The Cootie Catcher catches cooties. Its first appearance was in "Boys vs Girls".


After Raven and Starfire proved to the male Titans to see which gender is superior to the other, Robin went to great lengths to infect his fellow female teammates with cooties. Satisfied with his work, he tells them that the only way to get rid of the cooties is by using the cootie catcher, but he would only use it if they would admit that boys were better than girls. Raven comes to the conclusion they could infect the boys with cooties, too, just by touching them. Startled, the male Titans escape the Tower and the female Titans chased them all around town. Finally having them cornered, Raven and Starfire touch the boys, which gave them cooties, as well. In defeat, the male Titans started to inch all over to the point where Robin uses the cootie catcher to cleanse them from all the cooties.

Physical Appearance

The cootie catcher is purple and has a biohazard logo with a boy and girl symbol on it.

Episode Appearances

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