Crane Kick
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Song by Unknown
Released: Thursday, September 10, 2015
Venue: Jump City
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 0:45
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Teen Titans Go! - Crane Kick (Song)

Teen Titans Go! - Crane Kick (Song)

Crane Kick was a song sung in "Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory". The lyrics are about a karate move called the "Crane Kick". It is a reference to The Karate Kid movie franchise.


Unknown female singer:

Crane kick. Falling, falling

Crane kick. Falling, falling

Lightning earrings, skulls on my shirt.

Crane kicks raining, I'm gonna make it hurt.

Nowhere to turn. Nowhere to run.

My crane kick will find you, baby then you're done!

I, I wanna crane kick you.

Oh, baby, I, I wanna crane kick you in the face.

Crane kick. Falling, falling


  • The Crane Technique is a karate move from the Karate Kid franchise. It consists of balancing on one foot, leaping upward, then executing a quick yet powerful kick to the opponent using the leg that was being balanced on.
  • This song was recorded on a VCR.


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