"Customer Support" is issue #46 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


When the Teen Titans make their heroic services available to the public, their "Customer Support" voicemail overflows!


Cyborg's extremely pumped for an upcoming TV movie, "Deth Cat: The Re-Kittening!" He's got the hat, the TV guide, and the couch all to himself. The only problem is that the remote's out of batteries, and the TV is shattered. Raven reminds him that he and Beast Boy kind of wrecked when they played "Rhino Bowling League." Disheartened, Cyborg and the others see a couch spring jettison out, and Beast Boy enters the room, crawling and half dead, thanks to a broken elevator. The traumatized Beast Boy recounts having to walk up stairs, which is unheard of in his and Cyborg's book. Apparently, their bridge is also broken, because a giant Stair Troll was inhabiting the Titans Tower. Starfire walks in reporting more gloomy news: the fridge is empty!

Because of the absolutely pitiful state of the Tower, Robin calls an emergency meeting. To pay off all the broken stuff, they'll have to take a dip in "Sir Pinksolot," their piggy bank. Expecting to see a wad of cabbage, the Titans are furious when there's only an IOU from Beastie promising to pay them back when he's rich. It doesn't help at all when he explains his emergency was to buy a videogame. Suddenly, the power goes out (the power bill hasn't been paid). Grabbing a match, Robin brainstorms that the only way they can get money is to sell themselves... Starfire has the idea of robbing a bank, Beastie wants to join the circus as a bear, Cyborg figures he'll be recycled, and Raven is about to submit to doing cheap magic. Robin blows all of those ideas into the trash, saying he's got enough money for an ad to help them raise money. He only needs a catchy jingle. A song pops into his head, one that's both catchy, vaguely familiar, and, most importantly, will bring in the moolah.

Countless phones are ringing as the gang gets to their new jobs. Robin, dressed in nice business garb, orders the Titans to their stations. Things seem to be going great; Starfire and Cyborg seem to be natural customer support operators, and even Raven is getting the hang of being courteous to people. Obviously though, Beast Boy is as useful as a sword in a gunfight, merely talking to his hand (in the shape of a phone) and talking up an imaginary girlfriend.

Immature. So immature.

The Titans get to work... Robin changes out light bulbs for a few energy efficient ones (with some help from Doctor Light), Cyborg humiliatingly uses his body as a trash can, Beast Boy acts as a pizza-delivery boy (although he can't deliver it without eating it), and Starfire walks a bunch of rabid dogs. Beastie and Cy even manage to get a bug-exterminating hook-up by taking out Killer Moth. Back at the Tower, Raven, still answering calls, gets someone asking for Mr. Wall or Mrs. Wall. Not knowing who they are, the caller asks the demonic heroine if there's any walls there at all. She again says no, and then the caller asks jests, asking what's holding up their tower? Raven is blisters in anger as she realizes that the H.I.V.E. Five is prank calling her...

Dough is rolling into the Titans Tower, truckloads and helicopters of it. Because of all the cash they made, the Titans are able to take a break from the phone operating business and take a vacation to a tropical beach. The Titans are super excited, having gone from rags to riches. Now that they're financially responsible, Robin orders the Titans to- relax... Everyone's having a blast at the beach, but Robin notices his communicator is ringing; there's 13,729 unheard calls. But is that Robin's problem? No. He starts deleting the messages and then ends up tossing the whole thing in the ocean. Starfire, leaning over Robin in a bikini, asks if there's any messages on the "machine of answering." Robin says there's none... he's just enjoying himself.


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  • This is the first time that the Joker makes an appearance as Red Hood.



  • The jingle for the Teen Titans's business is a remix of the original Teen Titans theme song.
  • "Super Bro Bros", a videogame that Beast Boy has bought as an emergency is a reference to the Nintendo Entertainment System game "Super Mario Bros".


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