's feeling a little off. Green slime oozes out of her nose and she wipes it off. She says that she better finish unpacking and leaves the room despondently. The Titans watch her leave sadly at first but then immediately being watching TV after she leaves, and start laughing appearing to not care about Bumblebee at all. 

A sequence shows of the Titans being monster roommates, starting with Robin clipping his toe nails on the dining table and the nasty discarded nails landing in Bumblebee's cereal, which causes her to throw up while Robin laughs gleefully. Next it cuts to Bumblebee entering the elevator with a bag of groceries, and then Raven entering and pushing all the elevator buttons, leaving Bumblebee stuck in there to stop at every floor. Then it cuts to Cyborg who is apparently cleaning the toilet with Bumblebee's toothbrush, and then he tosses it to her with a smirk while Bumblebee is shocked at his horrible behavior. Then the scene switches to Bumblebee doing and folding the laundry, when Beast Boy begins rubbing one of the towels she has washed back and forth on his butt like he did at the beginning to the episode. And lastly Bumblebee is about to sit down on the living room couch when all the Titans rush to sit on it before her, leaving her with once again no place to sit. They all begin laughing at her and this finally causes her to explode in rage, and green slime begins to ooze out of her eyes and mouth.    

Later that day, the five Titans are hanging out at the table in the kitchen when suddenly the door opens and a glowing green alien like creature appears, which turns out to be Bumblebee! Her situation has apparently deteriorated drastically, yet the Titans completely and obliviously ignore that and instead get excited about the fact that she bought them pizza. They snatch the box off from her and begin eating it immediately, demolishing it in seconds. Letting out a satisfied burp, Beast Boy tosses the empty box back to Bumblebee, who picks it up and in shock and rips it in half, shrieking in immense rage while yet even more green slime oozes out of her face. Robin gets up from his seat and tells her sarcastically she should have been more thoughtful and bought enough for everyone. This causes Bumblebee to get yet even more angry and she shrieks once again and flies out of the room, leaving a green slime trail after her. Apparently she has lost the ability to formulate words. The Titans look on in surprise and begin discussing how much of a bad attitude Bumblebee has, and complaining about the slime she's leaving everywhere. Starfire then says that she believes she knows the cause of Bumblebee's hostile behavior. It is in fact because of their own unwelcoming behavior, and as a result that they haven't made her feel warmed up. Raven argues that they have told Bumblebee that they were terrible room mates, but Starfire explains that it is difficult to enter the new living arrangement. Robin agrees with Starfire that they haven't made things easy for Bumblebee, and the Titans come to the conclusion that them being monster roommates has turned Bumblebee into one too. They agree that they owe Bumblebee an apology and make their way to her room.   

As the five enter her room, they find that the alarm is going off, and when they call Bumblebee's name, they see her silhouette, except that she begins swelling and growing. It appears the constant exposure to the radiation from the reactor has mutated Bumblebee into a giant, bulging, green monster! The Titans look on in shock at her new form, and she lets out the loudest shriek yet, covering the Titans in green slime. Cyborg states rather obviously that Bumblebee looks mad, and he's right--Bumblebee reaches for the Titans with one of her bulging giant arms and knocks them against the wall, where they are squeezed. The Titans begin to apologize to Bumblebee one after another for their terrible behavior to her, but Bumblebee lets out another ear-splitting screech, as it appears she is still very much mad. The five then continue apologizing and promise to make her living arrangement more comfortable for her. They manage to escape from her slimy rubbery grip and add pieces of furniture to her room to make it seem more comfortable. But Bumblebee rejects all their attempts by literally crushing all their efforts. The Titans finally realize the issue is rooted from the reactor! It's taking up too much space, so Cyborg ingeniously decides to blow it up with one of his missiles, which causes a colossal explosion which destroys the entire tower and the city and causes what appears to be a nuclear apocalypse.   

The Titans appear to be unharmed though after the said apocalypse and casually walk from the ruins of the tower, so as to show Bumblebee their new seating arrangement, which is a larger version of their couch! Starfire says that they can all sit on it now and motions for Bumblebee to sit. Bumblebee who is apparently still mutated lets out another shriek and sits on the couch with an unimpressed look on her face. Amused, Raven says that she can say that again, and the episode ends with the Titans laughing in the ruins of their city. The shot shows a creature who appears to be a combination of all the animals who have inhabited the rock outside the Tower climbing on to that very rock.   



  • This is the first episode that focuses on Bumblebee in the series after the summer camp.
  • This episode aired 4 years after "Nean".
  • The Titans Tower's electricity is revealed to be powered by the nuclear reactor in the hazard room, which first appeared in "Tower Power".
    • Nonetheless, living next to it for too long can cause a person, such as Bumblebee, to mutate as a result.
    • this is the first episode in the show to get below 0.40 u.s million viewers when it premiered.
  • The hazard room has a new background design, due to the season 5 changes that the backgrounds got more viber.


  • TBA


  • When Bumblebee underwent her mutation, the scene is seemingly based on AKIRA, and also that nuclear explosion was also included.


  • When the five Titans shared their pizzas, Bumblebee could've gotten her portion among the eight slices if it wasn't because of the boys getting two instead of one.
  • The Titans wouldn't have survived the nuclear explosion in normal circumstances.


Running Gags

  • Bumblebee getting increasingly infuriated, and green slime oozing out of her eyes, mouth and nose. (as a result of failing to adjust her life owing to the other negligent Titans and getting exposed to the nuclear reactor for too long).
  • Beast Boy revealing that he has peed everywhere.
  • The Titans being monster roommates and treating Bumblebee horribly, like how they acted like jerks, and thus, the term "monster roommates" means to act like jerks.
  • Beast Boy rubbing his butt on towels and the couch.


The transcript for "Communicate Openly" can be found here.


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