Below are a list of outfits Cyborg has worn through the series.

Season 2

Baby Hands

Cyborg used to have hair and his old suit is a reference to the old Teen Titans Comics.

Real Boy Adventures

As a human, he is shown wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and blue sneakers.

Video Game References

Cyborg is seen in his 8-bit version of himself.

Season 3

Scary Figure Dance

When he is ready for a Halloween party, he is dressed as a vampire. His costume was a homage of Dracula from a classic horror film of the same name. As a ghost, he is shown not to have robotic cybernetic parts in his body, is noseless, have four fingers and he has a ghost tail.

Two Parter

His suit is based off of his New 52 design and he was dressed as Green Lantern.

Season 4


In his false backstroy, Cyborg was dressed as a farmer first but then referenced Superman.


Cyborg was dressed like a computer pirate.

Hot Salad Water

He was dressed like a British Gentleman.


He was dressed like a Cowboy.

Throne of Bones

Cyborg was dressed like a death metal star.

Demon Prom

Cyborg had a fancy suit when he went to the prom like the rest of the titans.

Cyborg's Appearences