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"Dignity of Teeth" is the third episode of the third season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-seventh overall episode of the series.


When Beast Boy gets a stack of cash from the Tooth Fairy against Raven's advice, the other Titans start knocking out their teeth to get some Tooth Fairy money.


The beginning starts with Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy crudely devouring green like ooze in the kitchen, when Robin comes in disgusted at the foul smell emitting from the food, asking his fellow friends what it is they are eating. Cyborg replies that Beast Boy made them all a "cabbage, garlic and onion stew" with Robin commenting that that sounds like a dangerous combination. Beast Boy says he likes to hit them with flavor, with visible foul breath coming from Beast Boy's mouth hitting Robin in the face causing him to be nauseous. As Robin moves away from Beast Boy, he is greeted with more smelly breath from Starfire, Raven, and eventually, Cyborg, who gets up in his face offering him a bowl of the "smelly stew" breathing on him further.

Robin has had enough of the odor from his comrades and knocks the stew out of Cyborg's hands and demands his team that it's time to brush. Raven agrees on behalf of the four, and they all proceed to happily and dramatically brush their hair. Robin corrects them telling them to brush their teeth, not their hair. The four confused Titans look at each other and proceed to brush their teeth with their hairbrushes and combs, earning yelps of pain from all of them. Robin is low at tolerance and corrects them all one more stating toothbrushes. Starfire is perplexed that there are brushes for teeth with an agreeing Beast Boy who didn't know there were hairs on teeth until now. Robin slides across on the kitchen table snapping that teeth don't have hair and that brushing your teeth is the cornerstone of good oral hygiene. Cyborg takes in what Robin said about Oral hygiene is good and goes on to rant that "Oral Hygiene" was the greatest pitcher in baseball history, and that Robin can only say he was just good. Robin dismisses what Cyborg shortly ranted about saying not that Oral Hygiene, and the one he was referring to was the one "here" and opens Beast Boy's mouth.

Robin moves on to examine Beast Boy's mouth commenting on how it's a mess and finds a piece of broccoli inside his mouth and nibbles on it disgusting even Beast Boy. Robin says he loves broccoli and snaps suddenly "not between your teeth!" to Beast Boy at tosses the piece of broccoli at him. Robin looks inside Beast Boy's mouth once more examining the insides and presses down on one of Beast Boy's teeth causing Beast Boy to go "ow ow" every time he touched it.

Robin confirms that Beast Boy has a cavity and that it needs to be removed, panicking Beast Boy who refuses because he loves all his teeth. Robin firmly states that if he doesn't get that tooth removed, it will get infected and Beast Boy will die. Beast Boy isn't alarmed by this much and replies "so?" and Cyborg steps in to explain it to Beast Boy, telling him that he needs to pop that toothy tooth out of his face so he can get good money from the tooth fairy. Beast Boy still refuses to respond that he won't trade his teeth for a couple of dirty nickels. Cyborg adds that the Tooth Fairy has paper money now, earning interest from Beast Boy who is quick to say she can have all his teeth now.

Raven who is still at the kitchen tables voices her opinion of the Tooth Fairy, who she finds a creep since she sneaks in the middle of the night collecting teeth. Starfire comments that she always found the Tooth Fairy to be sweet, with Raven mocking her in her tone of voice "of course you would" and says that the Tooth Fairy collects teeth so she thinks about it. Raven asks what is she even doing with all the teeth. Robin steps in and says "normal things" like wearing them as jewelry.

Cyborg adds that maybe the Tooth Fairy doesn't have her teeth and she's trying to find some that fit in her mouth, disgusting Raven. Starfire tosses in her suggestion that maybe the Tooth Fairy dresses the teeth up and plays with them as little toys causing Raven to shudder. Robin jokingly asks Raven if she's never put a tooth under her pillow as a kid, with Raven curtly replying no and that it's like putting hair or toenails under their pillow for money and adds that she doesn't do business with creeps. Beast Boy happily interjects what he does and requests help to get his tooth out of his face and Robin gladly helps him out by beating him with his staff causing the tooth to fall out.

Later, it's nighttime, and in his room, Beast Boy timidly puts his tooth under his pillow in his bed and then falls asleep. A mysterious black shadow comes out of nowhere approaching Beast Boy's bed with the creature's yellow teeth sticking out in the darkness and the scene cuts there. The next morning, the alarm in Beast Boy's room goes off, and Beast Boy himself excitedly jumps up and checks under his pillow, where he finds a large sum of cash waiting for him. Beast Boy is in awe of the cash before him and wishes he would have lost more teeth if he received this much for only one. Beast Boy then rolls out into the Titans' living room, where all his friends are already up, and lands on the couch, resting his feet in Raven's lap, who is startled by the presence of him.

Cyborg notices Beast Boy's new attire and comments: "fresh shades!". Beast Boy thanks him and says he bought it with some of that paper money while showing his mouth is missing most of his teeth causing Robin to gasp, and Cyborg scolds him that it's wrong. Starfire opens Beast Boy's mouth and tells him he looks like "the jack-o-lanterns." Beast Boy teases Raven that she thinks he's still cute and calling her "mama," making Raven form her magic and punching Beast Boy in the face, but Beast Boy is happy because a tooth fell out and he can put it under the pillow next. Robin suddenly catches on to what Beast Boy is doing and accuses him of purposely losing teeth to get money from the Tooth Fairy. Beast Boy shortly replies: "so?" and Raven is agitated and asks if he has a problem selling his teeth to a woman he doesn't know and who knows what she's doing with them.

Beast Boy responds that he knows she thinks the Tooth Fairy is a creep, but he doesn't like to judge, but he does like to get paid while holding up a bunch of cash. Robin jealously says that he didn't get a stack like that for his baby teeth, and Beast Boy tells him that the Tooth Fairy pays more for permanent teeth. Cyborg says all his teeth are permanent and Beast Boy replies to him that they won't make him any money sitting in his mouth. With this in mind, Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg all hit themselves in the jaw, causing a tooth to fall out for each of them. Raven warns them all that their teeth are their source of dignity, and that if they sell them, there will be creepy consequences. Cyborg responds: "whatever!" and says that they are all going to be rich. The three Titans then proceed to knock more teeth out of their mouth and put them under their pillows earning tons of money.

Fifteen teeth later... Raven is in the Titans' living room reading her book when she keeps being interrupted by her four other living occupants, who are all weirdly crawling about the room eyeing Raven as a piece of meat. Eventually, Robin breaks the room's quietness and gets in Raven's face startling her declaring that "this one has teeth" with Cyborg and Beast Boy close behind, repeating the word "teeth" and staring at Raven's teeth. Raven pushes them aside and is meet by Starfire, who tries to vacuum Raven's teeth out, and Raven then disappears from the situation and reappears a few feet away from her friends and asks what they are doing. Cyborg responds, talking like a zombie, that they sold all of their teeth, and Starfire adds in her zombie-like voice that they needed more of them spending money. Beast Boy also talks in his disarranged voice, asking Raven if they can have a couple of her teeth, with Robin saying they can pay her back in hair and toenails.

Raven signs at the situation of them and remarks that doing business with a creep has turned her friends into creeps. Robin responds that they aren't creeps, and Raven asks for them all to look at themselves, holding up a mirror in front of them all with her powers, only to earn giggles from them all and saying they look "fresh." Raven has had enough of their behavior and how she can't live with creeps telling them that they are going to get their teeth back. Raven uses her magic and teleports them instantly in front of the Tooth Fairy's Lair. Raven enters the lair first and is greeted by mounds of teeth everywhere, making Raven a bit uneasy at sight. The other four toothless Titans are impressed by the appearance of the décor, and Cyborg comments that they must get the name of the decorators there. Raven snaps them out of their fantasies and orders them to find their teeth and get out of there. While looking for their teeth, Robin joke around with the piles of teeth, and Starfire is playing with a couple of teeth as toys. Raven yelling at them all to focus.

Suddenly, the Tooth Fairy herself enters the room surprised to see visitors. Raven introduces them all as the Teen Titans to her, with the Tooth Fairy saying there is no need for introductions as she's met them while they were sleeping. The Tooth Fairy goes on to confirm that she wiggled her fingers under all their pillows to exact their pearly treasures under them, all except for Raven, who the Tooth Fairy gets close to and says she never gave her precious teeth up to her, which made her covet them more. Raven is grossed out and says she would never sell her teeth to some creep and adds that she doesn't even know what the Tooth Fairy does with them. The Tooth Fairy asks: "isn't it obvious?," with Robin asking if it's jewelry disgusting the Tooth Fairy. Cyborg asks if it's tooth replacements, with the Tooth Fairy answering there is no need, showing all her yellow teeth intact.

Starfire asks if she dresses up the teeth and plays with them like dolls with the Tooth Fairy responds that she isn't a monster and that she does what any normal person does with teeth: she eats them, snacking on a handful of teeth to prove her point. Raven groans in revulsion indicates that she knew the Tooth Fairy was a creep and demands her friend's teeth back. The Tooth Fairy responds that she's paid good money for those teeth but that she might be willing to trade them for a set of teeth that have been missing from her collection, eyeing Raven's teeth. Raven slaps her hand away declaring "no way," and the Tooth Fairy compromises about a game then. If the Tooth Fairy wins, she gets Raven's pearly whites, and if Raven wins, her friends get their teeth back. Looking at her friends, who are slobbering, Raven accepts the challenge, and the Tooth Fairy happily reveals the game is an eating competition. Raven sticks her tongue out in disgust and says to don't tell her they are eating... before the Tooth Fairy finishes her sentence with "teeth!". The Tooth Fairy asks what else are they going to do with them and declares the competition starts now.

In a different room, Raven and the Tooth Fairy are at a "pie-eating like" contest table with mountain-high loads of teeth in front of each of them. The Tooth Fairy teases Raven that she better get going and begins to eat her portion with no trouble. Raven looks at her pile in horror but looks over at her friends, who are zombies, and renews Raven's energy since there is no choice. Raven fearfully picks up a single tooth and puts it in her mouth and chomps down on it hesitantly and swallows, and is pleasantly surprised to find out the teeth are good. Raven then proceeds to scoop in handful after handful of teeth into her mouth, enjoying them while the Tooth Fairy looks on next to her in apprehensiveness, commenting that she has quite the appetite. Raven replies that she better stop talking and start eating because "mama's hungry!" and the Tooth Fairy gets back her confidence and divulges back into her portion of teeth. The two then compete with each other strongly eating countless amounts of teeth, eventually causing them both to sweat from the action and stress.

Continuing, their piles of teeth then start to shrink, and the Tooth Fairy has only a few handfuls of teeth left and attempts to eat them but can't due to being so full. Meanwhile, Raven is still enjoying her teeth and is far from slowing down, and she finishes her last few bites and states she wins cheerfully. The Tooth Fairy is in disbelief Raven won, and Raven says that the scrumptious teeth made it easy also voicing that she'd pay good money for them too.

Raven admits that the Tooth Fairy isn't a creep after all and how she misjudged her. The Tooth Fairy shrugs, saying it happens, and gives Raven her friends' teeth back in a bag, but tells her that she already ate one of Beast Boy's teeth. Raven looks over towards her friend's and Beast Boy and looks back to the Tooth Fairy saying he won't miss it, causing them to laugh together.

Back at the Titans Tower in the living room, Beast Boy thanks Raven for getting their teeth back. Starfire explains that they should never let their greed get the best of their smiles, and Robin admits that Raven was right about the dignity of teeth. Cyborg adds that one can't put a price on their teeth, but Raven replies that they can put a little salt on them and pulling out a popcorn bucket of teeth munching down on them, with the action making her four friends jump in repugnance at her. Beast Boy says "creepy" while Raven holds out a dollar saying she'll give him a buck for his molar, then proceeding to looks toward the camera muttering "ta-ta-ra-ta-ta" evilly before the screen fades black.





  • This episode aired two years after "Staff Meeting".
  • Robin is shown to love broccoli.
  • Beast Boy purrs when he sleeps.
  • Raven is shown to enjoy the taste of teeth. However, it is unclear why she can chew them with her own teeth. But it is probably because of her being half-demon.
  • Silkie does not appear in this episode.
  • Previously, this episode was advertised as "The Dignity of Teeth".
  • This is Sticky Joe's first appearance in Season 3 and a fourth appearance overall.
  • Raven says "Mama's Hungry" in the eating contest. This could be a reference to what Beast Boy calls her (Mama).
  • The "Pie Hunter" music from "Video Game References" is reused.


  • This is the second episode to be focused around teeth ("Smile Bones"), money and currency ("Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp").
  • This is the second time that Starfire has bad breath. The first was "Serious Business".
  • This is the third time that Beast Boy is shown wearing sunglasses. The first times were in "Matched" and "Cool School".
  • This is the twenty-third time Raven is seen unhooded.
  • This is the ninth episode where Beast Boy doesn't make any animal transformation.
  • The "Burger's Rule" graffiti from "Burger vs. Burrito" can be seen.


  • The close-up pictures in the Tooth Fairy's house are similar to the ones of Batman, the Joker, and Two-Face.
  • Cyborg noted that "Oral Hygiene" holds the major league baseball record for 59 consecutive scoreless innings pitched. He probably meant Orel Hershiser who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who does indeed hold that record. The other facts Cyborg's list are also true: 3-time All-Star, Cy Young Award winner, World Series Champion, and MVP, nicknamed "bulldog." Contrary to Cyborg's opinion, few would consider him the greatest pitcher of all time, and he was not elected to the Hall of Fame.
  • In the Sailor Moon SuperS episode "Dental Dilemma", Usagi/Serena and Chibiusa/Rini Tuskino eat too many sweets and refuse to brush their teeth afterwards, thus getting multiple cavities.
  • This episode is a possible reference to the original The Powerpuff Girls episode "Moral Decay" when Buttercup also knocks out the teeth of numerous villains and receives money as well. Eventually came "Tooth and Consequences" of the 2016 canceled reboot.
  • When the Titans breathe out their stinky breath when saying words that start with "H", they do it in the same way that Gumball did in The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Ghost".


  • In "Sandwich Thief" Starfire says that she brushed all of her "tooths". Yet in this episode, she does not appear to know what a toothbrush is.
    • Same with Raven, as she was about to brush her teeth in "Double Trouble", and was brushing her teeth along with Beast Boy in "Meatball Party".
      • So technically, only Cyborg himself should not know about toothbrushes.
      • Raven was taken to the dentist in "Meatball Party" when due to her cracked tooth.
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy refer to teeth correctly, disregarding how they referred to teeth in "Smile Bones".
    • It's odd how Beast Boy and Cyborg grew their teeth back so quickly.
  • Robin's sailor clothes, Cyborg's gold armor, Beast Boy's fur coat, and Starfire's jewelry disappear at the end of the episode.
  • In the credits of this episode, there is an error regarding voice credits. The Tooth Fairy's voice actor is not credited, and instead Killer Moth and Chuck are credited, despite never appearing in the episode. These are the credits for the next episode.
  • Right before the Titans enter the Tooth Fairy's lair, Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy all put on sunglasses. When they enter, the glasses are gone.
  • It appears that when the Titans leave the tower with Raven by teleportation, their sunglasses are left behind there, but when they appear at the Tooth Fairy's house, they pull them from their pocket again.
  • A few times during the episode before the end, Beast Boy Has his teeth back despite losing them.
  • When the Tooth Fairy shows her teeth as a response to Cyborg's question about the tooth replacement, the tooth from her crown disappears.

Running Gags

  • Beast Boy, Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire knocking out their teeth to get money from the Tooth Fairy.
  • The Tooth Fairy saying "ta-ta-ra-ta-ta" Raven also says this at the very end of the episode after she develops a liking for teeth herself.
  • The Titans breathing out their stinky breath in Robin's face.
  • Raven referring to the Tooth Fairy, and anyone who deals with teeth, as creeps.
  • The Titans (excluding Raven) slobbering all over the place after they knock out all their teeth.
  • The Titans saying that they're "fresh".


The transcript for "Dignity of Teeth" can be found here.


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