A communicator is a device carried by each of the Titans. It is round, yellow, and about the size of a pocket watch. It has a digital screen which displays messages. It can be used by the Titans to communicate with each other or as a crime alert warning, though it can be used as a normal phone which can also contact villains if they wish, such as Beast Boy used it for dialling Terra in "Rocks and Water".

All of the communicators can be reached from the Titans alert screen in the Titans Tower living room.

In "Dude Relax", Robin was going crazy over the communicator.

In "BBRAE", it is revealed that it has the function to connect to the Internet and can of course being used to upload videos.

In "Teen Titans Go! to the Movies", Robin uses it to scroll through the photos that are related to his friends to reminisce the memories he has between them.

In "Stockton, CA!", it can record the total population of Jump City.

Despite being a highly advanced communication tool, it can only be used during the contemporary time, as in "Nostalgia is Not a Substitute for an Actual Story", Raven’s one couldn’t receive any signal after the Titans travelled back into the 80s.


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