"Couch Surfers" is issue #41 in the comic book series of Teen Titans Go!


Titans Tower has been condemned! The Titans don’t want to be couch surfers, but they have to find a new place to live while repairs are underway. Think the Bat Cave is available?


Watching as the police lock up the H.I.V.E. Five, Robin congratulates the Titans on a job well done. However, he's wondering why it took so long. Beast Boy, owing his distraction to his veggie pizza back in the Tower, sets Robin off. Just a few days ago, he had given Beast Boy a list of safety tips, but unfortunately, he and Cyborg used it as dance accessory (specifically for the butt).

Couch Surfers (4)

Everything Beast Boy comes into contact with suffers physically and emotionally.

The Titans return to their island to find the Tower full of smoke and running water. An inspector from the Department of Buildings gives Robin a rundown of the damage: several dozen violations. Amazed by this number, Robin's got even more bad news coming when he finds out they've been evicted- at least until they can fix all the problems. Just then, one of the hired contractors falls through the roof, so the damage was worse than they thought. Meanwhile, Cyborg and Beast Boy are eating pizza nothing's happened, Starfire's trying to revive a drowned Silkie, and Raven's uselessly picking up trash. Robin complains that they need the base because the city needs them, but the contractor says they're looking at a minimum of 90 days, and also a minimum 75% deposit. Immediately.

With no other options, Robin and the crew head out to Jump City Imperial Hotel, a top-of-the-line inn. All the Titans are excited: Starfire's glad that Silkie will finally get some privacy after what happened to him, Raven smiles (which is a lot for her), and Beast Boy and Cyborg run right to the hot tub, tearing up the joint against Robin's wishes. Once more, Beast Boy causes cataclysmic destruction by cannon-balling into the pool in whale form. Just like that, the Titans are once again thrown out. Disappointed that they've been booted and were charged for everything in the mini-fridge, Raven tries to cheer him up, saying there are more hotels. A fancy phone call comes in for Robin, and he orders Cy and Beastie to quit fighting over a towel; Batman is calling. The two fools think the Caped Crusader's about to help them out, but the hotel lobbyist slices Robin's bat-card in half.

Next, the Titans camp out at Zippy's Pizza to try and find a new lair on the internet. At first they get 371 matches, but Robin wants to eliminate a few to save time... he says Jump City can't wait for them forever (even though it's an extremely peaceful day). First they take out lairs that don't allow pets for Silkie and Beast Boy, which pisses of the green hero. Next they get rid of residential hoods and non-furnished. Cyborg points out that there's only one left, a base owned by a Metropolis reporter that's spacious, ready to go, and neighbor free. The fort sounds perfect to Robin.

The only problem is they have to travel on a jet ski to the Arctic ocean to get there. Raven's impressed by the base, but Robin's a little peeved at the expensiveness. The biggest problem, however, is the -30° F weather. Cyborg and Silkie have literally turned blue with sadness. Once they get in, Beast Boy's excited about finding the "remote," but Robin warns him not to touch it ("it" being an intergalactic codex). An alien program starts to tell them about the ship, which bores Beastie and Cy to death. Raven, however, likes a Kryptonian robe that appears. A spontaneous explosion, coupled with the cold, is enough to drive the Titans out of there. Robin notices Raven's deep in thought... she knows of another hideout. Beast Boy just wants a warmer local, and that won't be a problem for her idea.

Her brilliant idea happens to be Hell, where Trigon welcomes them joyfully. He tries to make it nice and enjoyable as possible for the Titans by giving them fresh sheets and coziness. While Raven is given the royal treatment and a nice shower, it turns out, as usual, that Trigon just wanted to kill the other four Titans. To power her shower, the demon made the heroes run on a treadmill with the risk of burning to death if they slowed down. Even though her dad had decent intentions... kind of... they make a break for it in one of Raven's portals.

With 89.5 days left before moving back in, the Titans try to move in with Aqualad in the ocean, an African jungle with B'wana Beast, a space station with Blackfire, and The Justice League HQ with Wonder Woman. At each base, they utterly destroy. And at each base, they are thrown out.

Walking the street and all out of friends, Robin suddenly has an idea when he sees the H.I.V.E. Tower in the distance. After settling in to the base, Raven and Starfire admire Robin for remembering the H.I.V.E. was away in prison. They enjoy all the H.I.V.E.'s pizza and premium cable when loud knocking interrupts their relaxation. It's the feds! Unfortunately, even though they're heroes, the police put them in the slammer for trespassing. An officer gives them and two options: pay bail, or wait in here for 90 days. Looks like the Titans have found their replacement base.


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  • At the Jump City Imperial Hotel, Cyborg is about to jump in the hot tub, although it's previously been shown that this will electrocute him. Later, when he is splashed, this is exactly what happens. So, it's unknown whether this was his first time being shocked, or if he was just a fool and forgot.
    • However, later in the comic, he can be seen swimming in the ocean, perfectly fine.
  • Superman's Fortress of Solitude is once again mentioned in the comics (the first time is in "Poetry Jam", but this time, they actually pay it a visit.
  • Although it hasn’t debuted in the series itself, this is the second time Azarath has appeared and being visited by the Titans in the comics. The first time is in “Family Plan”.


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