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The Crab is a terrestrial crab that lives on a large rock outside the Titans Tower. She first made a cameo appearance in "Brain Food," before going on to have recurring cameos. She appears during transition scenes showing the outside of the Tower. He replaced the Seagull, which did the same thing she currently does: briefly appearing outside and occasionally doing human activities for comedic effect, such as drinking lemonade or tanning. She is also capable of singing as shown in "More of the Same."

She makes another appearance in "Leg Day," where she is eaten by a pelican. However, she is shown to still be alive in "How Bout Some Effort" as the Pelican's valentine. At the end of that same episode, she and the pelican get married and have three kids together, who are all crab/pelican hybrids.

She also appears in "Jinxed", when with the seagull, although she looks different in the episode to match Sebastian.

Episode Appearances

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  • In Season 3, the Pelican replaced the crab, starting with "Leg Day".
  • In "Jinxed", there is a crab that is standing on the rock next to a seagull and a tropical fish.
    • It is unknown if it is the same crab that was meant to be on the rock for Season 2. Obviously, this was just likely done to match Sebastian the Crab from The Little Mermaid.
  • Despite airing well after the end of Season 2, "Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans" featured the crab as the rock animal. As a movie that aired in between Seasons 5 and 6, The established rock animal at the time would have either been the Snail or the unknown rock animal of Season 6.
  • In "How 'Bout Some Effort", the crab had babies with the pelican. Given that the pelican was shown wearing men's clothing, it can be implied that the crab must be a female.


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