These Computer Pirates are pirate-like viruses that reside in the Internet and caused artists and have only made one appearance in the Season 4 episode BL4Z3 so far.


The Computer Pirates are first seen when Robin's slow internet search finally finishes loading and the pirates appear in a real pirate ship. The Titans then got excited because they can finally fight real pirates. Robin was originally disappointed by this but he eventually downloaded a pirate ship, voices and pirate clothes and gear, and the Titans quickly caught up to the pirates' lookout memeber.

The Pirates saw Robin doing a hand gesture his way and then saw Raven firing a cannon at him before he was blown up he was able to shout some pirate talk. The captain commanded his team to "Protect the cargo at all costs, me lads!", but eventually the Titans defeated all of his crew, leaving the captain alone. He and Robin engaged in a sword fighting match, yet unfortunately he was quickly overpowered and was pushed off his own plank. The captain soon fell into the oblivion with his last words being "YARGHH!!!!!"

Physical Appearance

In total there are 5 Computer Pirates. The lookout is yellow with to big white ovals as eyes with small black pupils he also has a black unibrow 3 shown teeth purple lips and a purple hat and holds a telescope. The Purple one is seen steering the ship he has blonde eyebrows and a blonde beard with dark purple lip he wears a black eyepatch with maroon boots and has some kind of purple shaded bandana around his waist. The red one has black eyebrows and a small brown beard with a green beanie and some green boots he also wears a brown belt with a green buckle he also has yellow lips. The Green one has a turquoise old times kinda fireman helmet with black eyebrows and orange lips a purple sash and 2 pinkish side tuffs which are as stated in the name on the side of his head (obviously). The captain has a purple captain's hat with a faint "X" on it with some binary code he has an angry shaped black unibrow and turquoise lips with a light black beard he has a purple belt with a light orange buckle he has dark purple boots which for some reason also have buckles that are light purple.


They have seemingly mixed personalities where they are kind to one another but are evil enough to make legit companies and artists lose billions in revenue because of their acts of piracy which is just bad.


They have all got relationships with each other as they work and live together and therefore interact and do things with each other which builds up relationships between each of them.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hacking Skills: They are obviously good hackers because they are able to steal software from their victims.
  • Sword Fighting: The Pirates were able to put up somewhat of a sword fight before the Titans beat them.
  • Downloading: It is shown Robin was able to download a pirate ship so they can probably download almost anything they want to help aid them in battle against other people, like FBI agents.
  • Teamwork: They immediately obeyed the Captain's commands and worked together but failed.
  • Leadership Skills: This only applies to the Captain as his crew obeyed his command to protect the Cargo but still were beaten by the Titans who were now pirates too.

Episode Appearance

Season 4

BL4Z3 (debut)

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